Reviews for Truths Revealed Lies Exposed
Captain Jaguar chapter 5 . 5/13
I’m glad ahsoka stood up to obiwan and yoda and has the guts to call them out on their mistakes and how they blame anakin for their problems . But don’t acknowledge what they did as wrong and they were gonna let dooku take palpatine’s place and they should thank anakin for killing dooku because he’s the chosen one and they should’ve treated him with respect and let him save his mom and should’ve sensed palpatine was the dark lord of the with the whole time , not keep anakin in the dark about , and they should’ve sense he’s the chosen one and sensed the sixth have returned , listen to qui hon and they should’ve trained anakin better and not treat him like a slave and they shouldn’t have taken Luke and leia from each other and mistreat leia and disrespect her like they did her dad and tried to turn Luke against her like they turned Palme against anakin and then let her die like they let his mom die. Obiwan blames anakin but doesn’t acknowledge his mistakes and what he did to Luke is wrong and how he constanly scolded leia and treated her like a slave like her dad and act arrogant and entitled toward her and Leia is just as strong as anakin was and she’s not afraid to call obiwan out on his mistakes and I’m glad leia is not a arrogant and entitled brat like she was in the original trilogy and hoe she’s smart and sensed things and she’s the daughter of anakin skywalker , the chosen one himself and she should’ve sense that bail never cared about her and sent her out to die and took her from her brother and lied and manipulated her from the beginning and how the Jedi should’ve sensed anakin was the chosen one and palpatine was the sixth lord the whole time and knew the sixth came back and not lie about after qui got told them , I mean they’re force sensitive and stop lying about things and take responsibility for their actions and stop anakin for them because they did it to themselves.
Captain Jaguar chapter 1 . 5/11
The fight between anakin and obiwan lived up to how great their fight was in revenge of the sith and it failed to disappoint. I was being reminded of their fight in revenge of the sith combined with Rey and kylo ren’s fight in the force awakens.
Captain Jaguar chapter 4 . 5/8
I don’t like when people try to make arguments and they don’t know what they’re talking about , intellectual dishonesty is a real thing and a part of being evil too and obiwan blames anakin but doesn’t acknowledge his mistakes and he treats leia like a slave like he did anakin and belittled her and thinks just because he’s the master this gives him a superiority complex over them and leia and anakin have every reason to hate him and he should’ve told anakin about palpatine and should’ve sensed Palpatine was the dark lord of the sith the whole time and not keep him in the dark about it and never should’ve forced him to spy on him in the first place and let his mom die and make him feel less than him and never should’ve blindly listen to everything that ecpuncil told him and he’s their Puppet.
Captain Jaguar chapter 6 . 4/26
I want Star Wars to be like the marvel cinematic universe have everything be inner connected and have stuff from the other movies be brought up that’s why I like the sequel trilogy and how they brought everything full cuticle and watching return of the Jedi after attack of the clones and the clone wars series and revenge of the sith it got worse because they didn’t have obiwan and yoda learn from their mistakes and they didn’t grow they didn’t become better and I was really frustrated with what they did their characters. I really like the last Jedi because it brought up the prequels and had yoda acknowledge what he did was wrong and tell Luke to pass on what he’s learned and to tell Rey not to make their mistakes and you can’t make a statement by attacking a movie you haven’t seen and intellectual dishonesty is a real thing and and it’s part of being evil too . The lesson the last Jedi is trying to teach is about being present and being in the moment that’s what yoda is teaching Luke and that’s what Luke said to Rey in the rise of skywalker about how we’ve passed on all we know but it’s your time like goonies and being in the present is all that matters. What yoda is saying to Luke is that you’re right Luke it is time for the Jedi to end , it’s time for how we’ve been doing things the wrong way and not preparing for the smith’s return and all these mistakes we’ve made you know them and you’re right but it’s Rey’s story now and this movie is deeper than you think it is.
Captain Jaguar chapter 3 . 4/26
This is the ahsoka I know and it’s time for her redemption and her chance to protect her family and anakin and padme were like her parents and Luke and leia re like her brother and sister and she’s not gonna stop fighting for them even if Luke and leia turn to the dark side and and she loves them and I love the connection Luke and ahsoka have and how ahsoak sees is much of hi dad in him and how they were joking about the twilight and how she and anakin got in the clone wars movie.
Captain Jaguar chapter 2 . 4/26
This is what I wanted to happen in the original trilogy and this is a missed opportunity. The fight between anakin and Obi wan is the fight the fans deserve and it should’ve been as intense as their fight in revenge of the sith was and have leia have a personality and have her be smart and have her struggle like Rey did in the last Jedi and in the rise of skywalker and I wanted leia to have a personality and not be boring and have her be smart because she was an idiot for not sending bail organa was using her and sent her out to die and he took her away from her brother and he didn’t value her life.
FledditFliveflind chapter 4 . 4/22
Dumb ass bitch. "Trust Liea instead of Luke because she looks like Padme even though she acts just like Anakin." Fuck you, retarded ass bitch.
Ironshot chapter 13 . 4/15
Great story. Kind of wish more detail had been given for the battle(s) against the Far Outsiders
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14
This is a missed opportunity this is what the original trilogy should’ve been I loved the sequel trilogy and I thought the rise of skywalker was a satisfying conclusion to the skywalker saga and watching return of the Jedi again it got worse leak was an idiot and she should’ve known that organs sent her out to die and was using her and took her from Luke and worked with the people who ruined her dad’s life and she was acting like a arrogant , entitled brat and when she says bail organs is her real father I got so angry and wanted to punch her in the face for being an idiot and it’s obvious and she’s running from the truth like Obi wan and she doesn’t care about her brother and her own family and I know where Kyle fen gets his sense of entitlement from and I don’t like when people make arguments and they don’t know what they’re talking about and people not taking responsibility for their actions , blaming someone else for their problems. Because obi wan and yoda don’t learn from their mistakes and they didn’t grow. Obiwan should’ve had an redemption arc and nothing from the prequels was fleshed out in the original trilogy they don’t bring up padme , anakin’s mom they don’t bother giving anakin a personality and watching the prequels and the clone wars and I skipped a new hope , empire strikes back because leia was an idiot and obi wan and yoda don’t learn from their mistakes and blame anakin for their problems and they should’ve realized that palpating was the dark lord of the sith and he was standing in front of them. Watching the prequels and the clone wars makes return of the Jedi a lot better and how we’ve seen why anakin’s angry and he bitter toward the Jedi and I don’t blame him he lost everything and it makes his redemption more powerful rewatching attack of the clones it foreshadowed him saving Luke from palpating and he said I’ll learn to stop people from dying and he did he realized he was strong enough to save the ones he loved from dying and bring balance to the force at the same time. Watching the rise of skywalker Ben , Rey finished what anakin start Rey brought balance to the force and Ben saved her from dying and that is brings the skywalker saga full circle.
wsbenge chapter 2 . 3/22
Good. It illustrates the actual "I know best. Emotion leads to the dark" religiosity the deluded Jedi were known for.
wsbenge chapter 1 . 3/20
The Jedi destroyed themselves by upsetting the balance, their extreme position on the Force, their "Path to the Dark Side". Paranoid.

Reminds me of the Superman theme. Clark should have founded his own separate nation, but no ... he becomes a reporter. Stops muggers, assists during earth quakes , rather than designing a system to assist. Dumb. Also boring. Always being threatened with krytonite. Further stupid.

Jedi and Kryponians had terminal stupid.

Rant ended.
060896 chapter 3 . 3/17
Ahsoka is the most reasonable person to trust, out of anyone else.
060896 chapter 1 . 3/17
So. . . Anakin's most trusted Master/brother, told his OWN kid a partial truth, only to wrap a complete lie around it? That's just . . . really wrong.
Turtletipper123 chapter 5 . 2/19
Just reading chapter 5 and I noticed you called anakin "Commander Vaded". He was General Skywalker during the clone wars so did he get demoted or something? Hehe.
SavageCabbagem chapter 13 . 2/10
damn I love this I'm still sad that it had to end would you consider making a alternate universe fanfiction where Ahsoka raises Luke and Leia from birth there's a YouTube video call what if Ahsoka raised Luke and Leia and I would suggest you go watch it and if possible make a fanfiction regarding it as long as you message me when it was made I would be your first reader
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