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Mobius Aquarian chapter 15 . 9/8
I've read this entire story, in the span of a few days, and I must say it's pretty interesting.
I can understand losing your muse, as I've been having a similar problem over the past few days (even though I haven't posted anything here, yet, much less made an account), but I was wondering if you planned to continue this. I think it's pretty good.
As for ideas, if you're still taking them (as the last chapter came out back in February), hearing about Amanda's nightmares made me wonder if you planned on doing something similar, storyline-wise, to what happens to Aelita, in [2-2] "Unchartered Territory", [2-5] "Mister Puck" and [2-20] "Deja Vu", but with Amanda. It doesn't have to follow canon, but it might be interesting to see what you can come up with. Like... maybe you could work Franz Hopper into the story, and say that maybe he stored some secret code, that both Jeremie and Dylan could use to link together their respective supercomputers (or if maybe X.A.N.A. started on the American supercomputer, and fled to the French one, when Dylan and crew thought they defeated it? Dylan's program actually severely weakened X.A.N.A., which is why its attacks are less intense, in France), or even something that Dylan could use to virtualize Kyle, Ryan, Chloe and maybe himself into the French supercomputer's Lyoko, and vice-versa. I've thought about doing something similar for a future fanfic, and I thought that maybe you might be able to use the idea, as well.
As for the team-up, it sounds like something of a season-finale caliber, if you know what I mean. Or maybe it could wait until your version of seasons three or four, when X.A.N.A. is strong enough to pull off an attack that would require more than four Lyoko Warriors. Like... maybe activating multiple towers, at once? I could come up with more ideas, but that's just what came off the top of my head.

You do have a pretty good story, so far. I hope to see it continued, sometime, if you ever get your muse back.
Angi chapter 15 . 7/4
please update,your story is on of the bests.
tsume chapter 15 . 3/22
I love your story it is really great I hope you updates soon you should just keep the story going just like how it is in the episodes, you don't have to change anything the part that I love the most is how Amanda is being targeted by XANA . I loved every second of the story that I read. you doing a great job on the story please continue it
Callian31 chapter 1 . 3/21
I'd like for the climax to be a battle versus some fully physical form of XANA and all of the Lyoko warriors. Both groups. And an explanation on why there are TWO supercomputers instead of one.
Ways chapter 15 . 2/15
Interesting chapter. I thought evil Amanda would be like William and how his possession worked. I hope the two will work together, that'll be great. The introduction of the vehicles was great too. The fact that the group is becoming friends with Amanda's friends is great too. Amanda being off Lyoko is an interesting development. I'm curious as to how long she'll stay off. I also laughed at Yumi's comment about dating Dylan, that was funny.
I have an idea about the team up, you know where to find me.
Keep up the good work, see you next chapter and expect to see reviews from me on The Forgotten Davenport soon.
Ways chapter 14 . 2/15
Interesting chapter. Showing what had happened in Amanda's Lyoko's good. And the nightmares are also an interesting development. Including Amanda's friends a little more is great and made a lot of sense. My only issue with the chapter was mentioning the Skid, it feels way too early and I'm afraid its going to confuse things, but aside from that it was a good chapter, nice and original. Keep it up.
Layla347 chapter 15 . 2/14
Update soon please:)
Guest chapter 15 . 2/13
nice chapter will Amanda wear a jumpsuit like in season 4 of code lyoko
Guest chapter 15 . 2/13
great chapter and for your team up idea how about when Amanda turns evil jeremie calls amanada's other team
OrangeWithAfro chapter 15 . 2/13
So I really like this story but it's been such a long time I forgot what was happening lmao.

But still, it's a great story. I think Amanda is pretty well written but I seriously have no idea what is going on right now. I'm gunna need to go review lmao. That shadow part was pretty interesting. keep up the good work and I hope your next update will be in the near future.
Lyokoan chapter 14 . 11/28/2014
I gotta say, I LOVE your story so far and I hope you continue. When you mentioned Season 5 (Evolution), I was bubbling with anxiety because anything could happen. I look forward to what you're going to do next!

Quick question: Will XANA implant a virus in Amanda like he did with Aelita?

A little friendly tip: You misspelled "Aleita's" name. It's "Aelita". ) Hope this helps you...

Keep up the fantastic work!
Layla347 chapter 14 . 11/10/2014
Can't wait for more update soon.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/6/2014
Are you planning on updating? This is really good! I dont know what you have planned for amanda joining him but what if it had to do with aelitas safety, maybe? Its really good though
Ways chapter 13 . 2/17/2014
Great chapter.
I really enjoyed Amanda's involvement in the chapter it was cool. However I can't help but notice this. I know Amanda's more experienced but you make her a juggernaut compared to Odd, Ulrich and Yumi. I'd suggest toning her down a bit. I liked XANA's little input very scary. Not much else to say. Other than what I said earlier no complaints.
Tigerclaw97 chapter 13 . 2/15/2014
listen people. if you don't like a story don't read it. do not waste the precious time and bandwidth of you the author and the readers by posting a review only to flame on a story. reviews here are ment to help the authors develope and refine their stories and help readers to enjoy it at all levels and viewpoints NOT so you can degrade the fun and fellowship of reading writing and sharing that is this sight with hate. pay the haters no mind miss Anne and the same goes to all who see this. i would like to thank you for responding to my review before i didn't really expect that. and thank you for answering my questions i appreciate it and can't wait to see how this goes and to see how Odd acts when he's jealous. i just hope he doesn't pull Ulrich's highdive stunt. i would have asked about the satellite chapter but it's been so long since i watched the show that I've kinda lost track of what happened when. sorry. anyway. thanks and good luck. keep up the good work please
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