Reviews for The Knight of Mahora Academy
tanithlipsky chapter 19 . 6/19
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 11 . 5/20
i kinda want naruto to get with the older and mature girls, so mana, setsuna, chizuru, kaede, and konoka
FicReader of Desert chapter 19 . 5/20
will there be a naruto x eva or naruto x chachamaru?
SlyFox9 chapter 19 . 4/27
Man when I hear how the Ala Rubra trained Naruto and how he went to a state despair. It reminds me when Garp trained Luffy (in One Piece). And Cross makes Allen to cover his debts (from D. Gray Man).
tymaxion chapter 19 . 4/25
Loving this story so far, please keep it up!
V01dSw0rd chapter 19 . 4/22
Finally updated!
The whole reviewing video files is a nice way to summarize things!

Naruto, at some point, would likely need to improve his skills. Learning the Shadow Clone would be useful, and there is even a easy explination for who to learn from!
There's no reason Chakra can't exist here - Ninjas would just ensure that information about it is kept hidden.
Once Naruto would have access to Chakra, Kurama would supplement the lessons/information with his experience.
Tera12 chapter 19 . 4/22
Great chapter x D Cant wait for more
Markus-Antonius chapter 19 . 4/21
Always happy to see things from you!
Mernom chapter 19 . 4/21
You're starting to get close to the true beginning of Negima: one of the best tournament arcs I've ever seen. And the true beginning of the shounen tag. Too many fics wind up dead before that point, I don't think I've seen even one that got past it yet. Looking forward to it.
Maelstrom Resurrected chapter 19 . 4/21
I know that I probably said this a thousand times, but I'm so glad that u updated this story! I can't wait for the next chapter or another chapter of the story!
It must've been so embarrassing for Naruto to swallow his pride after helping out Negi trying to get Eva-chan to accept him as a appentice. And we're already close to the Chao arc? I thought we're going to the part when Negi discuss his childhood past and fight against the demon responsible for destroying his village.
But anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!
Hirameki Kitsune chapter 19 . 4/21
Great chapter, thank you!
Dzerx chapter 19 . 4/21
Hmm... I'm actually finding Naruto rather plain and boring...
Engineer4Ever chapter 19 . 4/21
so happy to see this again. Can't wait to see when Kotaro comes in. Miss the lil guy already. XD
Kampeop chapter 18 . 2/3
Just found this fanfic yesterday and I love it. I've been looking for a good negima fanfiction for a while and I'm very pleased with what I found. Hope to see the next update soon.
PS: You're my only hope, all the others good negima fanfiction are dead, you are the only one that has updated recently.
Slash17 chapter 18 . 1/31
as Always it's great to see this story updated! looking forward to see what happens at the martial arts tournament and the mahora festival! i hope we see new chapters soon! also curious to see who are naruto's other pactio partners!
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