Reviews for Somewhere To Belong
Smokey0 chapter 24 . 3/27
This was one of the best OP fanfictions I have read. Thank you for the story author and keep up the good work!
qiaraz97 chapter 24 . 3/16
This story is soooooo cute! Love it so much! Favorites

The boys were adorable
Thank you for the story ️
Aedwards179 chapter 1 . 2/19
"stupid and likes to eat, just what you'd expect from garps grandson" I love this already
binyhun chapter 24 . 12/13/2021
Thanks, it was a fun read
LiaCynea1 chapter 1 . 12/4/2021
Hello, I am French, and I really like your story, I would like to have your agreement to be able to translate it and publish it in French, if it is not already done (which I do not think). Of course, my only motivation is to share your story with other people, and the story is yours, and you alone. If you accept, I'll post it on Wattpad. I hope you will accept, and I wish you a good day.
tasnem1973 chapter 24 . 11/24/2021
Great story! You actually managed to make me cry in the end. It's felt like a long and nice journey. Thanks for writing it!
Guest chapter 11 . 11/19/2021
Wow this is getting really tense. This so good!
HollowSea chapter 24 . 7/23/2021
Ah... 333
Ladis11 chapter 4 . 7/4/2021
It's chapter 4, and my heart broke. It's just the 4th damn chapter and I'm crying. Gosh
Guest chapter 24 . 5/28/2021
That was amazing! :)
Ariel Lazarus chapter 24 . 5/20/2021
this is one of my favorite op fics! it's so cute! I love the asl bros bonding with the wbp over time and the pirates coming to love them all! I always cry everytime I read it! I mostly do my reading on ao3 nowadays, but fics like this make me glad ff is still up and that I still check it all these years after I mostly switched over! (I worry about the rumors I've been hearing about it potentially shutting down though, I'd cry if I couldn't read any of my old favorite fics like this one anymore) thank you so much for writing this! it always cheers me up to re-read it when I'm having a rough day!
Jeptwin chapter 22 . 5/12/2021
I can’t imagine a slave truly ever hating another slave given what they’ve been through. That being said, the old man probably was doing what he thought was best for Sabo.

Also, I’d be surprised if Garp still had enough pride to look those boys in the eyes again
Jeptwin chapter 21 . 5/12/2021
Frankly whatever torture Namur did to him wasn’t enough; I’m firmly of the opinion that I want to see all of Sabaody in flames and the slave trade devastated.
Jeptwin chapter 19 . 5/12/2021
Truthfully I’m surprised the boys aren’t already branded. If they were, I suppose Garp could try and get them sent to Amazon Lily given that there’s no way he doesn’t know about Hancock, but that’s just trading one Pirate for another. Or they could go to the revolutionaries, or the sun pirates! So many wonderful options he’s given them
Jeptwin chapter 18 . 5/12/2021
Welp. Rob’s dead, and Garp may be too.
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