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Guest chapter 17 . 17h
chapter 17: Ok let's get this straight Naruto can threaten and kill Konoha council members with little consequence but if someone else attacks Naruto the Hokage will give out severe punishment. The Hokage must be smoking something other than tobacco in that pipe of his.
Guest chapter 12 . 20h
Some things to keep in mind. Electrical generators have been used before to give an electrical shock in water to stun fish. They float to the surface and are collected. I don't know how the people of wave who must have a strong history of fishing are starving. I would think the Naruto could also use his ability to heat up things and even weld metal.
Guest chapter 8 . 23h
Chapter 8: The bandit camp was sure to have captive hostages in it, and Naruto destroyed the entire camp killing everyone.
kingrobert84 chapter 32 . 6/30
doin awesome man whens update?
kazearashika chapter 5 . 6/27 anyone else laughing about how the third just told him? Cause right now I am
Advanced-ZeroX chapter 32 . 6/24
Im loving this story as much as im loving you! You had me on edge then you made me laugh!
Blackfire644 chapter 32 . 6/18
I need more.
The Ultimate Balance Chaos chapter 32 . 6/13
Nice story man.
denis.d2505 chapter 32 . 5/22
The last conversation with Kurama has been the most well thought out one i have seen in many stories that i have read portraying their relationship before anything even resembling companionship can begin.

I always have seen Kurama as hateful because of all the things he has seen that Humans have done, and if anyone else could only understand that and work with him and help him in some way he would be willing to open up and work together.

If i was in Naruto's position i would dedicate my time to learn and try to understand Kurama since i wouldn't be able to say that i understand when i truly don't unless we are reborn from this time in Narutoverse and we have all seen the horrors Humanity can do but also great marvels and great accomplishments.

To be honest i would rather become a friend to Kurama, the one being that could truly understand me since he has spent the majority of his time in me than trying to get a bunch of idiots recognize me for something other than a demon that i know i am not. If possible i would definetly become like Kurama even if i had to become a Demon or a Biju while searching for a way to make sure we don't get sealed ever again.
Scarllete chapter 32 . 5/9
I can't wait for the next chapter!
randallxcon chapter 3 . 4/25
First of all WOW you like dumping shit on Naruto. I mean give the kid a break. Eh, I guess it will make him stronger in the long run. By the way, LOVE the panthers. The part about the toads seems forshadow-ey. Hoping this is one of the rare fics where Naruto isn't all worshipy of Jiraiya. And the stealth thing, sweet. A stealthy ninja, something rare in Naruto.
naruxhinachan chapter 15 . 4/11
fuck u
DarkShadows201 chapter 32 . 4/11
Wow sounds like some people are being a real a$$ to you, But me personally, I like your storys. The story Boy Struck by lightning is my fav! So as a positive comment! Keep up the good work! Your doing Great!
Titan18 chapter 30 . 4/5
i love ur story first... spend all my day for read all chap. but honestly i disappointed in naruto respond for jiraiya... uhh... naruto so heartless! pity gamabunta. if i become jiraiya maybe i will kill naruto seriously.

so well... uhh i cant read more. mybe i am too sensitive in this story hhaha
poor my bad english -,-
True Guardian Angel chapter 32 . 4/3
Please update again soon! Yay, for Naru/Hana!
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