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libaka chapter 25 . 12/5
Wonderful wonderful story! You’ve captured the essence of the world perfectly and I never wanted to stop reading.
Soraslove chapter 11 . 11/25
I'm surprised severus feels this much grief for lily and her husband. I can understand feeling sad about the whole situation; but james literally rejected any and every idea severus had to keep their family safe. Not only that but lily stayed in the background and didn't say anything to james about her and her son's safety. I'd said she was disregarding severus' concerns, it seems like even in this life; with severus as a brother lily still couldnt' get her head out of her ass.
Soraslove chapter 10 . 11/24
I always thought lily was an idiot for marrying like james, who would rather listen to dumbles then think about his own farmily. It was her choice, I dont' really feel bad that their idiocy lead to their deaths.
iTyncWithReality chapter 11 . 11/10
And why isn’t anyone else mentioning it? the reviewers I mean.
iTyncWithReality chapter 11 . 11/10
You can’t just toss that in there! Why the fuck is there a door to hell in Turkmenistan?!
iTyncWithReality chapter 10 . 11/10
Ah, maybe he’s just like “screw it! Fuck peter, fuck Voldemort, fuck destiny! Thats my sister, ill figure everything out after i save her life”
iTyncWithReality chapter 10 . 11/10
This chapter is wierd. Snape already logiced out that he needs peter to revive Voldemort later on and so cannot kill him right now. But a few paragraphs later Snape has decided to kill him. What has changed tgat he doesn’t need peter for the 1994 revival ritual?
AQUA FIRE PHOENIX chapter 25 . 10/28
This is just fantastic.
missgsmith51 chapter 21 . 10/9
Why are Sirius and Severus not allowed to be on the Hogwarts campus? I don’t understand.

Interesting thought about Molly regarding Ron’s robes. What I don’t understand is why Hermione doesn’t ask McGonagall to check all of the fourth year boys’ robes “just to make sure they’re okay.” She could then tell Ron his robe needed a slight alteration — “he must have grown a bit” — and offer to fix it. She could get rid of the raggedy old lace and perhaps change the robe color to black or a deep charcoal. I suppose another alternative might be for Harry to ask Angelina Johnson to offer to do the same thing for Ron, as she could probably handle it discreetly. (Actually, I wonder why the Twins couldn’t do it, but maybe there is a reason he didn’t ask.)

It will be interesting to see what nonsense Dumbo tries with the hostages this time.
missgsmith51 chapter 16 . 10/8
"We had hoped that becoming the Gryffindor Quidditch team's gofer would keep Ron occupied, given how obsessive he is about Quidditch, but it didn't work," Hermione sighed.

"He's equally obsessed with the Boy-Who-Lived," groaned Harry.

"And he's so short-tempered, Harry can't even talk to him about it," continued Hermione.

"Not that it would help much. He takes everything as a personal insult," Harry added.

"Unless..." said Hermione thoughtfully.

"What? Unless what?" Harry perked up and looked at the brown-haired girl hopefully.

"Why don't you ask Uncle Sirius to talk to Ron when he comes for a Quidditch match? Uncle Sirius gave Ron his owl, so there's a chance Ron might be grateful enough to listen to him."

Um … how is Sirius going to arrange to talk to Ron at the next Quidditch match if Dumbledore won’t allow Sirius to attend the match? He refused to allow Severus or Sirius to attend the match. Why then? Why NOT now? (Enquiring minds want to know!)
Celticowl chapter 25 . 10/4
amazingly wonderful story, thank you for your gift to the fans.
Kai chapter 25 . 9/30
About marriages: it's the same in Germany, the register office wedding is the valid one, those who want an ecclesiastical blessing are free to get it but it's the couple's decision only. Or their families' and priests' as well as might be the case.

As a non-native speaker it always irks me if I stumble upon spelling errors. Sometimes I have to look it up in an online dictionary if it's an error or an unknown word. You made none. Or perhaps one or two. In 290,000 words. That's impressive!

I generally dislike/hate Snape. If someone wants to make a good guy out of him they need to start early. (Not like Rowling who did it in the final chapter, or so, excluding the Epilogue of Doom.) The start in this story was definitely early enough. It was a Snape I could've liked if I weren't so prejudiced from thousands other fanfics. However, that's on me, he was very well written as a good guy.

You introduced many characters that Rowling mentioned somewhere without giving them a personality, and fleshed them out. And at no point do they clog the plot, they always enrich it.

Overall, its one of the best responses to that challenge and a very well written story besides. Thank you for writing!
Kai chapter 24 . 9/30
Or dragons could be like in Skyrim: breakfast! OTOH, there wouldn't have been eggs to place the golden one amongst.
Kai chapter 22 . 9/30
Didn't Alastemius Croody even publicly emphasise in the fourth book that he hated all death eaters that got away? It's been a looong time since I read the original works and many thousands fanfics since then, but I think he did towards Karkaroff.

It's sad that the champions are bound by that damned glorified bucket, but the judges aren't. Otherwise, if one of the champions had protested after the first task that the judges clearly gave biased points and asked Magic to judge them it would most probably have cost all six (Crouch Sr. for giving the points, Crouch Jr. for ordering it) their magic. That would've been neat.

Hermione is right. Crouch Sr. deserved his death and he WOULD have deserved more than a quick...whatever Junior used. Being a hypocrite is bad enough but setting an insane multiple murderer and torturer free, well, I hope there is a beyond for magicals and he suffers after his death for his crimes.
Kai chapter 17 . 9/30
Dumbledore suspected or even knew that Riddle made horcruxes MUCH earlier. In the third book a hippogriff injures a student so badly that it takes the matron three-and-a-half seconds to heal him. Politics played a role, too, but still: the hippogriff was ordered to be destroyed. A house elf killed its pureblood mistress. How long do you think they waited until they destroyed the house elf? That it was thought to have been an accident due to old age of the elf is not important, justice would have been swift. And yet, Dumbledore somehow got Hokey's memory of Riddle's visit with Smith, when Riddle was still working at Borgin and Burkes (late forties, early fifties?). The case was open and shut, they had the perpetrator, they had the confession and the motive wasn't important, because the elf didn't realise, but somehow Dumbledore knew better than all forensic specialists the DMLE had. He MUST have known.
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