Reviews for Reboot
910Roses chapter 25 . 8h
This was one of best Harry Potter fan fiction stories I have ever read. Everything was so well thought out, even to the smallest details and I was constantly impressed with this entire story. Thank you for this beautiful tale, for fixing everything that bothered me with the original, and for being such an amazing writer.
Inu-bitch chapter 3 . 12/7
I thought the books said Andromeda and Bellatrix are twins
Guest chapter 25 . 12/3
You did a wonderful job with this, and it is a take on the "Harry re-lives his life" that I haven't seen before. Having Snape go back to when he was young was brilliant, as it allowed a greater range of directions for the story to go, making it less predictable than most stories that follow Harry's life while he is at Hogwarts. Finally, the thought that went into this as reflected by Hermione's background and the footnotes was remarkable. I hope to read more like this from you in the future!
Serena Salvatore chapter 25 . 12/4
Amazing story. Each character was well developped and the storyline precise from begining to end!
Janie.ohio chapter 25 . 11/30
well done. I've read enough of these redo ones to say that this one stands out in a really good way. thanks!
Shannon Dee chapter 24 . 11/29
Thank you for a wonderful story though I felt that Severus is such a major character in this story that the epilogue should have had him reunited with his sisters in the afterlife.
mikkelibob chapter 16 . 11/29
I really enjoy the footnotes and research you have out into this. Especially in places where you quite rightly reject certain fanon tropes (susan's parents, etc).
B. Oots chapter 24 . 11/24
I really liked this chapter. I look forward to reading the rest of the story ASAP.
Kris chapter 25 . 11/23
I liked the idea of the staggered time travel.
Dreamer22 chapter 25 . 11/19
I have greatly enjoyed reading this story and I am sad to see it end, but I did enjoy the wrap up and seeing what happened after the defeat of Voldemort. Very well done.
SirenaAlthea chapter 25 . 11/15
This has been a truly amazing story.
Jasper'sDarlinBunny chapter 3 . 11/11
I was a little hesitant to read rhis, as you said you made changes to Reptilias challenge, but I am loving this story! Usually in my readings, I prefer Harry/Hermione centric, but Severus' new take on life is amazing, especially with the changes. I love that you have Petunia something special as well so that she'd feel more confident in herself, and Hermione' s backstory change is interesting, but I like it. Love how it's Harry/Hermione from the get go. Excited to read more!
mrsmjp123 chapter 25 . 11/10
I just want you to know that I absolutely loved this story. I’ve read it more than once, and it remains one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing it!
Fenchurch1 chapter 25 . 11/6
That was a great, really well written and entertaining read! I never would have thought I could actually like Snape! I really enjoyed Susan Sto-Helit's little appearances and I found the whole tale to be a very original take on the challenge! Well done and thank you very much.
Bad Wolf chapter 22 . 11/1
Regarding Chapter 22, ending A/N, point number 2.

I would just like to point out that, with the way you take great care in mentioning several times that the Horcrux is "attached" to Harry and not "within" him, that his being a Parselmouth could very easily have been a natural ability rather than just something from the Horcrux, or it could be that it was imprinted onto his own magical core in the process of the Horcrux attaching itself to him. Either way, it doesn't have to mean he lost the ability after he lost the Horcrux. It only matters if you want it to be that way since you are the author. Just thought I'd point that out in case you ever feel like writing a story where he keeps the ability after the Horcrux is gone.

Love this story :D
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