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KitchenDancer chapter 25 . 5/13
I really enjoyed your story! I laughed out loud throughout, much to the amusement of my family. I greatly appreciated the work you put into research and citing your sources. (I am a fan of primary sources and researching properly.) thank you for putting the time into this and sharing it with all of us! You are a great writer, keep up the good work. If you ever do original work I would be thrilled to read it.
BNC-3K chapter 25 . 4/14
That was a really good story to read. Couldn't stop from start to finish.
AnAnya Contd chapter 25 . 4/11
wonderful read! enjoyed thoroughly. thanks for the posting. made my day
Sarath KS chapter 25 . 4/9
Great story.

I haven’t read much stories from Snape’s perspective, because he is still in a grey area for me even if JKR wanted to redeem him; so it was quite refreshing to get that in the beginning of your fic.

I love your way of writing, but I just want to say that the last chapter went on a bit longer than I had initially expected, so I kind of skipped a chapter or two in there somewhere.

Maybe if you divided the chapter in two( dividing it right after Harry and Hermione complete Hogwarts), it may have kept my focus a bit better. This is just my opinion, and a suggestion you may or may not take heed of.

Great story anyhow, and thank you for writing this.
UnbreakableJess chapter 24 . 3/27
Oh! I'd forgotten to say this in my previous review but I adored your Death in this story! I adore the Don't Fear the Reaper Challenge and yours definitely takes top, just below Robst's submission tbh. I've never gotten around to reading Discworld, but a friend told me about Death from it, and Death's granddaughter, and just double thumbs up for your version of Susan. :D
UnbreakableJess chapter 24 . 3/27
I did very much enjoy this story, it was an absolute thrill to read. I feel sad I feel I can't finish after reading the ending for Lucius Malfoy though. A reformed Severus is one trope I can manageably swallow, and even enjoy when done right like you've done, but the only way I could ever see Lucius Malfoy reforming without breaking the realms of belief is if he never got involved at all. I get that's what you were going for here, but even passively recruiting doesn't negate the fact he was a huge financial backer and basically a sleazy scum bag overall, so I'm sorry, but I just can't finish this story. It was very wonderful though, and I enjoyed it until this point. Also, kudos for having attracted reviews from several big names in the fanfic community! I was floored to see OldCrow left a nice review, but I can see why. Excellent writing, I hope you continue to post other stories.
Guest chapter 25 . 2/20
Overall, I enjoyed this fic, although aside from the few "will-they-won't-they" moments of who will get saved, there was very little in the way of actual suspense. I did enjoy the alternate timeline that you created, and the gift of so many HEAs.

On the flip side, Dumbledore is supposed to be highly intelligent, so the constant sputtering of "because I said so" whenever things didn't seem to be going his way seemed pretty OOC, even in light of the agreement he signed. I also found the Discworld cameos to be somewhat unnecessary, since this is not listed as a crossover fic and Susan's role could just have easily been taken by an OC.
Ayakitten83 chapter 25 . 2/22
I loved this!
dragonslayer85 chapter 25 . 1/31
An Awesome and well written story. Love it
BillBrink chapter 24 . 1/9
This is my third read and I enjoyed it jst as much. Thanks once more for sharing it.
j-fox-buddy chapter 18 . 1/7
well I am enjoying the story and because I'm reading it all in one go I might be picking up on things you missed a few chapters back you shared that Dumbledore could not feel apparition in side the wards but only when passing through them . now you say he can feel it inside the ears
wards. there was another issue of continuity but I can't remember it right now.
peggy77 chapter 25 . 1/1
Excellent story!
NieFeiRou chapter 25 . 12/30/2021
this story was very very good.. the ending was very heartwarming as well
Pat chapter 25 . 11/30/2021
Kallanit, I've read and bookmarked a number of your stories, but thought I'd leave a review on this one.
I've read other "second time around" stories, but this is the first to suggest a maximum number of 2nd chances, and the first to suggest that 3 people with foreknowledge can change so much of history.
Also, this story showed me you're not completely stuck on the "Harry sticks to Ron and ditches Hermione" storyline that appears in several of your other stories. Maybe you could try writing a "Harry eventually realizes Ron is a shallow lazy thoughtless slob, and sticks to Hermione who is always there for him", but without the "2nd time around" and without the soul bond?
In any case, I've enjoyed your writing, and will check back someday to see if you've written any new stories.
Pat chapter 14 . 11/28/2021
Indeed, "Harry Crow" is one of my all-time favorites.
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