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Pyrane chapter 35 . 8h
...was too. Sorry.
Now, a good, long chapter soon, please ! *puppy eyes attack*
;D Thanks for updating !

vampwalker709 chapter 28 . 9h
Hmm so we got a decent ron those are rare these days.

awesome he is gonna be a warrior like character interesting.

Hope he remains loyal and we don't have to wait forever to see him and the twins

your dragging this out is getting kinda annoying please progress the

story faster or at least have harry come up with new machines maybe those

goggle things in the picture or the gun.
Elizabeth chapter 25 . 10h
I knew it was Junjou Romantica! Haha! I feel so accomplished...
Vindictive John Dark Fantasy chapter 35 . 6/1
wow sexy greyback sorry but I've always had a hot spot for greyback/harry too lol I hope he at least flirts a little lol
vampwalker709 chapter 18 . 6/1
Man i really wish this was bella/harry now love bella

maybe something like a three way or he hooks up with bella for a

bit then tom or at least they become good friends always love bella

don't care if she killed sirius lol.
ulqui's-girl chapter 35 . 6/1
Hahahhaa! Harry's so embarrassed about that book! :D oops! He's in trouble again (?), can't wait for more!
jayfeather63 chapter 35 . 6/1
Dude I will like cry in a corner if this story ever stops before it's finished. It makes me happy in ways that only the tom x harry Fics do. Haha. Anyway I did enjoy this chapter and I can't wait to see (read?) what happens with both tom and Harry's groups. :)
Scythe787 chapter 35 . 6/1
Wow. Incerdible. Please update soon!
Candy3314 chapter 35 . 6/1
I didn't think that your update was too late... Well, I, of course, still would have preferred it earlier but that's just always lol This chapter was great! I loved the pov with Tom :) It's funny how Snape could tell what Tom was searching for- and I'm just amazed by the development of how he's seeking the advice and support of Harry? Because that might mean (subconsciously or consciously) he's trying to find this humanity Harry's been upset over him not having. Like, even when Harry's not watching, he's genuinely trying to change his ethic. That might be a leap but there's just no doubt in my mind that if not for Harry and they're parting truce, Tom would have no mercy or question in his mind about how he was working his followers. Oooo but a battle and Ron may be involved? Wonder how Tom would react to this quest, and if they maybe will run into each other? POOR ROSIER xD He's probably freaking the frack out right about now! "Um, so we kinda lost-Harry-yknow-we-dropped-him-down-a-hole-where-screams-were-coming-from-and-yeah-stuff-like-that-the-rope-was-cut-btw-when-we-pulled-it-up-haha-hah-heh-yeah..." Hmmmm Greyback... Not sure if that's a bad or good thing- I think I recall him being mentioned before? Idk, might be wrong. He was with Tom afterall in canon so not sure how he'll be in this :) probably awesome tho. I wonder if he may have some connections to Remus? Idk if that's at all relevant but I just pondered it. Anyways, I wish all the luck to you and Rosier! (Especially Rosier...)
Guava2 chapter 35 . 6/1
Haha I was just wondering when Greyback would make an apperance!
Crow22 chapter 35 . 6/1
Not bad for a transition chapter. Ron makes a cameo and Greyback is to be introduced? I like it. Hope not to have such a wait again.
BeASlumberingDragon chapter 35 . 6/1
I love how you manage to include all those characters! And now Greyback! I can't wait for the next chapter!
SinfulMind chapter 35 . 6/1
Wow, nice turn of events! I love the cliffhanger at the end. And the banter btw Harry and Rosier was most entertaining ;)
Guest chapter 35 . 6/1
So glad you updated. I'm looking forward to the action!
scarlettmeadows chapter 35 . 6/1
Great build up _ Loved Tom's 'moral quandary' _ Can't wait for the next chapter!
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