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JPElles chapter 11 . 10/12/2014
Great story. I get the feeling that if Asgard, Odin, and Frigga aren't careful not only Loki, but Sif, and Thor as well will be spending a lot of time on Midgard.
Alliel 23 chapter 11 . 9/18/2014
oh boy what a cliffhanger! I truly hope you haven't left this story for good because this is seriously one of the best written stories I've ever read on fanfiction! I love absolutely everything about your writings and I really hope you return to this series soon :)
Hekka chapter 11 . 9/4/2014
I don't understand why Loki so easy forgive Thor's his weak faith (and that after all Thor's assurances that he trusts his brother own life).
EyesLikeLiquidFire chapter 11 . 7/25/2014
Really loving this story. The mythology utilize is really interesting and has my curiosity brewing. I've mostly read Greek mythology, with a little bit of Roman, but now you've inspired me to look into Norse.

I'm enjoying your version of Loki, especially his path towards redemption and I LOVED reading from his POV last chapter. The portion about Sif wearing his colors and claiming him, his steadfast love for her, the dance, and Sigyn's not so subtle prodding was great.
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 11 . 6/1/2014
Ooooooo really interesting!
Guest chapter 11 . 4/6/2014
Oh my gosh! What an amazing plot; I was so hooked from the first clues. You price everything together perfectly, and the research you do just makes it even more enchanting. That feast would be the event of a lifetime; totally would kill to be there!

Sif was so brave for Loki, claiming him and everything. I hope he doesn't doubt her for too long. He hurt her terribly, and they only just renewed their relationship. Ughhh I just can't get enough of them!

Your portrayal of Tony and Bruce's friendship is so perfect!

Good luck with your novel, but can we PLEASE get more!
BrightWatcher chapter 11 . 12/24/2013
I love the building of tension... The obstacles and goals being clearly laid out with the promise of deeper things yet to be revealed...

Good luck with your writer's muse!
wbss21 chapter 11 . 12/23/2013
Ahhhhhhh, so much brilliance! I can hardly stand it! You are just such a gifted, gifted writer.

Part of what so impresses me about your stories, and this one is no exception, is your incredible world building and layers of detail. Your stories are just incredibly well constructed and rich and so fully developed, and because of that, it's so easy to get lost inside of them and forget the world around you.

The beginning of the chapter killed me though, when they all went out to Heimdall's observatory, and began discussing what was going on. Because, the more that was revealed, and the more that was learned about just how exactly it was possible for the Draugr to reach Asgard as they had, the more of course it sounded like Loki could have been behind it. Of course, as the reader, and having seen the previous few chapters from Loki's perspective, we knew he had nothing to do with this, but before Tony even opened his big mouth, and before Sif had her realization that they would suspect Loki, I knew they would, and that was just heartbreaking to me.

Of course, when it happened, my suspecting it didn't make it any less awful. You expect the doubt and accusation to come from Tony and the other Avengers at this point, but to see both Thor and Sif suddenly have doubt about Loki was just devastating. Of course, you understand it, but it still hurts, and is so sad for Loki I think. Especially when he looks at Sif and sees doubt in her eyes. And his reaction to it all is I think what really got me in the heart most of all. The way he just stepped back from her when she realized her mistake and tried to reach out for him, and he just stepped away into the shadows. That was just awful, and seeing Sif's own immediate regret and almost panic, and the way she immediately turns and tells them that Loki WASN'T behind this, it was just heartbreaking.

What I loved seeing here though was, instead of running off and mopping and feeling sorry for himself over it all, as would have been understandable, Loki instead tasks himself with finding the true culprit. Loki's bad-ass here, he really is. Even though he's hurting, and I suspect he simply isn't allowing himself in that moment to feel the full extent of how deeply Thor's and Sif's doubt hurt him, he's still prioritizing finding out what's really going on. As always, I absolutely adore how you exemplify Loki's innate magical abilities, and his connection to Yigdrassil and her power. The way he moves through the ways between ways, and the way he can see and sense the life forces of everyone. You really convey that Loki is a magical being, that that power is inherent in him, and a part of his own being and life force. And the way he's able to speak to Yigdrassil, and ask her to open up her power to him completely, and hear her response, I just think that's incredible, and an amazing way to show Loki's own power.

I'm wondering who the heck this person is who's in cahoots with Thorolf. Whoever they are obviously doesn't want Loki on their ass, as they hightailed it out of there super fast when he found them. I really like that, that you show Loki isn't one to be played with, really. He's mad powerful. And again, we see Loki putting aside his own needs here. He could have pursued this person and no doubt caught them, but he realized that Jane and Bruce were in trouble, and he placed helping them above a sure fire way to clear his own name.

I really loved Eir here also, and your description of her. And this entire scene was SUPER creepy, with Thorolf speaking to Odin through Jane. I could really easily picture the whole thing, and it was seriously chilling. I loved the background you developed here too, with the Draugr being undead creatures Odin himself created to help fight the Jotnar, and who he banished to eternal sleep for trying to steal the souls of the dying. There's just such an amazingly mythological, ancient sense to all of it that I love. And an ancient feel. Thorolf definitely has the quality of the otherworldly, just with the way they speak, and there's a real feeling of malice and ill-intent behind their words. Even Sif is creeped out, and clearly, she isn't easy to unsettle.

Of course, Loki shows up like a boss here and takes care of business. Again, I just LOVE how bad-ass he is, and how cool and calm he is, in the face of this seriously frightening situation. The way he crushes Thorolf back down in Jane and Thor and stems his attempts to break free for the moment, is just great. You're really showing off Loki's great, scholarly intellect here too, I think, just in the fact he knows exactly what's going on while everyone else but Odin is lost completely, and he knows exactly what to do too. You remind us as readers that Loki himself is an ancient being who possesses a great deal of wisdom.

I'm not gonna lie, I kinda want to punch Tony in the face every time he opens his mouth, lol. But Thor stepped in and stopped his accusations cold. It was great to see how Thor only needed this one piece of evidence to regain his trust in Loki completely, knowing that Loki wouldn't need the help of an artifact to summon the Draugr.

You can see also Loki falling back into his role of Prince, with the way he starts giving out instructions of how they should proceed, and it kind of broke my heart a little when he realized what he was doing and pulled back, unsure of himself and if he still held that kind of authority. It was a great moment when Odin nodded towards him and gave his consent.

I suspect there's going to be words that are needed to be said between Loki and Sif somewhere down the line. You can see how bad she feels. But she also knows there's more pressing matters at the moment that need to be dealt with.

I loved Loki's light teasing of Thor here too, when he tells him they need to go to the library. But seeing Thor's unflinching willingness to do whatever it takes to help Jane also speaks to how much he loves her.

I can't wait to see what happens next, and as always, thank you so much for sharing!
LadyCurry chapter 11 . 12/22/2013
To finish my review: but I'm happy he isn't the one ruining everyone this time :D. I really hope to read more soon! Much love!
LadyCurry chapter 11 . 12/22/2013
What a lovely new chapter this is! (I can't remember if I reviewed before, sorry :D) I can understand that they suspect Loki
Fanfiction Bard chapter 11 . 12/22/2013
Wow, the characters were awesome, the plot is epic, and the mythology is the bomb! Update soon!
elenniel chapter 8 . 12/6/2013
*dabs at eyes with tissues*
This chapter made me cry a little.
(I can't remember if I've ever commented on your stories or not, but if I haven't allow me to say now that I really enjoy the way you write the Loki/Sif relationship!)

*continues reading*
wbss21 chapter 10 . 11/30/2013
Totally and completely epic, as usual, and so, so beautifully written. I swear, your stories are just so totally immersing.

But man, something serious is going DOWN, and what I really loved about this chapter was how you built the tension up to the cliff hanger at the end throughout the entire thing, so that there was a real sense of dread and something ominous over the entire thing.

I also just LOVED Loki's introspection this chapter, and getting to see the entire thing from his point of view, and to see how he's actually copping with all of this negative, unkind attention being thrown his way. You always do the most remarkable job of capturing the subtle but vital characteristics of Loki, and in this instance, that being underneath his confident and cool demeanor, he's actually an extremely sensitive, unsure and and stressful person. He's standing here with his chin held high and facing the crowd and detractors head on, but underneath, he wants so badly to just run away and disappear and not have to deal with it. There's this quality in Loki which is so hard to capture and convey, but which you do perfectly, which is on the outside, he acts as an extrovert almost, very charismatic and outgoing and strong willed, but inside, he's actually, innately, an introvert, and he shy's away from attention, and is extremely private and quiet and finds more comfort in being alone and in the shadows, where there is no expectation on him, and no need to impress anyone. Loki's so complex, and you really capture that about him here, I think.

Just, the tension and the pressure that he's feeling to perform, because he so desperately doesn't want to let down the people he cares about, like Sif, and Thor, and even Odin. He knows they expect him to be there, and to face this, and so he does, even though he wants to just be away. It both made me feel proud of Loki, and also kind of broke my heart for him, because he's suffering under all of this, but doing so silently.

I loved the conversation between Loki and Bruce though, and Loki's proposition to him. I'm wondering what Loki is actually intending here, if there's some goal he has beyond simply helping Bruce to control the Hulk. Though I think, too, he sincerely DOES want to help Bruce, and maybe that's a part of his ongoing efforts to make amends. I also just adore how elegantly you write Loki, everything from his manner of speech to his physicality and mannerisms, he's just the picture of class, and that's always how Loki should be portrayed, I think. Though man, I got severely nervous when Loki started picking up on the untamed power permeating the air, and how while he was talking to Bruce, it became even stronger, and Loki could immediately sense that there was something wrong with Bruce. I thought for a moment Bruce was going to Hulk out, and geeze, would that have been bad. You really wrote the tension here so that it felt like it could have been cut by a knife, and there was sort of this breath of relief when Sif suddenly appeared and whisked Loki away.

And you did a remarkable job of sort of showing off the contrast between Loki and Sif here, in how they each are handling and reacting to the negativity in the air, and the unwanted attention. Sif is all indignant rage and anger and frustration, and she's barely able to hold herself back from kicking someone's ass, lol. While Loki is much more internalized, and clearly has more of a tendency to judge himself in this situation, and self-blame and punish himself kind of. He's much more reserved on the surface than Sif, but then inside, he's extremely anxious and worried, while Sif is just straight through pissed. You also really show the dynamic between them, and how they find comfort in one another, in the way Loki relaxes being around Sif's anger, allowing her to take some of the self-judgement away from him, because if Sif's angry, then it shows Loki isn't wrong to feel hurt or angry himself at the treatment he's receiving.

I loved too the exchange between them about Hrodgaier, and what Loki did to him, haha. That was so in character, and so much the definition of who Loki is, at his core, which is a mischief maker, ultimately harmless, but who loves to play pranks and tricks on others. And you could easily imagine that this is how Loki always was growing up and into his adulthood, by how fondly Sif responds to it, and reacts to it with such familiarity.

And then of course, there's their dance, and just how boldly and unreservedly Sif makes clear that she's WITH Loki, and everyone else can shove it, by just flat out kissing him for real, in the most public way possible. I have to keep smiling too at how almost dumbfounded and unsure Loki is in these situations, because he's obviously normally so completely controlled and smooth, but it's a testament to how much Sif really means to him, and effects him, that she leaves him dumbstruck and fumbling at times. He's absolutely taken with her, and, heartbreakingly, he still can't quite believe or fathom that she actually WANTS him. And that of course highlights how Loki continues to struggle so terribly with his own feelings of low self-esteem and self-doubt. But Sif being so sure and bold in her conviction and devotion to him is just what he needs then.

I also loved the dance afterwards, with them switching partners, and getting to see Loki actually having fun for once, and being able to relax, even if it was for just a short time. Even as uncomfortable and unwelcoming as Asgard is to him now, it's still his home, and he still loves it, you can tell, and there's a great comfort in the familiarity of it for Loki after he's been away for so long, I think.

Of course, then he runs into Sigyn, and man, talk about awkward, lol. You have to feel a little bad for Sigyn here, because she clearly cares for Loki a great deal, and WANTS to be with him. But Loki's internal thoughts here were fascinating and, again, really sad in a way. That he never moved far with Sigyn, because though he tried, he was never able to develop any kind of passionate feelings towards her, despite the fact that he clearly respects her. But the reason he just let it die between them being that he didn't want to trap her in a relationship he knew wouldn't be real, or wouldn't have real love in it, and here we see, underneath everything, that Loki is in fact a good, and even kindhearted soul. He doesn't want to be cruel.

I was smiling at the way he kept seeing Sif in the crowd and seeing how pissed she was, lol. But then, again, with Loki's introspection, thinking about how being the subject of jealousy between women is something he's never really experienced before, because no one ever really sought him out, and he was always content just to be with Sif, again, there's something so inherently sad about Loki, and you capture it so well.

Of course, things take a dark turn at the end here, with the arrival of the Morrigan, and the increasing feeling of dread Loki started to pick up in the air with the untamed power. It's interesting, how Loki alone seemed so aware of it, while most others were oblivious, but clearly, it's because it's something of a magical nature, and Loki is innately a magical being, so he would feel it when something is wrong.

And then with Jane and Bruce both fainting, and then Heimdall blowing his horn, man, I'm freaking out over whatever the heck is going on. Things got super serious super fast, and I'm sure that whatever's ahead is going to be violent and frightening. I hope Jane and Bruce are alright, though at the moment it doesn't look good, and Bruce is a worrying factor, with the Hulk and everything.

As usual Mira, amazing chapter, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you as usual for sharing!
BrightWatcher chapter 10 . 11/30/2013
It's always impressive in my opinion when people tackle scenes in the royal courts or with political marriages... They're always so subtle and manipulative.

Good luck with your writer's muse!
alfiem chapter 10 . 11/30/2013
One of my favourite chapters so far, though I feel like it might have flowed better if 8 and 9 were just one chapter, probably with the last part of eight inserted between the conversation with Bruce and the dancing scene. After two chapters ending with the same cliffhanger, however, I'm REALLY eager to see what's going on.
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