Reviews for Fight Me, Bite Me
deboome chapter 35 . 4/20
Wtf gray? He just let natsu do that to juvia ! Omg this is ridiculous , i bet if master know he won’t let it dlide considering natsu’s issuse they are very serious
solarlunarstar chapter 53 . 4/12
Hey assbutt chapter 3 . 4/6
Is natsu male Virgo or something cause he has pink hair and he likes punishment
Kira Hana chapter 66 . 3/12
This is amazing! I hope this story continues to be updated, and isn’t abandoned, there are still so many questions to be answered
Guest chapter 1 . 3/11
I don't get why people like this story :/
Luka chapter 66 . 2/27
i really hope this doesn't disappear ;-; i found this story early last year and fell in love with it, it just seems very professionally done and cleanly written. not many typos or random made up things in the mental heat side of the story. very well researched and very well written and just ahh. i'll miss it so much if it disappears. ill have to follow it on the other sites just in case
twizt312 chapter 1 . 2/13
I absolutely loved the plot and the storyline for this and I seen that it's AO3 and I'm really really hoping that there is an update on here or on AO3.
Stand bi me chapter 4 . 1/26
Insane. Completely insane. It’s even pushing my limits. Granted, some of the rules do seem a little weird. I want to know more about why Natsu has all these weird reactions to random things
Mar.Chs chapter 1 . 1/23
Wow,this story is absolutely amazing! I read this at wattpad and is still waiting for the update Miss Rhov,I have also seen this at the "Archiveofourown" Like wow,I love the plot,the suspense,the cliché,the dilemmas and mostly the ship,I like how they express their beliefs,and the problems? Wow It just keeps getting better and cooler and surely superb once you read deeper and deeper in the flow of the became my best reed book in the year 2017 and until now I still love this fanfic
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19
I checked this out in 2013 and it's still going on God bless you lol, I'm not into this anymore but I'm gonna read through it for a trip down memory lane
Stand bi me chapter 2 . 1/19
Fuckkkkkkkk Gray took the finger up his ass? Yesssss
Stand bi me chapter 1 . 1/15
This. Chapter. Was. INSANE. Beyond anything I have read in a long time. I need more.
Amanda27A.g chapter 66 . 1/12
This was a good chapter, well i will be praying for you to a place.
hellkiss chapter 66 . 1/10
Don't want to see this story disappear.
But if this happen, I may have trouble with AO3. French girl here and I must admit that I don't understand this site how to sign up, how to see if there's an update and how to leave a review... (I should get a day off and try to read and work it)
Well I admit that the first time I tried to read it, I found it too much for me. But here I am today, 66 chapters later and not one scene not read.

I hope everything will get well for you and your husband.

In one your chapter you said your story was about acceptance. And I think you got it right. Personally the idea of a Swinging was so weird to me, even polyamour relationship ( I just people cheating on their spouse and husband and hurting them. Till I saw just one relationship that worked). But I got some friend who explain to me what it mean, how communication is a must in this type of situation. And your fic, with Lucy and Locke reflects that.
I will not pretend to be all accepting and tolerant . But I try. Some thing I found quite disturbing (blood fetishist? Flogging? Drinking piss? But as a friend has said, I'm so innocent) but just how you discribe Natsu enjoying not the fetishist in itself but the pleasure Gray had on it was.. Inspiring.

Trying to accept the other for who he was who he is and will be... That make you envious.

About Natsu past... Holysh#& when he said the part about his baby I couldn't help but thought "did it worked for the buyer? If Natsu stumbles upon his grown up child, how will he react? And oh my god if they came asking for me let it be that it didn't work)
I want to see how this will evolve.
Your characters are so real, their mistakes their relationship (I think, like I said in this area I'm just an amateur) at least it feel that way to me.
Lakiah chapter 66 . 1/9
Ive been reading this for years! I really love this fanfic above all, and I hope it gets the most attention out of all your fanfics lol. I will always support you!
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