Reviews for A Princess's Duty
Kairi-senpai chapter 77 . 6/25
I really enjoyed reading your story! I wish this Kili rift thing happened at chapter 30ish but I see the reason why you postponed it. Update soon!
whiterose02 chapter 77 . 6/24
Sooo...have you given up the story? I love it and check all the time but it seems as though you're not planning on finishing it which is a shame, its wonderful
trixi24 chapter 77 . 6/2
This is the ONLY Thorin story i really LOVE! Your style to write is so good, when i read i feel like im right there and i love thorin/fili/kili. I hope there is a happy ending for all of them (coughs kili? Plz :)) buuuut the end can waaaaiiit, cuz i dont want it to end lol ok im stoping now;)
coecoe11 chapter 77 . 5/17
Can't wait to read your next chapter! I love your story!
Guest chapter 77 . 5/7
Plzplzplzplz update? :)
DancingDorisDay chapter 77 . 4/28
This was such a fantastic chapter, sad but beautiful. I'm glad to be caught up. Thank you for writing this.
renagin chapter 77 . 4/21
oh my god this story is so beautiful keep it up god bless to the author of this beautiful story and to all of us
LisaDev chapter 1 . 4/15
Pretty please?!
CharlieBrowne chapter 77 . 4/15
LOVE this story! It's so well thought out and well written! Please update soon! I get why Ila is being how she is, but she needs to forgive Thorin soon, RIGHT?! Can't wait to read what happens next!
trixi24 chapter 77 . 4/1
Update? Plzplzplz?! :) :) ;)
whiterose02 chapter 77 . 3/21
Update soon please!
AnneDance1711 chapter 77 . 2/29
Poor Thorin... Very emotional chapter! A good one! Please update as soon as you can!
Elanya21 chapter 77 . 2/23
? I thought Thora spoke Mama as her first word?
Elanya21 chapter 73 . 2/22
I started reading this a long time ago and then took a vacation from reading fan fics. Then I rediscovered it this past year with all the new chapters but then I was stuck waiting at chapter 70. Now I'm re-rediscovering it with more chapters! It is sooo good! It's well written. The story is original and engaging. I love it!
whiterose02 chapter 77 . 2/21
Oh my, I simply cannot get enough of this story! Update soon please!
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