Reviews for Daddy Angelus
Katherine chapter 8 . 2/3/2015
I thoroughly enjoyed your story. It was great to see the inter working dynamics of what remained of the Order of Aurelius. Angelus's connection to his childer was also highly interesting. I would love to know if you came up with the "reclaiming' yourself or if you based the idea off of some vampire lore. I have always found the connection of Sire and Childe in the buffyverse to be very interesting ever since I heard Drusilla call Angel/Angelus "Daddy" while Darla refered to Angelus as her "Dear Boy" and even Spike commented on the bond he and Angelus used to share when he called him his "Sire/Yoda". Here's my email: . I would really like to hear your opinion on Vampiric Family Dynamics.
NovMists chapter 8 . 3/24/2014
I'm soooo happy I found this story! I had read it when it was first starting and then lost it!

I love it! The relationship between Angel/Angelus with his childe er children? Childeren? was perfect! I also really enjoyed the fact that they were all family Darla didn't hate Spike she was just simply annoyed with him as a lot of people make her quite cruel to him.

I loved the relationships between all the vampires, hell I just love the fanged four and I like that Penn was included! It was brilliant! No one was out of character and quite honestly the dark humor with Drusilla and the old woman was fantastic and nevermind the welcome home at the end! I've never enjoyed death and mayhem so much!
Mrpointyhorns chapter 1 . 9/23/2013

I like your stories, but you should start a new paragraph every time someone new speaks. It is confusing. The story is good though so I am going to keep reading