Reviews for Things I Thought I Understood
LeggoMyMeggo92 chapter 40 . 10/3
Holy Hell woman. I read this entire thing in six hours. You've got me hooked! Please, for the sake of my mental health, update soon!
Lilyssy chapter 40 . 9/18
I just finished reading your story (took me less than a day...) but I couldn't stop, I'm totally hooked.
I enjoyed every part of it, the angst, the drama, the fluf and humor. Elizabeth is a nice addition to canon, even I was sad to read bout John's death. But I like th way Sherlock and Elizabeth interact, the way their relationship evolves and the different emotions they go through. Even in more fluffy chapters, they're still very good (I'm not a big fan of fluf, despite enjoying stories involving romance) but those moments are just right, no too cheesy or anything.
And about the last chapter... gosh that was delightful, I have a thing for twisted characters and I think you wrote Moriarty very well... Even I was thinking "nonononono, no Elizabeth's mum_" but it's good nonetheless because I thought the china won't be mentionned again... so I'm curious to know what's coming next for all of them...
Again, tyour story is brillant and I can't wait for the next update.
Good luck with the writing and life in general :)
SilverGhostKitsune chapter 40 . 9/11
Aaaaauck! So evil for cutting it off there! I loved reading this.
SilverGhostKitsune chapter 14 . 9/9
You are amazing! This has been one of the best Sherlock POVs I have ever seen. I think you did a stellar (no pun intended) job with this. Love it!
RiverSong98 chapter 40 . 8/25
Hey there!

I just read all 100,000 words of this story in 2 days. It is AMAZING!

Do you plan on updating any time soon?

RiverSong98 xx
lol chapter 40 . 8/10
I must say that I totally love this story and I would be very grateful if you continued this.
anonymous chapter 40 . 7/13
Thank you so much for updating! I'm so glad to hear you're not abandoning this story, because frankly that would be a tragedy. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds :)
TheFeyRa chapter 40 . 7/2
The china, yes!
Thanks for giving us this. Wow, a twelve hour shift? Don't stress yourself out! And well, I'm not really exposed to wine and wine glasses, so I wouldn't really know. That's interesting; it explains why avengers always shatter the glasses so dramatically. :)
miramehesz chapter 27 . 7/2
. .thing. . ! You are amazing
Midnightrose chapter 40 . 6/25
This story is incredible. I was hesitant to read it because a story without John just sounded depressing. Once I read the first chapter I was hooked. The emotions, their banter. Everything. Just in love with the whole thing. I stayed up all night just to keep reading.
I do hope you continue.
Mynean Rebel chapter 40 . 6/24

I knew those china plates woul come back to haunt us...this may have been a rather obvious plot point...BUT I STILL LOVE THE USE OF THE LITERARY ELEMENTS COMIN FULL CIRCLE!
...what do you mean ropes are tightening around her? Is there some sort of contraption that is slowly tightening the ropes? What is going on?! UGH! ...I have a love/hate relationship with foreshadowing/frightening cliff hangers.
I know life can be super busy, but I CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT BIT COMES OUT! PLEAAAASSEEEE?! :)
harliesue chapter 40 . 6/23

Lazk, babe, this is literally a masterpiece. Seriously. You paint Moriarty in his true colors and I think it's the most wonderful thing. He's startlingly violent and you really take the time to highlight the undertones of his madness; something that I think is downplayed a lot of the time. I mean, let's face it, the guy is a nutcase. Yet, as mad as he is, you still manage to illustrate his ability to appear composed and high class and I love it.


Also, I stg, I will still fight you over Mrs. Aplin. I will wrap her up in blankets and take her away from you BECAUSE SHE CAN'T END UP NOT OKAY. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT.

Really, though, you are wonderful, this is wonderful, and I can't tell you enough times about how much I love you and TITIU and everything that you do. I'll go back to texting you now, but I wanted to make sure I got a review off before I did. Stay lovely and avoid police batons 4
Mynean Rebel chapter 39 . 6/22
Okay. So I've read this story before, but had to read it again after the long hiatus. So I did. I started this morning. And finished...well, in the same day (I guess not technically cause it's last 12, but whatever). I had forgotten how good this story is. It's fantastic! And, (right now), I'm not going to rant about every single part that I liked and how cute they are together etc etc, but I will say this:
I may be a little nerdy pointing this out, but the theme you have going with "the things I thought I understood" first I thought it was cool, then it was a little cheesy (only a little, it's still adorable to see what Elizabeth realizes all the time), but then in chapter 39, in Sherlock's POV, you had him use the theme and it made my nerdy author's heart fangirl a little bit cause now both characters have used it XD!
That's about all, except to say again how much I love this story and can't wait to read the next installment, whenever it happens to magically appear (like it did with chapter 39 when I realized today that I hadn't read it yet and I had a new chapter to read!).

PS Will Elizabeth ever find out Moriarty stole her mother's china? Are you bring Moriarty back? Why was Moriarty so interested in Elizabeth? Cause I don't think he went to all that trouble with John.
...I don't know...I'm just curious.
TheFeyRa chapter 39 . 6/16
I wonder if it's bad that the SHXOC fics I enjoy most are the ones without John. Yours is the best. It's made my heart twinge at certain portions, made me melt at the fluff in others, and brought me out of my own 'black moods' in others with the funnies. I also think it interesting that John had a how-to guide for Sherlock.
I really like Lizzy; she's strong, but not unfeeling. She complements Sherlock, and I can really see something like this working were there a Lizzy in canon. I like how you've made her grow throughout the story, and how it all ties in to the title. Though, I admit to being rather impatient with Thomas, and also a little sad for him. I'm glad you paired Molly and Tom, because I've always felt sorry for Molly. I adore Lizzy's background and her family. It would be interesting if you reintroduced her estranged sibling one day.
Mummy really annoyed me though. I'm glad Sherlock seems to be moving past his family. Though, uh, am I missing something about the china?
I understand that you're on an extended hiatus, and I'm sorry about your laptop. All the best!
Lillian chapter 39 . 6/5
Oh my gosh, I just read through your story in the past couple of hours and I am completely blown away, completely spellbound. It breaks my heart to see that you haven't updated in so long, so I'm praying you find the time or motivation to continue writing this summer. As you said, "You gotta start somewhere, even if you're just starting over again after a very long and boring hiatus." ;)
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