Reviews for Candle in the Dark
baud001 chapter 32 . 1/13
As usual, an excellent chapter, with good pacing.
Still I'm wondering why the jedi though it was best for the whole battle to search for fighters and then join the fight just at the end. I mean, they could have help the rest of the republic/mercenaries forces and then later the sith, they were six hundred of them!
And I'm sad that you chose to kill Juhani at the end even if the scene was great.
baud001 chapter 31 . 1/13
The fight scenes are awesome! And the rest is good too!
baud001 chapter 29 . 1/9
So it was Carth who sent the message to the admiral and her dream was from receiving the message. It was not clear from the previous chapter and you could have left a few clues that he did it, like leaving the com room before lift-off or something.
Apparently the assassins were from GenoHaradan, arranged by Kyle/Revan while on Korriban, but paid by the sith, since the admiral in chapter 20 knew about it? Again, one or two hint beforehand would have been nice.
But the rest is great, well written, even if I miss a little bit not having the rest of Jolee's story, which is great and I would have enjoyed reading your take on it.
baud001 chapter 27 . 1/8
As usual it's pretty good, but I think this arc is a bit too long compared to the others. The siege could have been removed, without any significant changes to the story, even if you would need something else to signify how desperate the Rakata are.
Also who was the messenger who gave the message to admiral Dodonna? An agent from Mika Dorin? A vision from Kyle/Revan? A message from Carth while he was at the outpost?
And the assassins hunting the jedi? Those from KOTOR 2? A ploy from Revan? A ploy from Malak that he has somehow forgotten? From the GenoHaradan?
baud001 chapter 22 . 1/7
It's good, but I wonder how many ships crashed and how they all survived. I mean, considering the number of settlements, you'll need more than a few, with enough survivors, which then survived the Rattakans. With so much space trafic, you wouldn't need the maps to find the star forge. Also Malak must know that Revan is on the planet, why isn't he bombarding the planet?
baud001 chapter 13 . 1/3
You've done a pretty good job with Manaan, solving all the various plot in parallel, while also making Sunry's story more interesting. I remember doing that quest and being unable to defend him, knowing that he was a murderer. Still I'm missing the courtroom bits, which were interesting to play.
On the other hand, how Calo behaved was weird when he jumpedon the Ebon Hawk, considering that he went on a ship full of enemy combatants whereas last time he ran away. Perhaps he had a trick up his sleeve to escape and sabotage the ship. Still I understand that you wanted to remove with maximum prejudice via HK 47.
baud001 chapter 8 . 1/2
As for the other chapters, the changes you've made are solid, like with Bastilla being made a knight instead of Revan and the characters interactions are great. I have only one problem, with the Mandalorians: I don't think the jedi would tolerate such issue on a planet under their nominal control. If they don't want to deal with those issues on Dantooine, they would have created an armed force, which would help them in case of attack.
baud001 chapter 7 . 12/30/2017
last delusion of innocence: the bad guys never win.
Are you sure that someone who grew up in the lower city would have that kind of illusion? Between the gangs and the Exchange?
I'm also sad the Beks got a bridge dropped on them. It makes feels all the time spent with them a little pointless. On the other hand the promised land bit is great.
Other than that, the chapter is great, especially the characters interaction. Also the changes you'teve made to the story are good.

The escape pods were loaded with thermacrete munitions, and programmed to read Mandalorian vessels as planetary landing zones
That's a good trick.
baud001 chapter 6 . 12/30/2017
I like how you are taking a level from the game (here the sith base and Davik's estate) and makes a good story out of it.
baud001 chapter 5 . 12/26/2017
I love how you are writing the characters, they are great!
baud001 chapter 4 . 12/26/2017
I've read it some time ago, but I've found this fiction to be pretty great! I loved how you changed the "video-gamey" part, while also having some sidequests solved by other characters. The events you've added compared to the game go very well with the rest of the story, especially by relying on existing game content. As fanfiction, it's among the best I've read.
Latenite Lurker chapter 33 . 11/4/2017
Holy crap from start to finish this was an incredible story honestly one of the best Knights of the Old Republic story there is thank you so much!
REVenANtZ chapter 1 . 6/5/2017
I've read so many KOTOR fics, looking for the perfect one. This fic exceeds everything I have ever read by a huge margin. The relationship between Canderous and ord'ika (beskar'gam too?) though... XD I loved the incorporation of Mandalorian culture in your writing (just when I thought you couldn't fit anymore Mando stuff into Rakata Prime... Le wild Mandalorian clan emerges! The impressive Mando'a vocabulary too) and how the Bastila and Revan romance progressed. Also, I have never seen anyone ever try to fuse the PC with Revan before, interesting concept. Almost everyone writing KOTOR fanfics exclusively stick to two companions, and you have broken that boundary, many times over (why am I still surprised about you forgoing KOTOR canon when Kyle somehow suddenly remembers he is Revan and owns Malak). In essence, you have figuratively (perhaps literally) blown my mind. Thank you very much for writing this piece of brilliant fan fiction, the effort you put in is impressive.
Enderheart5911 chapter 1 . 12/21/2016
1. Poor Alek...
2. I'm fascinated by the direction you chose to take this story in. I've read so many KotOR fanfics that I've lost count, but I've never seen one where the false identity used to be a real person. Amazing!
3. You added in some really interesting parts and characters in just right parts, and I usually hate OC's.
4. Just fantastic!
Guest chapter 33 . 9/22/2016
from start to finish, one of the most well-written, pleasurable reads i have read.
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