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Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 150 . 22h
Try food! Somebody offer her food, that usually works. Name-calling sure won't... and violence sometimes does the trick, but Volan is right and Bianca's case isn't one of those.
I guess they don't need food.

One day, somebody needs to walk up to Cheren and give him a sweet, sweet tongue-lashing.

Hmm. If Gwen works hard enough she'll have not only a Golbat, but a Crobat soon after that! (If evil team bosses can have them, so can an ex-grunt.)

This place is becoming more and more like a set for filming MasterBall Z.

Can Petro see the future now? It's good that he wants to provide backup in an EXTREMELY CHEAP FIGHT, but where's Volan's team? He should have learned after the last time he left them unattended... What's he doing back down in that cavern? Following Ghetsis, I suppose. This is about as low as the Kyurem thing. He is not gonna survive this story. I'm calling it now. I am also worried that Petromyzon isn't going to make it.

Chapter Question #140: Which season of the Pokemon anime had the BEST opening song?
- Original~
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 149 . 22h
Whoops. I thought Sam was a completely new guy. Sorry, Stephan.

Oshawott vs. Leavanny... Ash must be learning very slowly.

Leaf Storm sounds cool to watch but a nightmare to get hit by. Good work, Stephan... and Ash too!

*insert dumb Halloween joke*
(Wait, it's almost Thanksgiving now)

Gourgeist is spamming Phantom Force so hard she's almost like a Zelda boss.
This chapter title did not lie!

All right! Mismagius is unstoppable! (Unless there's, say, another Mismagius, or a Weavile and Houndoom... but I probably shouldn't talk about that)
Just as with the Garbodor and Seismitoad families, I never gave much thought to Escavalier. Thanks for setting me straight again.
Poor knight didn't know who he was dealing with... U mad, Lancelot?

Wow, what a combo! Lancelot must be a boss if he can eat that and STILL come back for more. Usually when you turn into an outline the blast obliterates you...
Epic ending for an epic battle! Just don't let Mistral fight Cofagrigus or Hydreigon, and she'll probably be able to single-handedly wreck at least one-third of Team Harmonia at this rate.

Chapter Question #139: Any two attacks can be combined if the Pokemon practices enough. What kinds of combos would you use if you were a Pokemon Trainer?
- Agility Pin Missile 1000 Needles (self explanatory)
Signal Beam Flash (still need a good name for this, but anyhow it does damage, lowers accuracy AND may cause confusion)
Magnet Bomb Flash Cannon Flash Grenade (won't miss, may lower Sp. Defense)
If the different types of Pokémon could learn more moves I'd be here all day... I'll probably think of another good one anyway in a day or so.
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 148 . 23h
Saw the chapter title, went AW YEAAAAH

All of y'all are 12 years old... oh heck, it seems I am too. *gigglesnort* I'm sorry! V 'n C deserve some (clean) happy time together.

I almost wish I was there. I would pat Bianca on the shoulder and tell her Cheren is overconfident and she can bury him.
Dear Arceus, he opens his mouth and I already want Bianca to close it for him!
Oh, now it's Cheren's turn to be shocked! She's had enough of your crap, mate. It's time for a reckoning!

Ha, Water against Rock! ...he taught it Solarbeam or something, didn't he? No, he was just that cocky. Hn.
They're doing great! Sweat, Cheren, sweat!

That was a speech colder than Kyurem's toenails. I'd expect something like that from a Sage, but obviously Cheren hasn't played or watched much of anything, ever. When he learns about Pokémon-Amie his head's gonna explode.
(I have to admit though, if I was going 2-on-2 I would also try to take the opponent with me. I used to spam Curse on all my Ghost-types.)

Now he thinks he's cool because he has a dragon.
...not the best choice of words to make a point, but WAIT I SAID CHEREN'S TEAM WAS GONNA GET BURIED NOT BIANCA'S OH NOOOO

How is there any empty space left with all those rocks? Fraxure couldn't not trip.


Figlio di puttana! She's gonna be inconsolable and there'll be no living with him after this. Maybe Colress will grab him.

Chapter Question #138: Who's your favorite BW rival of the two? Cheren or Bianca?
- Once upon a time I didn't like either, because Bianca came off as a ditz and Cheren had that stick up his butt and I wanted them both to leave me and my team alone. But your Bianca is a major improvement on what we got in-game, so it's got to be her.
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 147 . 23h
(We have to stop meeting like this, and by "meeting" I mean "I vanished from the face of the earth again.")

Freddy is right, this scene should be in the Animation Priority pile.

I'm with Bernice, get the black one. There'll be time for fancier stuff later provided Kyurem doesn't kill everyone.
Aw Bernice, noooo! :'( There are different kinds of love, and you'll always have plenty of Volan's.

Rudy knows what's up! Somewhere his old Trainer is full of shame right now and doesn't know why.
They're totally like a family or at least a good team, who else can get away with so many cheesy puns?

First I was concerned for Mistral, but now I'm thinking "dohoho, Sapphire you should be better than trees."
Lazy Trainer. I bet Mistral's Frustration was at full power.
Wait, she died of something? I thought ghosts came out of little ghost eggs... *derp*

Chapter Question #137: What's your favorite Pokemon spinoff game?
-Probably Trozei. Puzzles, yo!
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 26 . 11/22
Genesect and Ariados.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 25 . 11/21
Chapter question: can't answer that because I haven't played past generation 2.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 24 . 11/21
Volan has attitude issues. He didn't have to be an ass to Cilan. Where was that proven? Cubone, I guess.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 23 . 11/21
Machoke, Primeape and Blastoise.
kingawesome chapter 150 . 11/18
Lol Will's slip of the tongue. And Volan's bluff was amusing.

Best opening? Johto League Champions, Advanced Challenge, Advanced Battle, and Sinnoh League Victors. The English ones of course, although the first XY one was good in Japanese.

And sadly, the original never really appealed to me.
kingawesome chapter 149 . 11/18
Aaahhh I can't believe I forgot to review!

Good chapter, was nice to see Roxie comforting Bianca.

For combination moves... I'm not really creative, so I have no idea. I'd probably wouldn't be a really good trainer lol.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 22 . 11/15
That's great that Oliver evolved into a Pignite.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 21 . 11/14
Question 11: that would be cool.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 20 . 11/10
I can't answer the chapter question. I must say, I was not expecting Gorm. Then again, I have not played past generation 2.
SaoirseParisa chapter 97 . 11/8
Ohhh! Volan's friends with his worst fear! I did a similar chapter like this for my Pokemon story, only my main character is afraid of poison types because of almost getting killed by a bunch of them. But she befriends two Nidoran whom she saves from a wild Houndoom and Team Rocket. But she's still afraid of other poison types. I personally think Frillish are cute, and name them Rio or Ria, both being the Spanish words for river. (At least, I know Rio is. I don't know about Ria) I'm kinda surprised you made Caitlin and Yancy be related. They don't look anything alike to me. I can't wait for more!
SaoirseParisa chapter 96 . 11/8
No contest, it's Meloetta.
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