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Yamato Hikari chapter 154 . 2/2
I can't wait till the next chapter! To see Volan take down Cheren, and to see Cheren finally become a non-jerk will be music to my eyes. And I also can't help but feel sorry for N. We all know what happens after the fight of Truth vs. Ideals in the games, and we all know what Ghetsis says to him. Its that kind of stuff that pulls my heart strings. and although I'm concerned with poor old Kyurem and Thrin, and how your gonna incorporate the two dragons with it, I know that the match comes first.

Oh, and question time. If a Pokemon started coming out of its pokeball because it just wanted to show affection, then I wouldn't mind. But if it came out at really bad times, then I suppose I would get angry.

Oh, and as a side note. When Sol went up against Grimsley's Bisharp, did Sol actually hit hard a Lv.77 Pokemon when he and everybody else are about in the 50's? Just wanted to know.
SaoirseParisa chapter 129 . 1/28
Whoa. You blew my mind. You had Aurea be a part of Team Plasma? And Trip actually did something good?! Awesome! I love it!
SaoirseParisa chapter 128 . 1/28
I think Thundurus looks cooler. He has the best design. But I like them both equally.
Zlaxe chapter 154 . 1/27
Hello there! Nothing to say here, so onto the review!

Great update as usual! The battle is awesome AND very unpredictable... the way I like it! :3

Seriously, I had thought Volan will win since he is supposed to fight N if/when he becomes champion of the league. But, DJANG, losing two of his pokemon already while Cheren hasn't, is not a good thing. And he's going to use Rudy? Welp, that might complicate things...

Still though, even if Bernice and Rickie lost, they sure fought awesomely, and valiantly too I guess. Cacophony was EPIC by the way. Rickie almost had that feline but injury from Samurott cost him to lose. Bernice ALSO had that Unfezant AND that Liepard in some occasions. Returning the former I could understand, but that last one had been by luck. Or hax, in the games.

Even if Cheren DID watched and took notes while Volan and Gwen was training, that was the best idea and sportsman like. Hopefully, Sapphire can win even with the type disadvantage on that Liepard... Hm? Yes, I said Sapphire since the pokemon league are a bit confusing on who is to battle on a specific number of pokemon used. Like if a pokemon that get's out on it's pokeball is considered, the one the trainer use, unwillingly or not. I think I remembered that happened to Ash in the anime a couple of times, in different seasons.

Although... Maybe I'll just wait for the next update to see WHO will exactly fight as Volan's last pokemon against Cheren. After all, don't know whether you planned this from the start or not. Hope I won't never know, since I'm weird like that, and I like surprises.

So for CQ; Well, it's a tie in the least annoying part. Like yours, if one of them likes to battle the opponent, and if I'm going to be hit by something I don't see.

And for the most annoying... Whenever to pull pranks on me, whenever to flirt a specie they like, and whenever to just plain embarrass me. And oh, whenever the those things I said during a battle.

I guess that's about it. Again, great update, keep up the great work and as always, can't wait for your next update! Byez!
Trainer Naps chapter 153 . 1/26
Well, that grounding technique is...certainly useful. In fact, I feel like being able to do that should be something that all Flying-Type Trainers would at least consider. Just the image of a Pidgey defiantly shrugging off a lightning bolt with its claws planted firmly in the ground is reason enough to give it a shot.

Someone call Lucky to give Sol "The Bug Talk," because I think it's about that time...
yveshku chapter 1 . 1/24
That's a nice way to begin.
Zlaxe chapter 153 . 1/22
Hello there! Nothing to say here, so onto the review!

Great updates! So last chapter finished Will and Volan's battle. To which, I did NOT expect to end like that to be honest. Will can't stop himself now from the Scatterly-lingo at the end of their battle. If it becomes a habit for him, well... Old habits die hard. Although it kinda suits him at times... kinda.

Anyway, Gwen and Volan's training was really interesting to read. It felt like it foreshadows something in the future... Well, maybe that's just me. So Gwen and Caitlin met now, although I have a feeling that the latter doesn't know the other's an ex-plasma... Or it's just that I forgot that Caitlin already knows...

So onto the elite four... Interesting to say the least. Shauntal's weakness was already discussed from previous chapters I think. The solution for that was a bit tricky for the White Hero, but he at least tried, and who knows- well maybe you- that might help in the future.

The way you introduced Grimsley's weakness was so entertaining. And embarrassingly enough, it took me a few minutes to realize the "Fly" thing was the joke. The solution was an easy one but will take sometime to get that bad habit of his to die. Now onto Marshal... Huh... That IS hard to find a solution of... But Volan could find one or a temporary one like Shauntal's problem.

Ciatlin... Well her problem/weakness was already fixed, that's not to talk about. What is, is what she is now. I think I remember a scene in previous chapters how she'd improved when all four of them are battling with Alger. But woah... "Ouch" really sums it up. Winning even with a type disadvantage is awesome, not to mention a great lesson for cocky trainers.

Not that I mean Volan is cocky or anything... Anyway, aside from the new combos along with the new moves from the other's of Volan's team. Mistral learning to telepath with Volan will seriously be a good thing, though I think those have downsides as well.

Okay, I seriously didn't expect that made up move from you... I was thinking Volan and Bernice will have to strengthen the latter's electric type vulnerability by... Having her endure, not the move, a set amount of electric type attacks... Yeah, it's VERY good thing I was wrong there...

Now, onto this chapters title. Liked the way you made Bianca even more mature now, and all that is to say is that I can't wait for the two's battle, and the other's too, battles. Although... Thrin's been out of the picture for quite some time now... Eh, you have perfect reasons to why it's like that.

Lastly the CQ; Well, other species does feed on emotions but I think that's not because of them needing it to quench their thirst... It's kinda like their favorite snack that you can't just stop eating. But yes, I do think Ghost-Types. Well the ones who are more prone to eat live stuff anyway, but other Ghost-types that said turning humans into something or burn their soul or anything that does not mean eating the bodies of their prey, does not count.

...Okay sorry about that. Anyway, that's about it, I think. So again, great chapter, keep up the great work and wait for your next update! Byez!
Ssj4mars chapter 142 . 1/15
No the tournaments were good way of keeping track of the trainers to. Look for
Ssj4mars chapter 135 . 1/15
My answer would be a definite yes but if hope for some type of communication with family
Ssj4mars chapter 134 . 1/15
I like how it is
Ssj4mars chapter 128 . 1/15
I like Thunderus
Ssj4mars chapter 126 . 1/15
Tornados and Thunderus are probably the legendaries
Ssj4mars chapter 125 . 1/15
Honestly gotta go with Bruno
Ssj4mars chapter 123 . 1/15
I got to say Giovanni
kingawesome chapter 153 . 1/15
I love how you portray Bianca here. She's grown so much over the story.

Also, just wing it with the ghost feeding issue. Anime shows that any Pokemon can eat regular Pokefood, so I imagine whatever the Pokedex tells you is their special food.
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