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Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 133 . 5/1
Once upon a time in Humilau... Marlon prepared to work!

"Volan was so dumbstruck that he momentarily lost his voice."
That makes two of us. Maybe I'm expecting too much from this guy.

Aw, no fight? Booooo, lousy cultists.

Marlon is smoking something. I'm calling it now. If he isn't, if I ever do a Gen 5 novelization he's gonna.

Go Stephan!
...well, everybody forgets the Ghost-type thing at some point. Or how you shouldn't fight Dark with Psychic. Eheh.
Your incarnation of Marlon means business after all!

Oooh, Hydro Pump! May Rickie's accuracy remain good.
Oooh, Sludge Bomb! My brother the Rocket worshiper has been pushing this move for years. It's time to see why.
Wait a tick. *fires up Rocky music* Alright guys, I have faith in y'all!

Aw, epic training got cut short?
Wait, Volan! There's a ship full of douches that way! We love Rickie but you need more than just him!

Ten bucks says the one Elite who goes down there becomes Colress-bait.
Is being a try-hard such a bad thing though? Overkill is so much fun...

Chapter Question #123: Who's your favorite of the Unovan Elite Four?
-Hmm... I'd never thought about it before, but I guess I like Marshal because of your influence. While he tries too hard, a beating is the only thing certain Teams understand.

(Oh, and happy early Star Wars Day.)
Trainer Naps chapter 133 . 5/1
I can get where the Elite Four is coming from, getting all bent out of shape over some nondescript ocean cave being taken over by Team Plasma. Nondescript ocean caves are prime real estate in today's real estate, I'll have you know. It's a buyers market. Nondescript ocean caves aren't cheap to rent, either, or so I've heard.

Grimsley was kinda cool. I liked his whole "swindler" thing

Great chapter! Can't wait for the League!
ServantofGrima chapter 133 . 4/30
Well, things are definitely going down now...Volan, I REALLY hope you paid attention during the "Spies and Espionage" semester of whatever school you went to... *phone buzzes*

"Hello?...Yes, this is ServantofGrima...Wait, WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY DON'T TEACH YOU ABOUT BEING A GOOD SPY AT WHATEVER SCHOOL YOU WENT TO?!...Man, your curriculum must be really different than mine was...OK, well, later." *shuts off phone*

...Well, he's in a pickle.

Also, is it me, or does anyone else hear the theme for Mission Impossible when Volan is following the Wailmer-riding Grunt?

Anyways, keep up the excellent work, Cottonmouth!


PS: For the Chapter Question #122: I liked Shauntel and Caitlin the most. Reasons being that Shauntel is a novel writer, and I like writing, and Caitlin's room is just...cute. Grimsley, on the other hand...he's my least favorite of the Unovan E4 simply because he uses Dark-Type Pokémon. *start rant* WHY CAN'T THEY COME UP WITH A DARK-TYPE GYM LEADER?! WE ALREADT HAVE THREE DARK-TYPE ELITE FOUR MEMBERS! AND BESIDES, FAIRY- AND STEEL-TYPES BOTH GOT A GYM LEADER IN THE GENERATION THEY WERE INTRODUCED, SO WHY COULDN'T DARK-TYPES?! *end rant* Plus, Grimsley looks pretty pompous, and that throws me off a little.
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 132 . 4/17
Update time! Guess who's going on TVTropes tonight?
...hey, is Thrin short for Catherine? I keep forgetting to ask...

Elder has the answers, that's good.
I can't wait to see (read about) Volan's face when he finds out about the dragon blasphemy that's taking place.

"What was she, an unhelpful video game NPC?"
Reshiram, I love you, but-
Burn with the fire of draconic truth! Aaaaaah!

There are plenty of swell possibilities for rendering bad men harmless! What's your pleasure, Volan old buddy?

First I was all "go Sawk, you can totally take him."
Then I was "oooh, this may be challenging."
This fight should also be an animated priority.

Humilau sounds nice to visit. Just bring the right shoes.
Group hug before the last Gym?
Okay, we can wait. Hug it out later.

I THOUGHT things were getting too calm. I was waiting for the scene to change to Thrin being waterboarded... Hydreigonboarded?
Interfering with the treatment of those you say you want to help... Unforgivable! Also hypocritical, but that's par for the course.
But when Pterano leaves for good I bet it'll be crazy.

Well slap my butt and call me Mrs. Harmonia! Which sort of happened in N's castle, when my brother swore I had done enough grinding. Boy was I sorry I listened to him -ANYWAY, Marlon's gonna do some work! Great, because in the game he seemed to have no grasp of the severity of things. Can't wait to see how you handle him and his Bounce-spamming Wailord.

So THAT's who the trio are named for! I guess I need to finish watching that series.

Chapter Question #122: In Black/White, the Gym Leaders seem to play a larger role in the game's storyline – but since XY, they're now just sitting in their Gyms as usual. Would you like to see Gym Leaders become better supporting characters again?
-I think you know what my answer is. :P
Trainer Naps chapter 132 . 4/16
I like it when new catches happen in Pokemon fics. It's like bringing in a new character and adding to another one, that being the Trainer. I don't expect Basculin to be a developed member of the cast or anything. I just like new catches, that's all.

If the Plasma Frigate needs a jump, I'm sure they could have just asked someone on the road. I mean, if powering an airship is that simple, then why not take advantage of that? XD

It really only makes sense for Gym Leaders to be active in their communities instead of just sitting around in their Gyms twiddling their thumbs. For me and most people I've ever talked to about Pokemon, that seems to be headcannon. Why else would they have the job aside from the obvious leading of gyms?
The Angel of Victory chapter 132 . 4/15
Of course you said something about River Monsters! I should have seen it coming...
DJTiki chapter 10 . 4/11
Finally, I got a chance to stick around and finally review this work, as I have promised. I won't br giving a case-by-case summation of my thoughts on each scene, but my thoughts as a whole. This is only for the first 10 chapters, since I can't make time to review over 130 chapters. Sorry :(.

Okay, I want to get this out there as quickly as possible. I am not a huge fan of stories that are your standard Pokémon adventure (something about don't appeal to me). With that said, I really enjoyed your take on the 5th generation of Pokémon games (which are honestly my favorite ones)! Thrin and Volan are both interesting characters who stand out to me as the "Nate and Rosa" or the "Hilbert and Hilda" of this story, am I correct? The only canon characters who have not shone themselves are the playable characters, so I'm only assumimg.

I also find it nice that you were able to blend in both the original games with their sequels in a coherent way. From the looks of the first ten chapters, this formula borrows alot from the original games (which had me disappointed at first, I'll admit).

Another thing to note is how well your syntax and overall structure is. You use good diction, your dialouge is on point 100 percent of the time, and you have little, if not any mistakes in your grammar. That's always good when you want to be taken seriously in your story. Everything flows well into each other and I honestly felt that nothing got too boring (which is a trend on adventure fics that I read). Not only that but your chapters are kept at a great length. Too lengthy and some may be intimidated to read, too short and the readers are disappointed.

And finally, I like how this story is an elaborate flashback :).

However, if I were to give any flaw from this story is the simple fact that it does borrow alot from the games. I know that is to be expected with these sort of stories, but when I get flashbacks to playing the games and experiencing what Volan and Thrin are experiencing, it makes me what to experience myself instead of reading on. You could replace the characters with Hilbert and Hilda and get relatively the same results. Makes the differentiation of our two heroes seem less.

But hey, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". And obviously, you have a HUGE following on this story, so this something people don't mind. Maybe it's my preemptive bias that makes me think this way.

I'm not sure if this is something fixed in the next 120 chapters, but I will assume that is, so don't take it to heart :). Love what you have done with this and I hope you the best in the future (looks like you don't much left to go. Keep it up.) Hope this review was helpful and thanks for helping me in your reviews!
Trainer Naps chapter 131 . 4/6
Volan: "But Moooooooom! I wanna save the world with my friends!"

At least, that's how I'd summarize the first part of the chapter. Before Volan activated the Monado, er, I mean went through the looking glass.

Ha. Get it?

Good chapter. Best part of BW was probably all the stuff at the end with the castle, leading up to the final boss battle
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 131 . 4/3
Listen to your mom on this one, Volan, and get some sleep. Near-death experiences are tiring.
Hmm, his mother is taking the news pretty well. Some would be demanding destiny insurance or the like. How that would actually work, I have no idea.

The only fate I can think of more undesirable right now than being a Plasma prisoner is being Pokéfood. Or getting what Vulcan got.

(No judgment here. I've had bad dreams so real I couldn't calm down until I turned on the light and confirmed things were fine.)
Oh, what a handy piece of glass! Thanks, Landorus! It's ninja time!
And now Volan knows what the scumbags did to his sister. Get that Kamiya punch of vengeance ready... Wait, no, Thrin can do that herself. Who's got more upper body strength? And when did Oliver evolve, maybe we can get him or Valkyrie to wreck... *cough*

I love the girl, but she believes people too easily. Good thing they're being honest with her.
Grr. Urge to... watch somebody pummel N... subsiding... gasp...
Okay, now they're gonna stick it to the man! Good, good! More ninja time!
I should have known Thrin was better than the "bimbo in distress" routine. I should have had more faith in her. orz


That's where the big boss sleeps? Well, you don't need much in your room if most of your time is spent scheming elsewhere.

I guess the dragons aren't very happy that their other self is suffering so. I can't blame them. One of them is probably going to eat Colress now.

They can't kill Thrin! They need Zekrom...
Shoot, what if they kill Gwendolyn? I was just getting attached to her too.

Chapter Question #121: What, in your opinion, was the best part of the plot of BW and BW2?

I have to say, the whole buildup to the battle between Reshiram and Zekrom was awesome. Oh, and when Ghetsis tries to kill you in BW2.
-At the risk of sounding like an echo, I agree that the post-Victory Road shenanigans were insane. I was yelling at my DS and I've been spoiled for any future Elite Four interactions. The attempted Trainercide was shocking, but Dennis wasn't the most stable team boss to begin with... (On the other hand, I was upset with... well, myself, sprite-wise, for not at least trying to run away from that ice.)
I also liked the parts where I met Colress. Sure he was with the terrible people, but it was cool to have a scientist fight and encourage me and give me stuff the way Steven and Cynthia did.

...You know, if the readers didn't love you so much for this epic story, we'd probably hate you for raising the bar so high and rendering everyone else's Gen 5 stuff pointless. Please see this work through to the end!
Also, you're on TVTropes now.
flashyhero chapter 131 . 3/30
The main body of this chapter happened in the Reveal Glass?!

Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 130 . 3/11
Sounds like poor Kyurem is in for another rotten day.

Oh Landorus, you know you love us. :P
You can tell he's the oldest brother.
And he knows what everybody's been up to... Who needs Santa Claus if there's Legendaries waiting to squish bad kids (and grownups)?

No Stephan, this is one of those family fights you do not get involved in.

...WE WON!
*cough* Landorus won.

D'aww, Professor Juniper would be a good Poké-parent. Her colleague, on the other hand...
Oh, no it's not. :(
(Frickin' Ghetsis, I jumped.)
Well, he's alive now. His dad is scum, but there's sure to be happy times with mom.

If it's become easier for Landorus to win, could he have leveled up?

Chapter Question #120: If you had the opportunity to catch one Legendary Pokemon, which one would you go after?
-I have to make sure it isn't somebody whose absence would wreck everything, or whose residence with me would teach it very bad habits... Maybe Shaymin so I'd have flowers that lived longer than two weeks. It's a good size to feed/pet/play with, and I wouldn't have to find a house with a giant yard.
Trainer Naps chapter 130 . 3/11
Juniper in Team Plasma. Who'da thunk
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 129 . 2/13
Normally I'd be demanding proof of Bianca's improvement, but... I don't need to because you've shown your work and she totally has gotten better over the course of the story. Can she really avoid getting mauled by two Legendaries, though? Maybe the gang can try sneaking another chick past the fight to the shrine...

Ouch. If the team starts popping out on their own and ordering you to rest, it really is time to rest.

Well, it seems she didn't have all the information Volan does. I guess I'd be at least a little tempted to play Jurassic Park with the bad Doctor too.

It's a shame none of the Fire attacks managed to inflict a burn on either Legendary. That's always useful.
It'll be okay, Ash! You always make it out of your other Legendary fights. *bricked*

See? Larvesta sacrifice is a good start.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Trip. :P
When in doubt, break all the things.
So THAT'S where Landorus went!

Four midterms? You poor man...

Chapter Question #119: Do you think there is something missing from Unova that past regions had?
-Yeah, more/easily-accessible Ice-types and moves. It's like they suspected somebody would try to spam Ice Beam on Ghetsis, and made it as hard as possible.
flashyhero chapter 129 . 2/11
What features exactly?
And I wouldn't have minded having my lead 'Mon follow me.
And I've never heard you cuss/curse before.
Sailor Taichichi Vegeta chapter 128 . 2/1
Might Trip be next to get a near-mauling?

It's time for another fun round of Legendary-Induced Near-Death Experience!
Also, Bianca, no more talking right now. Just run.

Poor boys tried so hard. It was a long fight though, hopefully long enough for the other two to not screw up anything.

Chapter Question #118: Tornadus or Thundurus? Who's your favorite of the two?
-Today it's a tie.
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