Reviews for Little Things
I've Abandoned This Account chapter 1 . 8/6/2013
Another fantastic Sherry/Crane story!

I am still really appreciating the little moments you draw between Sherry and Jonathan, as well as the similarities and differences between the two. It's interesting to portray Sherry as having her own family difficulty through her parents' divorce, which gives her something in common with Jonathan and his own problems with Granny Keeny. Even though she doesn't actually appear in this story, she adds a grimness to it, and it's very clear how much Jonathan hates and is afraid of her - and that was some nice foreshadowing with his remark that he wants her dead. It is implied in Scarecrow: Year One that he eventually does follow through on that.

While Sherry's uncomfortable with her dislike of her parents, Jonathan's hesitation is internal. He's still nervous here, both about his feelings and how he doesn't want to look like a "freak" in front of Sherry. However, when he speaks he makes it clear how much he hates Mary and his parents, one for abusing him and the others for abandoning him to be abused. He's got a lot of bitterness, anger, and hate building up inside, something Sherry seems to see a little of by the end.

Sherry's mention of Granny Keeny raises an interesting question as to whether or not she had much idea of how Jonathan was treated at home, and whether or not that affected the way she looked at him. With her parents' divorce here, she can probably understand his resentment even if she can't completely sympathize with it. She clearly has an idea that Granny Keeny is less than kind, and that Jonathan has a reason to be angry with her.

As usual, great description and use of dialogue, and brilliant development of both Jonathan and Sherry as characters. I especially liked the description of the barn, and Sherry's casual language while talking to Jonathan. It's certainly an interesting idea that she had problems of her own at home, even if her household wasn't as violently abusive as Crane's. It allows them to bond slightly here, even if Jonathan's admission soured things at the end. It made for fantastic foreshadowing of Jonathan's darker and more dangerous side.

As always, excellent job. I really enjoyed this.