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reppad98 chapter 35 . 8h
Last chapter of this arc!
You know, for a moment I thought that Xanatos was going to live. I had already expected that Qui-Gon would try to save Xanatos, that's just so him... And damn, you even got me wanting that he succeeded, but that would have been very complicated, too. This was a good solution. I even feel a bit bad for Xanatos, he finally knew what he lost...
Ah yeah, I had almost forgotten about Palpatine. He's not happy, nope. Poor little Maul...
Aww, Feemor and Qui-Gon. At least Qui-Gon is not completely alone. I wonder if Huei and Ezhno will nicely wait when they hear the news, or if they will go after Obi-Wan themselves.
Dooku... is not dark yet, but certainly tempted by it. I think it is for the best that it is sealed, although I am curious what else they would have found there, and what those creatures were.
Aha, I knew it! As soon as I started reading that scene of Obi-Wan on the ship, I knew he was going to meet Anakin. I actually had expected that he would go to Tatooine and meet him there, but this works probably even better. At least, I think that it is Anakin the woman is giving birth to...
Hm, looks like Huei and Ezhno are trying to go on as well as they can, for now at least. Poor Fyrnock. At least she has Ezhno still.
And it must be very hard for Obi-Wan's parents, too. They lost him so quickly again...
Every three months? I hadn't expected that the search would be so long... But that'll be very interesting. Poor Qui-Gon.
Aww, it is indeed Anakin! That is such a great twist! Truly a very good ending for this arc. I am very much looking forward to the next one!
Thank you very much for updating, I hope you update soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 34 . 7/18
The penultimate chapter, huh? This should be good, then.
Aww, an apology between Obi-Wan's father figure and biological father. At least they agree on something. But it's good that at least that, despite all the other drama going on, is fixed.
Damn, damn, damn, those skeletal creatures are freaking scary. The holocron seemed to be the one thing to keep the Sith Temple standing. And just when Obi-Wan seemed to have been able to escape the creepy creatures, Xanatos gets to him, damn. At least the holocron is destroyed... But that makes Xanatos only more dangerous. Qui-Gon is coming, though... I'm not sure why the other Jedi think it is smart for him to go alone, but oh well. And it would be horrible if the key would also be the cause of the bomb exploding... Which it is, but Mace was fast enough. Poor Fyrnock... But at least Ezhno seems to be safe again, now. Obi-Wan is being dragged somewhere by a desperate Xanatos... To a slave ship?! Obi-Wan really can't catch a break, can he? But at least Xanatos is almost dead... He better not survive this! I don't think Qui-Gon will do the job, but give it a few hours... Unless he somehow gets medical care. But we'll see that in the next chapter, I'm sure.
Thank you very much for updating, I'll read the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 33 . 7/18
On to this one!
Aaaah, Ezhno, no, you can't do that! Aaah, why, this is so scary! A bomb... Great idea, but damn it, it's making me really scared for what's going to happen. Qui-Gon and the others found him! That's already a good thing. I wonder if the whole thing with Ezhno is just a distraction to keep the Jedi from going to Obi-Wan and Huei.
Yeah, I can imagine that Xanatos doesn't want to be Palpatine's little minion. I'm not sure if I should know something about the pyramid, I can't remember it, but that might just be me. But I'm pretty sure that that's what Obi-Wan is feeling, that pyramid and Xanatos, and now he's going to walk straight into that trap...
And Mace is right, that shatterpoint is coming, but it will be where Obi-Wan and Huei are, I'd think. The skeletal creatures were terrifying, it felt like a scene out of a horror film where the main characters just keep moving forward while you already know you don't want to find out where they are going. The plan to use Ezhno to get Obi-Wan alone was pretty smart, I just hope it really is the key.
Thank you very much for updating, I'll read the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 32 . 7/17
Chapters to catch up on! I'll first read the chapters of the Silent Song and then I'll move on to Silent Measures.
Oh, this is very exciting. Also, I really appreciate it that you put a small summary up about the previous chapters, that really helps a lot. But we're moving towards Xanatos, that will be good...
And Obi-Wan's interview, I really hope he will be able to handle it in the precarious emotional state he's in right now. I really like how he's now able to shout. Palpatine had this all planned, wow, he really is smart. But it didn't work, so he'll have to be smarter. And as soon as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan will have a chance to talk he'll lose his leverage. Or perhaps I'm underestimating Palpatine, seeing as he himself still seems pretty confident.
Obi-Wan is going to join this thing, yeah! I just hope that he will be able to keep his cool... And it's great to see that Huei and Obi-Wan are now able to really talk.
Thank you very much for updating, I'll go read the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
Guest chapter 35 . 7/16
Absolutely loved it. I read all 35 chapters in two days. Loved it so much that this is my very first review. I thought your writing was amazing. Many times I stopped and reread a section simply to appreciate your turn of phrase. Very well done!
Guest chapter 35 . 7/8
Hope you are still alive...?
V chapter 35 . 7/5
Your story continues to Impress me. Your writing contains this fa tastic ability to transport people to whole other worlds. Keep writing! I can't wait to read more.
shezams chapter 35 . 7/4
I am enjoying the story and eager to see the next chapters.
littlelionluvr chapter 35 . 6/23
I've spent about the past 2 weeks binge-reading your wonderful story. Your writing is exquisite. I love your descriptions of the littlest details of character's surroundings, your subtle foreshadowing and how you sprinkle in characters that are going to be important or favorite SW characters that I can recognize.
I shall wait patiently for the next chapter.
Castiel1994 chapter 1 . 6/23
please update soon because I would love to see if Qui-Gon get Obi-Wen as his Padawan. out
Guest chapter 35 . 6/14
Update soon, please
Relia chapter 21 . 6/6
Hey there!
What can I say other than this story is utterly spectacular. I love your OCs, I love the plot, I love your version of Qui and Obi Wan. You write beautifully. I especially enjoy how you incorporate humor! It always makes me laugh and balances out with more serious parts of the story.
All this on top of MED SCHOOL?! Girl, you are amazing. I have read and reread this whole thing twice in the last week and I am so excited for more! Keep up the good work!
IthilwenofIthilien chapter 35 . 6/1
Well done. I really like this chapter,. Poor Obi Wan. I await your next update.
kittendeer chapter 6 . 5/31
Mini Marvel Crossover! This is my third read-through of this fic and I still missed things!
Iroko chapter 35 . 5/30
Happy that Ezhno is safe. The end of Xanatos in the arms of Qui-Gon is very moving. The slave-thing is an interesting plot and having Anakin join the story like that is cute. Hope that Obi-Wan will remain with him and Shmi.
See you next part
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