Reviews for The Silent Song
PadawanSkywalker chapter 5 . 9/19
What's a Shaman of the Whills?
Mega3 chapter 37 . 9/10
Very very good story. I am anxious to read the next part. I hope he is able to get poor Obi-Wan out of that horrible place.
fireicewriter42 chapter 37 . 9/2
I am in literal agony waiting for this next chapter. I can't wait to see where you go with this. I had to reread this chapter just to sate myself. Thank you so much for dedicating yourself to this lovely, lovely story.
reptoholic chapter 37 . 8/30
DON'T LEAVE SHMI OR ANNI! I know you don't do romance, but I hope someone does a SchmiX Jedi at some point.
reptoholic chapter 36 . 8/30
Please let theme escape! change canon!
reptoholic chapter 35 . 8/30
Wow, awesome. Hope eh saves them all
reptoholic chapter 34 . 8/30
reptoholic chapter 33 . 8/30
Hope Obi kills him now
reptoholic chapter 32 . 8/30
reptoholic chapter 31 . 8/30
Interesting development... I will find it kind of off putting if he does not get any benefits of being a prince. You brought so much potential to him and if he relinquishes his title it will be for naught.
reptoholic chapter 30 . 8/30
Hope that means he doesn't give up his rights.. It would be interesting he he retains his title like dooku
reptoholic chapter 29 . 8/30
NOOO don't give up your rights! Stay the Prince!
Kyber13 chapter 37 . 8/29
Hey, super good chapter! Qui, you’re FINALLY here! Sorry, I would’ve reviewed sooner but WiFi hasn’t been great. Luckily, I downloaded this story on the app so I can still read it without WiFi! And Sound the Bugle is perfect for this story! I’ve loved that movie for so long! Great job and I look forward to reading the next chapter!
Rainbor123 chapter 37 . 8/29
Oh my fucking god. I fucking need more. I have no words for how much I love this story and how much I want Obi Wan and Qui Qon to BE HAPPY FOR FUCKING ONCE. I NEEEEEEEEEED IT
AhsokaTano11 chapter 37 . 8/26
Ooommmmmggggggg... Aeron's story made me cry a bit. And Obi and Qui! AAHHHHHHHH
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