Reviews for Cold War
Hawki chapter 2 . 3/15/2015
-Standard disclaimer of not having seen ‘Pacific Rim’ or whatnot, but taking the dive:

-Roland’s sword…Durandal…I see what you did there. XD

-Drift sequence (least I assume it’s a drift sequence) is well done.

-A kaiju took down a Jaeger and could already be on land…and they’re only learning about this NOW?!

-Afraid that’s all I can say. I think it kinda captures the essence of ‘Pacific Rim’, but I’m admittedly the last person who should comment on that. I think it works okay as a prequel, but I think it would work better if it was moved to ch. 1 position, given its ending.
Hawki chapter 1 . 8/7/2013
-Playing Mr Pedantic (which is probably my default state, but whatever), if this is a crossover with ‘Pacific Rim’, shouldn’t it be in the crossovers section? Just saying…

And IMO, no, ‘Marathon’ doesn’t need giant robots. Course your suggestion was likely in jest, but ‘Marathon’ is a case of small-scale perspective/storytelling (the cyborg) in background that increasingly grows in size (Tau Ceti to the W’kn’canter). Giant robots would only be detrimental to its storytelling style.

But anyway, that’s just the author’s note. So, to the actual story. I’ll specify that I haven’t seen ‘Pacific Rim’ but know the basics (jaegers vs. kaijus, jaegers piloted by linked pilots, etc.), so hopefully it won’t be too detrimental.

-I admit, I’m all for telling stories in unconventional locations, so setting the story in southern Africa/Madagascar does get some brownie points from me. Admittedly I was under the impression that the kaiju only really bothered with countries actually bordering the Pacific, but even if that’s the case, I suppose they could make a trip to the Indian Ocean. You at least explain why that’s the case with the currents, so pros for worldbuilding/conveying there.

-Mentions of Blake and Durandal didn’t go unnoticed. Also liked the drifting scene – seems accurate, but again, can only really comment from trailers. If Durandal’s the equivalent of the GLaDOS-esque AI from the film, then that’s probably a good choice for a ‘similar but different’ vibe.

-"This is undignified," grumbled Durandal after a time, the voice he had created projecting from the weapons control panel. "Being hauled around like a sack of grain - I could design flight engines that would be both more efficient and more elegant. And more enjoyable."

True…you could also make air fortresses that just bombard kaiju from above rather than wrestling with them in the sea…just saying…

-Anyway, moving down a bit, good banter between the pilots.

-Fight with Nessie was short, bit anti-climactic…still, I guess that’s the point.

-Moving further down, there isn’t really much I can comment on specifically, and I’m afraid that stems from my lack of detailed knowledge of the movie setting. For example, you have Mako here – I know she’s a movie character, but can’t really comment on the details of said character, or your take on her.

Still, I want to stress that this is at least “good” at the end of the day. The writing flows well, and it certainly ‘felt’ like ‘Pacific Rim’ – a statement I’m probably not qualified to make, but one has to take what they can I guess. So, for what it’s worth, good job – just sorry I can’t say more.