Reviews for Before Reason
EveApplefield chapter 3 . 3/28/2014
Ahh.. Not much to say right ? Well i guess i'll see more of sherry's personality in later prompts. Bye bye !
EveApplefield chapter 2 . 3/28/2014
So... Are you going to do all fifty of them ?
EveApplefield chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
Interesting take and i like your writing style
AnnaMNR chapter 3 . 8/10/2013
I love Jon/Sherry. Great job!
Crow's Talon chapter 3 . 8/8/2013
This is another great chapter, and is set in a time long before the previous two. I liked the opening sentence and how some familiar names appear in the list - Sherry, Jonathan, and Bo, with emphasis drawn to Jonathan. It makes sense that Keeny would be controlling of who Jonathan was around, where he went, and what he did, and how hanging out with Sherry (who Keeny would almost certainly disapprove of) might be his own form of rebellion against her rules and restrictions. I'm interested to see the role Keeny plays in all this - she's an important figure in Jonathan's life and plays a key role in why he turned out the way he did.

For her part, Sherry seems curious about him, maybe exploiting his intelligence for her own use through using him as a study partner but also genuinely curious. The informal language she uses suits her character, and the last line felt very Sherry. You also described Jonathan's situation very well, and how he doesn't feel he can have friends for reasons he can't really explain. No wonder he puts so much trust and faith in Sherry. She's probably one of the first people who approached him for anything besides harassment.

You really do have an excellent grasp on Sherry's character. She feels and speaks like an actual teenage girl, andy ou have made her into a multi-dimensional, even sympathetic and tragic character. Congratulations for expanding her so much beyond Batman Annual #19 and beyond the character seen there. You've shown how interesting this character can be and the potential for development that she has. Excellent job - this is fanfic at its best, expanding on characters who get little development or exploration in canon.

And as usual, the writing is great. You have a solid understanding of the history beyond the characters, and do a great job with expanding on canonical material. You keep Jonathan in-character while expanding on his relationship with Sherry in a realistic and interesting way. I'm really liking these one-shots of yours, and I wish you good luck with your future writing. You're doing a great job with this fic series - I'm really enjoying it.

As always, fantastic job!
Crow's Talon chapter 2 . 8/7/2013
This continues to explore both characters in an interesting and believable way, and like the previous chapter it's interesting that you've chosen to explore Jonathan post-Sherry. It sounds like this is closer to the period of her actual death than the previous one did, and drops interesting hints as to what happened and how Jonathan felt after the murder. The line about murder and love being connected reminds me of a poem by Oscar Wilde, and fits the theme of the chapter very well. After all, Jonathan presumably genuinely cared for Sherry before he destroyed her.

As usual, dialogue and characterization are top-notch. I especially like the way Jonathan constantly analyzes himself, Sherry, and their relationship. Here, as much of his loathing is directed at himself as it is on Sherry, and he seems to be thinking about the things they had in common when they were still on good terms. Great use of language, too - I liked the second to last paragraph, where Jonathan believes that Sherry saw how pathetic he was.

The ending was great - short, cutting, and summed up the story perfectly. You really do a great job with Jonathan's character, and it's interesting to see a piece about this particular stage in his life. I'm interested to see more interactions between Jonathan and Sherry to see how their relationship turned as bad as it did. There was something very poignant about the ending too, especially how Jonathan wants to forget that he genuinely cared for Sherry, and that he was an idiot to have ever seen anything in her in the first place.

This also sets him up for the Pigeon episode in Year One, which is a similar situation in that Jonathan pins too much faith on his relationship with one person and becomes murderously embittered by a betrayal (although the Pigeon case is more ambiguous than the Sherry one). He ironically ends up killing off the two people who he probably genuinely cared for and who treated him with a degree of decency.

Great job! I'm really enjoying these little stories.
Crow's Talon chapter 1 . 8/6/2013
This is a great piece about Crane now that he's older and has completely lost it, although he can't help but have ust enough humanity to remember Sherry and the relationship they had, even though any affection on his end has turned to hate. He hates her and he hates what she brought out in him and maybe, to a degree, he hates himself and how things turned out. He seems angry and in considerable denial that he ever cared for her, considering it a past weakness and a mistake.

Your descriptions are great as always, and I love your take on Crane as a character. You add so much detail to him and why he is the way he is, and how Sherry plays into the situation. He seems to have disowned his past, even though he knows that he became exactly what Granny Keeny saw in him. Beautiful language in the opening paragraph, and very appropriate for a Scarecrow piece. You've really got a great idea here, and i'm interested to see your take on how things turned so very wrong between Jonathan and Sherry.

It's interesting that he considers himself a creature of Gotham now as opposed to Arlen, which is related to what I said before about his disowning his past. The "thousand screaming tongues" line was just fantastic and suited Jonathan perfectly. You have the ability to say so much in so few words, and I wish you the best of luck in this project. I enjoyed this chapter very much, and I will be reviewing the others as I read them.

As always, fantastic job. I loved this.