Reviews for The Art of Art
AndurilofTolkien chapter 3 . 3/24/2017
cute ;)
starlightwalking chapter 3 . 3/26/2015
Aw cute :)
Embersprite chapter 3 . 3/9/2015
Very interesting... thing.
Guest chapter 3 . 12/30/2014
I think Eol kept it as blackmail.
BookWorm624 chapter 1 . 8/10/2014
This is cute. But if Legolas is 500 then he is a mature adult. Elves come of age at 50-100...Tolkien told us that in "The Laws and Customs Among the Eldar". Otherwise I think it is funny and sweet! :-)
XxIrisxX chapter 3 . 5/26/2014
I‘m just trying to imagine what Legolas‘ ART would look like. LOL you got me snickering like crazy! YEAH defifinitely write more! Ohhh maybe about the time when Thrandy ATE that abomination? Oh ew poor guy!

Love your fics!
wingedthing1026 chapter 1 . 1/23/2014
cute :) This happened once when I was babysitting. Almost exactly the same, except with poop instead of mud and strawberries. It was awful. I had to call their mom I couldn't handle it haha!
PotatoConqueror chapter 3 . 12/20/2013
This just made my day hahaha :)
Legolas seems just so adorable and innocent there's no way Thrandy could've gotten mad lol
The description of the ...artwork haha was hilarious, I loved it :) Good job
Guest chapter 3 . 11/22/2013
very well written loved the humour.
DerangedOtakuFangirl chapter 3 . 8/14/2013
Oh Thandy...
Kita chapter 3 . 8/10/2013
Very cute

God bless
Guest chapter 1 . 8/6/2013
Love it update soon what did he do? :-)
Anna chapter 1 . 8/6/2013
I broke into hysterical laughter about a hundred times, which felt very good.
DT chapter 1 . 8/6/2013
Please finish this! We needs it!

Your writing is very good, I like the way you chose to portray young Legolas.
Win Lockwood chapter 3 . 8/8/2013
Good, a nice fiction, i like it ;)
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