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FlyteNyte chapter 5 . 8/13
Ok this one was even better. Dang. This could be a fic by itself and I would be in love.

Hitting an entire shadow organization, self hypnotism, romance, plot twists, super amazing. I especially love your lessons at the end of each chapter. So touching. This might as well be an actual "literary" book if it werent pokemon. I did also love your throwback to her brother, the Jolteon storyteller who is apparently teaching people in different ways. I hope she one day does get to meet them all and see that her brother is actually the writer of Stormlight. So cool.

Thanks for letting me read it! and I eagerly await whenever the next chapter goes up, whether its tomorrow or next year.
FlyteNyte chapter 4 . 8/13
The "pointless" encounter with Suicune and Raiku and its eventual decision to become a storyteller as a result, wow. Love it. Jolteon chasing thunderbolts gave me chills.

Thanks so much for writing this fic.
FlyteNyte chapter 3 . 8/13
This chapter was hella interesting too. The Flareon evolving before it reached the destination and completed training, and still coming out learning lessons and to embrace its power. Perfect. Loved Cherri as well.
FlyteNyte chapter 2 . 8/13
From just the prologue and this chapter, this is already my favorite pokemon fanfic. Just amazing. I love this idea, and the morals and whatnot you have woven in are amazing. The idea that the choice doesnt matter, but learning to love your life and your form are the important part. Genius.
Meister Fallon chapter 3 . 7/26
Holy fucknuggets this story is good! I don't care if I'm cursing, it's too awesome. I've only read up to Lotus, but that one's already my favorite. Is this story still being updated? I hope so
Guest chapter 1 . 7/6
Anon chapter 5 . 6/5
Thank you for continuing this work!
BrightMind chapter 5 . 5/29
Here I am, in front of my laptop, completely at loss for words.
- At first, the chapter starts slow , with all the philosophical talks at the beginning,... informative as it may be, frankly I only read.
- Then, my inner voice squeal with rejoice when the gallant, knight in shinning amour Elliot came to our lady rescue- thinking I would enjoy some cheeky romance to spice up the story.
- As the story progresses, the nature of Solaris being revealed, and Hyacinth faced with difficult questions, I become ecstasy. I have a serious love, obsession even, to the story of complicated conspiracy , intricate plans. Thus I was absolutely thrill to see such a well-written story delved deeply into such the topic unfolded before my eyes. It only becomes better when Hyacinth decided that she wanted to become the best villain ever
- As I learn more of Solaris's inner work and atrocities, it gave me a chill , a goosebump ... with the feelings of awe, respect and intimidation. After reading thousands of stories, Tv shows, movies, games,... what you have, I have always tried to imagine what would a perfect antagonist organization would be like. Solaris is everything that I ever envision put into world - An organization that run every thing in the shadow, have the power and influence to control everything but are absolutely cunning about it, organizing its own opposition only to keep an eye on them, lure those that they control into a sense of security by very simple but true concepts - simple lie is better than complicated true and what we perceived are based on trust not true. There is no loophole, no mistakes. Not even Hyacinth, even as a reader, who pride myself on being very critical and cynicism, feel that there is no way, absolutely no way Solaris can be beaten. Even I am lured into the sense of complacency and hopelessness.
- Then coming plot twist of the story... oh mind. After the revealing of Big sister, I have always had a little suspect that Elliot and his team may have something to do with it, may be a little hunch that Charlotte may be involved in that too. With no concrete evident of course, but a lot of focus have been placed on dark types, they are also outsiders. On Charlotte part, she acted very much like a big sis for Hyacinth. However, when it is revealed that Big sis was Hyacinth all along, I literally jumped out of my seat, walked around a few times for reality to sink in. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised all along, but I did and I am thrilled that I was actually caught off guard like that - A pleasant surprised. However, what makes this a superb feelings is that it actually makes sense, the hints are there now that looking backs and every pieces click together. It is the moment that you come to a revelation... Gosh, this feeling of exhilaration is a feeling has missed for a long time now!
- And then when they pulled that stunt. I actually chewed my nails, my heart felt like stopped beating. I was so afraid despite all the reassurance. When Elliot said sorry, I felt so afraid that he actually meant it. Even while Hyacinth stood right there giving her final speech. I was holding back tears, not only was it touching, but also because I kept playing the worst case scenario in my head, what if this was real, what if she actually tried to become a martyr! Only after everything was over that I was able to release my breath, blinking away tears of joy, bump my fists and scream in happiness !
I am at a loss for words, simply because there is no such a single words that can describe this story. Amazing, well-written, magnificent, thought-provoking ? No, it worth as much and more than all those words combined.
The morals of this story,... there are so much to talk about. The previous chapters gave me a lot to think about, and have the arrogance to claim that I have known those lessons before in 1 form or another, but the lessons in this story... no matter how big my ego would be, it has to take a dose of humility to learn and take everything to heart. If I could , I would have bowed before you just to show how deeply respect and awe I am. Now where to even start?
- For the first time, I feel resonance with not the main characters, but with the nameless crowd out there. Clearly, it is fully intended, but every single voice that Hyacinth listened, I can see my own inner voice in it. Making even more depression in the face of my respect and intimidation of the Solaris system - an unknown omnipotent force that control my life. And everything that happens at Excalibur ise is exactly what happens in our everyday life. Many of us have become so self centered, self absorbed in our self-pity that we ignore everything around us hope to keep our sanity, feel that we too powerless to make a different. That how I felt and that Why Hyacinth speech's stung!
However, that speech will be nothing compare to the lesson at the end of the story. If the rousing speech is made me think about changing then the end was the solution. Many times have a story ended with a valuable lesson, a rousing speech to change only to leave the readers hanging..., but NOT this one. It laid out steps by steps, what I should think and what should be done for that I am greatly grateful.
There are many things to discuss about on both end - How seriously pragmatic Solaris is ( separating the poor from the rich to prevent distension- what scary is that it may actually works in real life), to Big sister 's plan ( whether it is irresponsible of her to spark the fire without controlling it, the consequence of her actions - Personally, i am just glad that everyone is safe), to the philosophical questions ( the need of one to many, how the wellbeing of those you are dear to worth more than and have more impact than lives of thousands faceless innocent?) I am sure I makes pages upon pages of essays on those topics... Ugh, Now I am itching for a discussion, if only I have someone to share these thoughts.
One last thing before I finish my review: I will go back to the beginning " change the mind and the heart will revert the change, change the heart and the mind will follow". I think this story is is the best example of this. The pure talk at the beginning did hold my attention. However, after everything has been shown, after that rousing talk , the lesson is presented again but this times it carry a hold another meaning, say it now had my full attention in an understatement.
This is likely the longest review I have ever typed and unlikely any others of my will come close to it. There is no word to express how grateful I am for you to grace us with this amazing piece of writing.I generally feel hesitant to share my interest with my friends - thinking they will not share my interest, but for the first time, I felt there is nothing to be ashamed and actually feel proud to share this story with all those I know. Because whether they are interested in pokemon or eeveelutions or not, these are lessons worth learning from.
BrightMind chapter 3 . 5/25
Truly magnificent story! I have always wondered how you tell the story of a Flareon. For Jasmine, it has been easy. But for Lotus,... it will unexpected and awe inspiring. There are many lessons to be learned from this story. They may not be new but the way they just fitted so well with the story , with fire theme is remarkable.
On a side note, I find it equally remarkable how you able to convey weeks-worth of general chemistry into a few paragraph. And it actually makes sense.
BrightMind chapter 2 . 5/25
THe feeling of homesickness Jasmine felt the first few days at Port Craw is something I am fully realted too. What Brunt said was true, you really don't know much about the future until you already pass the point of no come backs. And it may take years or even longer to know if you are belonged, Jasmine knew the answer right away only after a few days, for that I am jealous of her.
BrightMind chapter 1 . 5/25
That was a sad, but amazing tale. The first person POV was superbly used to describe the farther's thought and feeling.
The prologue touches on an interesting aspect of life. Having a lot of choice can be both a blessing and a curse. While you can be whatever you want, pondering what is the right choice for is a painful and arduous process. Whatever you choose, you may surely regret it as you imagine how your life must have been if you have chosen differently.
THe choice can be big or small, but it is something that we are faced with everyday in our life- but it never get easier.
Book of the Eevee chapter 5 . 4/18
I love the chapters so far so please keep it up.

PS:I almost cried in each one
Trickster Zoroark chapter 5 . 4/13
Long chapter, but awesome!
PokeGamma54 chapter 5 . 3/13
I stayed up into the early morning, reading this chapter. All I can say is these chapters are very well done. I hope you come to finish Eon Fable with all of the 18 Eeveelutions' stories. This is by far the best read I've had in a good while, and I hope to see more!
Ari chapter 5 . 3/4
Ah, it appears that FF cut off a good amount of the last review I put up, and it looks like I can't retrieve the last thirty minutes or so of what I'd just worked on.

Uhm... That's a bit unfortunate. I hope it was a worthwhile read, though.
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