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flareon71 chapter 5 . 7/6
I have to say, this has certainly been quite the interesting story to catch up to, with a really well-written bunch of chapters, I have to add. Each chapter contains its own style of perspective that does its respective Eeveelution justice, and I really have to admire how distinct all these chapters make themselves stand out.

I do like how all of the Eeveelutions' stories so far have been presented in separate chapters that make this whole story feel like a collection of completely different oneshots, all with their own things to take away from them. Jasmine's story was a nice lighthearted introduction to the stories, Lotus' whole experience was a rollercoaster that I'm glad managed to end on a happy note, Dandelion's tale was certainly an engaging tale with him and Suicune all throughout, even with his ending leaving a taste of harsh reality.

Now for Hyacinth's story, which was certainly quite the tone and setting to get used to, but I suppose is fitting considering her role as the eldest and the smartest of her siblings. The events have kept me gripped and hoping as I have for the other chapters, and the sheer volume accomplished by her conclusion felt like a fitting feat for the competent nature she established right from the get-go.

Overrall, I've quite enjoyed the chapters so far with how every chapter is made to feel like its own individual story, as it should, and it shows with how tones and settings are played out. I'm quite interested in how the following chapters for the others are going to unfold. Good work. :)
TootsieRoll888 chapter 5 . 4/20
All these stories are pure amazingness. There isn't any other way to describe them. The Psychic story, especially the end, reminded me of this story I heard. It was called the Starfish Story. Maybe it's just a school thing, or maybe you've heard it too. It's about a little boy on the beach throwing starfish back into the water because they had washed up. A man walks up to him and says, "Why are you wasting your time throwing starfish back in the ocean? There are thousands of starfish on the beach. You can't make a difference." And the boy just smiles. He picks up another starfish, throws it back into the ocean, and says, "I made a difference to that one."
Both the starfish story and this one show that every little thing matters. If you can make a small difference, do it. It's still a difference.
I absolutely love this story. Just... wow. I can't put my awe into words.
I hoped there would be another part to this story for the two-year mark, but unfortunately there wasn't. I plan on checking back regularly.
(I have a habit of telling people things they probably already know. You might have noticed.)
Beholder chapter 5 . 4/8
It matters about life.
Infinite Nexus chapter 1 . 12/24/2017
Is there anything planned for the 2 year anniversary of chapter 5? I really want to hear Iris‘s story. Please? This is the only story I regularly check back on in case my notifications aren’t working. Every story has just struck me in the fields. I need more!
Polariis Prime chapter 2 . 9/3/2017
This is another amazing chapter! How you describe the city makes it feel so realistic! I have one question though, 'There were Starfish and eels' Were those Staryu's?
Polariis Prime chapter 1 . 9/3/2017
This story... Its so beautiful! You have a real talent, seemingly bringing this tale to life! I know Eevee's are now overrated, and 100's of fanfics about them swarm this website... But this one is different, Original... Breathtaking.
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 7/1/2017
that was an incredible amazing prologue
Guest chapter 5 . 5/8/2017
This is absolutely fantastic ! I can't believe it only has five chapters. I really hope that you continue this at some point And that we might one-day see the conclusion. You are incredibly talented and I will have to continue to check in on the story to see if it gets continued .
If you don't, however, I am at least happy that you provided these five chapters for us to enjoy.
stormpix chapter 5 . 5/5/2017
That... was... incredible. Really. I've never read any narrative as insightful as this one, nor have I ever met any character as ingenious as Hyacinth. To be honest, I didn't expect much from the Espeon chapter; after all, I had just finished three extremely relatable chapters about Jasmine's leap of faith; Lotus' coming to terms with himself; and Dandelion's fruitless chase after love, only to realize his true calling as a storyteller; all three of which were extremely relatable, as surely everyone has faced an uncertain choice and felt unsure of his or her place and calling. And my first thought upon reaching this chapter, after reading Hyacinth's introduction, was, "Ugh, Hyacinth is such an arrogant, stuck-up girl who happens to be brilliant. Great. Another one of THOSE stories." I almost didn't read this chapter, but I'm glad I read it.

What I love is the complexity of your stories, and their realism, as well as your well-developed characters. When Excalibur Isle was basically revealed to be Airstrip One with the Solaris Fellowship instead of Ingsoc at its head (I do hope I've interpreted all the hints correctly ;D), and when Hyacinth decided she was going to be a villain and do it beautifully, I couldn't see an ending. I knew she was going to turn back eventually, but I couldn't help thinking, what if she didn't? What if she ended up like O'Brien in 1984, a deluded genius? I really wasn't expecting the dreamcatching; to keep up with the 1984 analogy, it was deliberate doublethink done to deceive the rulers of doublethink. When I read that section at first, I couldn't even grasp the concept. It took me a few tries to work it out. Seriously, that was pretty amazing. I don't get how you even come up with stuff like this. I mean, I suppose you write a timeline or some sort of organizational structure, but this sort of thing... doublethink is complicated enough on its own. Heck, 1984 was insightful enough on its own. But I love what you did at the end there; you expanded the 1984-ish society and story into a real lesson, applicable to everyone, and only when I reached the end of the chapter did I realize that this story was probably the most relatable and arguable the one with the most important "moral of the story" thus far.

So, keep it up! I love reading this and I can't wait to see more of it! Thanks for such an awesome story!

~ Storm
Daylight Symphony chapter 5 . 3/7/2017
Thank you Scytherider, for the amazing tales you've given us. Your story writing is truly beautiful in the way you weave your words into a unique and awe-inspiring tapestry.

Your characters feel alive and real, with flaws, strengths and everything in between. They have so much depth to them and they are all so diverse from each other.

The plots might even be better than the characters themselves! The way you construct it is amazing, it's clear, it's defined but it still has many complications in it that make you truly think.

I especially love the fact that you convey a message in each chapter, Water and Psychic were maybe my favourite ones out of all them, not to say that Electric and Fire are lesser than them!
I have always found it difficult to change and step out of my comfort zone, I like stability and knowing everything and when something changes against my control I feel lost and confused. I grow pessimistic and try my hardest to resist but deep inside I know that this change may be for the better.

Once again, thank you, thank you so much and while it appears that you won't continue this story, it will still remain my favourite.

-Wings of Eternity
DallinDoxito chapter 5 . 2/15/2017
Wow. The fifth chapter was mind blowingly complex. I think it's amazing that every one of these chapters has a lesson. I think it's gonna take a long time to do this but I think this story would be one of the best things to read on the pokemon fan fiction if you finish all 18 stories
Your Intelligence chapter 5 . 2/14/2017
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! All five of these chapters are seriously astounding! The syntax and diction are amazing, the word choice especially. It's really cool that each character you've made is exceedingly well developed and feel like a real entity. Plus, each story arc is very well contained and have definite beginning-middle-end. It's also really neat how some stories tie into the others, such as the electric and psychic chapters. I also think that you do beginnings very well. The only problem I had with it was that it was sometimes a bit hard to discern thoughts from spoken word. That's just a minor nitpick however, and I find it truly fantastic that you can write so well. Since you haven't updated since last year, I feel like you won't write any more of this, so I'm a bit saddened by that. Regardless, this has been a truly fantastic story thus far, and I'm sincerely glad I could read it.

Your Intelligence.
UnbiasedBias chapter 5 . 12/16/2016
Of all the eon fables you've written so far, the tale of Hyacinth the Espeon has struck me deeper than any other. Jolteon's story moved me, Vaporeon gave me a sense of peace, and Flareon's let me feel anguish. But Espeon's tale made me think more deeply about philosophy and humanity than I've thought in a long time. You're an absolutely fantastic writer, and I really appreciate the depth of each tale you present, along with the distinct personalities you present them with.

Thanks for the lessons, and I hope you continue to write more.
SinzutheGreat chapter 2 . 12/6/2016
I've already read the next two chapters, but this one is definitely my favorite, because we get to see what Jasmine thinks in the time leading up to her evolution, unlike the others who begin their chapters evolved. I'm going to college next year, so Jasmine's fear of change really resonated with me. I also really enjoyed the imagery of the underwater city, to name something else.
KawaiiEevee5 chapter 3 . 11/23/2016
Just as awesome as the other two chapters so far! I have a question, though... Why would a Swanna help escort him to the volcano?
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