Reviews for An Unbearable Sight
Crypto137 chapter 36 . 3/4
Update and make eren use the wall titans to destroy the government and prevent the scouts from coming after him and annie and have annie get pregnant with erens kid.
If u dunt liek me go KYS chapter 24 . 2/25
Buddy chapter 36 . 2/17
Will eren use the coordinate to control the wall titans and destroy the king and will he cure the titans rebuild annies village with new shifters? I would like to see him leave the walls forever and want to live with annie and the other shifters.
Crypto137 chapter 36 . 2/13
Make annie pregnant with erens kid i want to see how that plays out.
Guest chapter 36 . 2/6
vshark29 chapter 36 . 2/6
Yes, it's not dead! I deeply apreciate the time you invest in this, a fic of really good quality. Great chapter and great story, keep it up.
TheAngryBro chapter 36 . 2/6
Thank you for this
Random-Cliche-Name chapter 36 . 2/5
This is amazing, you are so talented. I hope that you update sooner than last time
Scattershot98 chapter 36 . 2/5
HOORAY AN UPDATE! great chapter!
Etherious X chapter 36 . 2/5
Oh shit this story litt keep goin with it
axel4ekruz chapter 36 . 2/5
Excellent work! It's been what, seven-eight months since you last updated? So good to see the fic is up and running. Your story is the only believable one on how things would turn out without Marleyan/Reich background plot. Honestly, the way shifters and other characters act, how human they are despite their condition (Annie in particular), Grisha still alive, Erwin jailed, the Scouts on the run... You gave us all one marvelous alternate version of SnK.

You're a splendid writer, with how you managed all this. I, and probably the rest of the followers of your work, eagerly await what other newness you have in store for us.

Viel Gl├╝ck!
Verusan chapter 36 . 2/5
First off, Welcome back! Glad you decided to return, not trying to sound rude at all. This chapter is really nice, it is setting the tone of mystery to me as it goes up. I really wonder what the 4 Shifters really have planned, gone for so long they must have a plan, with Ymir knowing they do, i am quite curious as to how it plays not only for them but of the rest of the Scouts. Levi, Hanji and Mike already know something is up. I wonder, if the rest of the members ( Jean, Mikasa, Armin, etc.. ) do know, bet Armin will figure it out sooner or later knowing him along with how it will affect the rest of members.

Really like the Lore at the beginning, very nice and creative. Very interesting chapter, can't wait on how you will stage the rest. And again, Welcome back!
Meazm chapter 36 . 2/5
Finally an update! Update fast next time please!
Rowknan chapter 11 . 12/2/2017
Not a bad pre-canon backstory. It's not as interesting as Canon but it's serviceable for this fic.
Rowknan chapter 4 . 12/2/2017
Levi is going to be pissed.
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