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xXxsailorFanxXx chapter 8 . 2h
i did it! i totally read the 8 chaps in one round and i have to say congrats! amaizing job you did here! best fic i came across in a long time! just one thing...

it come to my understanding that the only reason you put shikamaru was just so he took sakura's virginity? I mean after that nothing, nothing... because sasusaku was so premature that time i assume you didn't do it for jealousy purpose so then for what?

please don't take this the wrong way, it was just a thought nagging at me! i mean when sasuke is the womanizer bachelor then i always insist that sakura have some fun on her part 'cause in that kind of fic they always make such a prude! it's annoying... But in here, sasuke was just this little puppy with an attitude but a puppy non the least and it would have been so sweet that "that" would have been an experience reserve only for the two of them... but anyways you didn't show anything of the playtime in bed sooo, it would have been the same for me i suppose :p
thentherewasIA chapter 8 . 3h
Nagareboshi Star chapter 8 . 3h
Beautiful! Finally they're together, but of course the showdown with Sasuke's parents awaits us now...I'm positive they'll work it out. Great chapter again! :)
SakuradaHaruno2020 chapter 8 . 3h
adetalferez chapter 8 . 4h
Oh no. my heart.
such a lovely chapter and so quick an update!
thank you! you made my day again :))
Guest chapter 8 . 6h
Amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter!
MissKonoha chapter 8 . 6h
Finally Sakura, you tell him the truth! Now they can't keep their hands off each other. Love it! Can't wait to see how the relationship progresses.
guest chapter 8 . 6h
SasuSaku together again! Amazing chapter, Ino having a crush on Naruto was also unexpected but I like it! NaruIno would make a cute couple besides I'm not a fan of Hinata. You had me begging for more at the end of this chapter great job as always love! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
annesthetique chapter 8 . 7h
So happy that they got back together! Wondering how they'll advertise their relationship to the Uchihas. Or perhaps the beans would be spilled by someone else, if Sasuke and Sakura do want to take initiative... There are just so many possibilities branching out that my mind's reeling, haha. And I think the NaruIno side pairing is cute!

I think there's still more beef with the Uchihas, so looking forward to that, as well as the tension of keeping up a long distance relationship. :) Thanks for updating! Happy Thanksgiving! (I'll never look at it the same way again because of Close Encounters; it was bloody hilarious)
angrypixels chapter 7 . 9h
yay update
sasha chapter 8 . 11h
Naruto and Ino? I really approve of that idea !
Fienna chapter 8 . 11h
YOU ARE HOLY DAISY, HANDS DOWN MY BIGGEST FUCKING INSPIRATION IN LIFE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU SHITTY BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING, THE EPITOME OF PERFECTION (happy thanksgiving by the way; we dont celebrate it in norway but im not saying no to black friday lmao)
ThatOddCrazyOne chapter 8 . 11h
OMG FINALLY! I'm so inspired for today, big thanks to you. Keep updating this lovely story please. :) chapter 8 . 12h
LaLa916 chapter 8 . 12h
Ohh ooohh ooohhh I'm jumping with joy. Aww they finally made up. Hmmm wonder how sasuke family will react... thanks for another quick update ! Happy Thanksgiving!
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