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Sunny Lighter chapter 38 . 6/24/2016
I recognized all the cameos, but I'm too lazy to type them up. Though I am stoked you included Jake Long, I loved that show.
chickenscrews chapter 6 . 2/2/2016
-reads the chapter title- Xion gonna meet Pluto this chapter 8)

Xigbar… Your Xigbar is AMAZING! 8) Guh, I just love how bombastic and irreverent he is while still being one of the best schemers in the Organization. And that short bit he had all to himself after the others left suggests he’s schemin’ up something BIG O_O ...AND WHO WAS HE TALKING TO AT THE END?!

It’s worth mentioning that, similar to Destiny Islands, Hawaii actually feels *populated.* You mention people being all around, the drill sirens suggest that there are actual people in this place worth warning about tsunamis, and Xion got some important information from the likeable NPC shop-owner grandma. These are important details that prevent the worlds from feeling like dead, empty space and the games could really learn from fics like yours.

Atlantean Heartless, huh? I never liked them, but I suppose it makes *some* sense that they’d attack an island. But I do really like how Stitch is a local action hero and Lilo was so cute giving that thumbs-up as she made sure all the people got to shelter X)
“Xion didn't understand, but evidently it recognized what a Keyblade was. At this rate she'd be surprised finding someone who DIDN’T know about these things.”—Oh my God, poor Xion xD

Stitch: “Meega Stitch! Stitch fluffy!”—This made me laugh so hard x’D
Stitch: “Ah, um… Ven, Terra, Ah-koo wa?”—THE WAY HE SAYS “AQUA” 8’D

I also like how Xion doesn’t know she’s Japanese, because she obviously never would’ve heard of the place xD
And, oh my God, Stitch’s barking to pretend he’s a dog...this chapter’s getting so many good laughs out of me, and that’s in large part because of how entertainingly spot-on you’ve written Lilo and Stitch’s characters :)

I really wanna call out how statistically improbable it’d be for the heroes and the villains to just happen to land on the same world without any coordination or knowledge of the other’s agenda, but Imma just go with the idea that Xion’s Star Shard takes her wherever Pete (or some other immediate threat) is. Pete was more or less in the same area as Xion when she got the shard, so maybe it permanently registered him as an enemy that must be pursued and Xion is now being involuntarily dragged along for the ride.
...I’ve decided that Maleficent in Hawaii doesn’t work. Those horns, that giant cape, that staff, her distinctly medieval European aura, the skin-tone that clashes so cosmically with anyone who actually spends time outside, the fact that she even summoned those green flames and laughed maniacally on top of a one-story shop for all the locals to hear and stare at her like she’s some crazy person (because, even for space-alien standards, this is weird) Just...just no. Especially in broad daylight -_-

HOLY CRAP, IT’S THE HIGHWIND! D8 That was an epic intro it had.
“Sure enough, the flying contraption was their familiar red and yellow gummi ship. But just who was piloting it?”—Chip n’ Dale, you flakes. You kinda ditched them when they dropped you off at The End of the World and left them to wander around space by themselves for a year and made no effort to meet up with them. Honestly ಠ_ಠ
WHOA, MICKEY’S HALO JUMPING FROM THE GUMMI SHIP 8D You somehow made Mickey’s save even more epic than it already was 8) I also really like how Mickey’s not being so reclusive with the heroes this time and is openly talking to them. I can’t remember why, but why was Mickey so secretive in the game?

Mickey: “I found your gummi ship docked at the last world you stopped at and brought it back for ya!”
Donald: “Castle Oblivion, right?”
Did Donald forget that they WALKED to Castle Oblivion? ...And that CO’s not a world?

-looks at the chapter title again- Xion didn’t meet Pluto this chapter :(
chickenscrews chapter 5 . 1/30/2016
O_O I’m actually seriously impressed that the Heartless came up with that boulder plan. It's not often you see them act so intelligently, which is a shame because, if they did more often, they'd be a LOT more dangerous.

Another thing that really impressed me was how you factored in terminal velocity to Xion's fall and had her use a wind spell to slow herself down so she wouldn't rip her arms off when grabbing on to the mountain. That is…I dunno, I just love seeing more logical thinking like this in stories, so good job! :)

And ANOTHER thing that deserves some praise is how Xion's inexperience, solitude, and refreshing LACK of any healing spells or items is making for a much grittier and more perilous journey. It's the kind of relatable vulnerability that you rarely ever see in the series because everyone’s so OP right from the start these days. And since this is a KH story, I'm expecting Xion will get some danger-breaking cure spells and party members within the next few worlds, so Imma enjoy this semi-realism while it lasts.

“...moving past the number of stone gargoyles along the wall.”—THEY GONNA COME TO LIFE! I THOUGHT IT WAS GETTIN’ A LITTLE TOO DARK SOULS UP IN HERE! D8
“About halfway up the staircase a creaking noise made Xion stop.”—LAWD ALMIGHTY! IT'S THEM GA’GOYLES!
“Xion looked back behind her to see nothing but the gargoyle again… only it wasn't where it was a moment ago. It was moving, and its eyes were glowing bright yellow!”—Of course it's alive, Xion; why else would there be gargoyles *inside?*

So, the gargoyle/possessy-ball-thing fight was pretty well done, short as it was. My favorite part was when Xion desperately shot that pearl spell, and all she accomplished was briefly lighting up the room and missing the Heartless completely. That sets up a good atmosphere, where there’s an enemy in the dark you can’t see and all you can do is turn on the lights for a second to see how close it is. What makes it even better is how Xion couldn’t fight the first one and had to retreat—how often do you see a Keybearer run away from ONE Heartless? I don’t get how the first one broke (did it trip over the stairs? ...even though it had wings?), but dumb luck can happen like that sometimes. And while I prefer the horror and helplessness of the first round, I also really like the ingenuity of the second, where Xion realized she could “unlock” the gargoyles to force the Possessor out.

Xion: “What's an 'Agrabah'?”—Why is that so adorable? x’D

Oh yeah, Blitz Spears! Forgot about those. They were actually pretty tough, huh? And y’know, with the direction this story’s taking, I just keep getting more and more invested in how vastly different this is from most other “reboot” fics that add or change a major element (usually a new character) because, where those other fics end up being only marginally different, Remember the Tides is going in a new direction right away. A new character with a Keyblade is introduced, but she’s not joining the other protagonists (at least not yet) and she’s not following a step-by-step recreation of the canon plot. Most KH1 reboots begin on that small section of Destiny Islands and go through every single fetch-quest before the action kicks in, most KH2 reboots begin in Twilight Town and go through all the same motions, but this is a KH2 reboot beginning on Destiny Islands—that’s already unexpected—and the islands are far more developed than they ever were in the games. Xion also doesn’t meet the same obligatory exposition-characters as readers would expect, and the action is kept going with a surprising early meeting with Kairi and then, almost immediately after, she’s already on her first Disney world, and it’s a world that’s rarely ever seen or mentioned in most KH fics. And it’s on this *Disney* world—not a Squeenix original location—and with these often underused and rarely seen *Disney* characters that the most important aspects of the lore are explained and Xion goes on her first adventure as a hero.
Early on in the fic and you’re already taking some radical new turns with how the story develops and what characters and locations are used, and this is doing wonders to keep the narrative fresh and exciting. Instead of exploring a town, island, or city like most other fics would still be doing, Xion’s already scaling mountains in foreign lands and sealing her first Keyhole. Even the bosses she encounters—the Possessor, Pete, and the Blitz Spear—are a marked departure from cliches like Darkside, Guard Armor, and Twilight Thorn. Also, five chapters in and we still haven’t seen a Dive to the Heart sequence; THIS IS A GOOD THING.

Wait a minute...the fairies could’ve helped Xion up the mountain the whole time and they did nothing?! ಠ_ಠ
At least the Star Shard is cool, and *another* transformative break from canon and fanfic cliches, so this story just keeps on impressing me 8)
But I think the Star Shard could’ve used a better explanation. For one thing, the fairies say there’s no way to control what world you’ll end up on, but the KH wiki says the world choices are only random if the user doesn’t know how to control it, meaning control *is* possible—just difficult. But the fairies also didn’t mention that, if you can’t control it, it activates randomly too, so because they didn’t, Xion has no idea when the shard will trigger, so she could assume it’ll constantly teleport her all over the galaxy every second as long as she’s holding onto it.

I never got how Maleficent came back to life in KH2 (or even *why,* since she still hasn’t done anything important even as far as 3D), so I really can’t care less about her return here. But then again, you are aware of how downgraded she was post-KH1, so there’s a chance you could make her an awesome villain again…

Alright, time to guess what the next world is based on your author’s note. say you live in the same area as this place, but in a city rather than a small town… I got it! The next world is Prydain from The Black Cauldron, and you live in Caer Dathyl while the movie takes place in Caer Dallben!
chickenscrews chapter 4 . 1/29/2016
I forgot to comment on this before, but it’s a cool stylistic choice that you have small “prologue” scenes happen before the chapter titles finally appear. I’ve been considering doing something like that but didn’t know how well it’d work. But you pulled it off nicely :)

So...Axel’s portal led to the Enchanted Dominion? Not TWTNW? Either his portals are acting up, or Axel was previously searching for Xion on a world she’d never heard of. But I guess another reason is that Xion subconsciously used her own corridor powers to reroute this one to a completely different world, which would be neat.

Here’s a minor thing that deserves some recognition: since Namine was there to greet Sora when he awoke and is implied to be the one to get him new clothes this time around, you paid enough attention to detail to have the three fairies be busy with something else on their own world to avoid any inconsistencies. Nice!

HA! I like how the characters were so caught up in the plot that they almost forgot about their burning house XD
Oh wow, poor Xion. Everybody knows what a Keyblade is except for her xD

I feel like Xion used her magic too easily, or at least like she was underwhelmed by the ramifications. I can buy that her subconscious briefly took over and that’s what channeled the magic commands, but she didn’t seem at all concerned about why she's so skilled in something she never knew existed. Adding that to her amnesia, she should be kinda overwhelmed that she was apparently a super powerful warrior before losing her memory. She’s surprised and excited at what she can do, but she doesn’t really seem to consider WHY she can do these things or who she might’ve been.

Namine already had some clothes prepared for Sora and I’m actually pretty entertained considering how she got them. Either she, Riku, and/or DiZ actually went outside and bought them or ordered them online, someone among their crew knows how to sew, or she found them in a drawer in the mansion somewhere that just happened to be Sora’s size. I particularly like the last option because that means Sora’s got these old but classy new duds to wear :) And it’s entirely possible too, because all we’re told about the clothes is “Black wasn't his favorite color, but the clothing was certainly much more comfortable than his old outfit.” I’m just gonna spend the rest of this fic imagining he’s got some snazzy 19th century frock coat and vest and trousers and cravat and stuff x)

“Destroyed displays like something out of a museum decorated the large room, and Donald walked awkwardly around the shattered glass on the floor. Sora spared a glance at the only case still intact, which held a crumbling castle model inside.”—I never stopped to think about it before, but why’s the mansion all wrecked up? 0_o My first thought is DiZ and that just makes me wonder what kind of abuse Namine had to live through or how many passionate outbursts about Nobodies and Heartless Riku had to sit through while they were living with him. And it really says something that no one ever cleaned up the mess, not even the glass—not sure what it says, but it says something.
And then there’s the one case that DiZ DIDN’T damage that held the model castle inside: “It almost looked like Hollow Bastion.”—NICE detail there with DiZ taking his anger out on everything except the symbol of his home-world.

Ho-HO~ How diabolically interesting that DiZ’s leaving out important details like Roxas’ existence and all the good Xion did for Sora! Dude’s clearly got an agenda, and he’s not about to let the truth get in the way of his revenge 8)
Ha, I like how Sora thanked Namine at the end there :) …“THANK NAMINE!” Well, I guess he did after all 8)

This is actually really significant the way you’re having *Disney characters* explain the KHverse’s lore to the main character. A major criticism I’ve had of the canon series from KH2 onward is how the Disney worlds are far too often treated as inconsequential filler to the real story, which is mostly only developed by original and Final Fantasy characters as though Squeenix doesn’t treat Disney as its creative or intellectual equal. But HERE, it’s Aurora and the three fairies educating Xion about the universe in a mundane little cottage, and that is *so significant* in the context of the series! Thank you for giving the Disney side its due respect.

It was cute how Xion stumbled with honorifics after she learned Aurora was a queen x) ...Holy crap, Aurora’s been promoted to queen! Nice!

Flora: “The Heartless enter Keyholes and consume the world's heart, casting the world and all who live on it into the darkness. But the Keyblade can lock the Keyholes, forever keeping the world's heart safe.”—It’s funny because KH2 happened anyways xD

Xion’s gonna seal the Keyhole at the ruins of Maleficent’s castle? Increased difficulty is imminent (or just Pete)! ...Actually, considering how casually Aurora finally brought up the Keyhole (and how she almost forgot), I’m guessing there’s barely any risk to this world. Like, Sora closing the Door back in KH1 significantly weakened the Heartless, and Aurora’s army’s doing a good job suppressing any Heartless that do show up, so it sounds like the Heartless are only a minor inconvenience on this world. In that regard, this was an alright choice for Xion’s first Disney world; it’s a good opportunity to learn about the universe in a safe environment and the danger level is low. Of course, I’m expecting that to change soon...
chickenscrews chapter 3 . 1/29/2016
“Familiar Strangers”...that’s a cool chapter title :)

Ah, so it was Xion who robbed the mall and not her unwanted Dusk minions :/ And apparently Destiny Islands doesn’t have security cameras. But I like that detail where Xion noticed how zipper-heavy the islands’ clothing selection is xD

That’s an interesting detail with the townsfolk being startled by the Dusks, but not outright terrified of them. It’s understandably easy for some of them to assume they’re part of a festival or something, but then it mentioned that “others were talking about something that happened one night a year ago,” and I can’t help but wonder if no one ever registered the Heartless or the destruction of their world as a threat.

I really like how you had Xion and Kairi meet, both of them being shocked at their likenesses and then getting swept up in the craziness of the Dusk chase. Chaos is always a good (and entertaining) way for important characters to meet :) What makes it even better is how they’re able to help each other: Xion by fighting off the Dusks and Kairi by filling her in on her knowledge of Keyblades. And Kairi can use barriers! How cool that she learned something valuable from Aerith after the first trip to Hollow Bastion :)
You deserve some props for having so much important action developing on Destiny Islands and making it feel like an actually inhabited place. Most fics I read just skim over the place as lazily as the games did and usually stick to the tiny island bit from KH1, but you’re giving it so much attention to detail that the place finally feels alive, like people actually live there.

Whoa, Axel doesn't know what happened to Roxas?! O_o Eesh… Can't wait ‘til someone breaks his “heart” 8)
But besides that, it was really cool how you had him meet Kairi early, like a sneak peek of all the drama to come and an effective way to keep Kairi involved in the story. I really hope she has a much larger role here than in the canon because you’re writing her so well.

O_O JIMINY! ...Sorry, I’m just psyched to see him since most writers forget he exists.
And I was about to just skim through the last scene because it looked like a direct transplant from the canon, BUT SUDDENLY NAMINE! THIS HAS MY YES! Guh, I wanna know how this’ll shake things up!
So, good follow-up chapter :)
chickenscrews chapter 2 . 1/28/2016
'bout dang time I started reading this again xD

Wow, the Dusks can "speak?" That's a really cool idea! And y'know, between their misunderstood reverence for Xion and how they robbed the mall when she needed new clothes, I'm not convinced these Dusks are enemies... Interesting 8) I love this possibility of Xion having her own squad of Nobodies to serve her as she goes on adventures and fights the bad guys and stuff, especially since this can lead to skirmishes with OTHER Nobodies.

What's also interesting is how you developed Destiny Islands somewhat. It has a mayor—Kairi's adopted father, no less!—a mall, TV and a working broadcasting system, and the size you picked for the place, where it's not too small but also small enough to recognize everone's faces, seems to fit it perfectly. You definitely have some solid ideas going on in this fic, and I can't believe it took me so long to read the second chapter!
I can't promise reading this'll be top-priority for me since I've still got some other giant fics to catch up on and review, but this chapter was a very pleasant break from all the other obligations, and I'll definitely be back for more soon :)
Congrats on an interesting start to your most successful story!
Darkfairy102 chapter 2 . 12/6/2015
Great story! I like that you give descriptions of everything. It's kind of like.. a behind the scenes sort of thing.

laborsome1 chapter 1 . 4/14/2015
Love it!
Spiderfan626 chapter 3 . 3/31/2015
The is good so far can't wait to see what else you have in store.
ranchboy1 chapter 38 . 3/27/2015
Okay I got most of cameos who's the dude that breathes fire with green and black hair.
SeasaltIcecreamxx chapter 53 . 1/11/2015
This was awesome! I will start reading the sequel as soon as I've finished writing this review! :D
I love the fact that Xion is the main character, she's awesome and deserves the spotlight! I like her friendship with Sora and everyone too!
Damn! I dedicated my Sunday to this story! Well, the story was awesome, and Sunday doesn't feel wasted for once /shot/
nice to read something nice like this every now and then!
I'm off reading the sequel '
Absolute Configuration chapter 53 . 12/29/2014
Dude. That was BEAST.
But, Sora just straight up murdered Hans. Like, ouch.
Anyways, good job! Been looking for amstory like this for a while. Thanks for the great read!
Taeniaea chapter 53 . 12/1/2014
cool story
Pata Hikari chapter 53 . 10/15/2014
Well this is an impressive story.

First, congrats on being the author of the best Xion centric fanfic on the site. It's sad that Roxas had to go for her to get the spotlight, but his effects were felt through the story.

Two Become One totally fits as her keyblade by the way.

Xion's adventures were a lot of fun, if not getting a bit darker then canon (poor Stitch). Xion losing her memory for worked well, I think. Letting her get to know things without her past experiences totally messing her up (she probably would have ran from Sora otherwise).

Making it so that Sora and Xion have to be close to fight at full strength in order to fight fully was a fantastic idea. It provides a lot of interesting dramatic tension and is a logical result of the botched merging Sora had in this story.

Overall I'd say you did a great job getting the Fun and Friendship tone of the series down right. Which automatically makes this story 100 times better then the scores of High School AUs plaguing the fandom.
Roxasstorm chapter 25 . 8/28/2014
So zetta kool...that's all
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