Reviews for Halkegenia Online v2
sarista wow chapter 58 . 2/27
Really fascinating stuff, also forgot to mention btu I love the popes background as a tool who even without training in magic took out his puppet masters, and dang Louise is heartbreaking as ever and Kayaba just, wow, very in character.

Just want to say this and all of Halk online has been an amazing ride and I'm sorry for not commenting sooner.
sarista wow chapter 57 . 2/27
'Her, Sakuya'? Intriguing!

Little uncomfortable with the Argo/Jensen ship teasing even if the characters themselves don't take it seriously, but the scene and plotting being done bu the crown is solid, CATSI is great, and Shiori are awesome and Alicia always showing there's so much running beneath her facade.
sarista wow chapter 56 . 2/27
Poor Morgiana.
sarista wow chapter 55 . 2/27
Some very fun and sweet stuff!
sarista wow chapter 54 . 2/27
Really good stuff, everyone's got some really solid personalities, motives and their interactions and dialogues are distinct and entertaining, also wow Ephi is a tool XD
sarista wow chapter 53 . 2/27
Intriguing, I wonder what other resources those are, vampires may-haps? Also loved the summary of the investigation, awesome.
sarista wow chapter 52 . 2/27
Fascinating stuff, very in character behaviour from all involved and wow, poor Karin :(
sarista wow chapter 51 . 2/27
Fascinating chapter, Julio's perspective was well done and even made him a bit sympathetic, I loved how he actually does feel something for the fae, its humanising despite all the other terrible things he does or is willing to do and the background on the church and the Void was amazingly portrayed.
sarista wow chapter 50 . 2/27
I forgot to mention this last time but really well described scene with Cardinal and Yui's interactions, it felt very... living computery? Sorry I lack the words, but it was very well done. Also kudos with Heathcliff, he feels very in character.
sarista wow chapter 49 . 2/27
Kirito of all people shouldn't be calling people out for rushing in XD Badass descriptions for the fight, poor Karin .
sarista wow chapter 48 . 2/27
Dang, those are some messed up backgrounds for them :(

Though I am unsure of who is calling to Louise.
sarista wow chapter 47 . 2/27
I wonder if Argo will figure out who Bishop is, or at least that she is more than she projects, solid summary and discussion regardless, great use of OCs with lots of personality.
sarista wow chapter 46 . 2/27
Julio, we all ship you with the Pope, deal with it XD Seriously though he is really good at this and Louise i just heartbreaking.
sarista wow chapter 45 . 2/27
Really solid chapter, love the world building details, Karin's perspective and Yi's behaviour were great, haha go Asuna and oh poor, poor Louise :(
sarista wow chapter 44 . 2/27
Gosh dang you Julio, he is amazingly good with words in this, and played everyone like a fiddle and somehow feels wholly sincere through the entire process, kudos.
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