Reviews for Halkegenia Online v2
Story Weaver1 chapter 6 . 19h
Now we're getting somewhere!
The filler arc is no longer filler. Interesting.

Also, it's nice to see Louise's magic training coming along. Yeah, that's basically how goes; fail and fail until you get good enough to start failing at a more advanced level. It's funny, but also frustrating.
Story Weaver1 chapter 5 . 10/15
Argo sensed a trap; how impressive to do so in such an unsuspecting situation! It was well set up, baited and executed. Game over, Kirito.

Seriously, that was a great scene. I didn't see it coming either. Also cute and funny.

The reaction of the Pixies to Asuna is interesting; do they think she is actually Titania?

Non-mammal-mammaries is a good point. I hadn't realized that.

The GM card is comparable to a Yggdrail shoot; that has intriguing implications.
Story Weaver1 chapter 4 . 10/11
Both Sides Have A Point, although I'm siding with Koko.

It was a fun and sweet sister chapter, but with two emotional points sticking underneath. Well done.
Story Weaver1 chapter 3 . 10/10
Suspenseful lead up to the reveal of the graffiti. I admire that kind of building structure; necessary for payoff.
It's nice to see the Pixie plotline progressing in the main scenario. I liked that side arc and I enjoy seeing more of it. The implications of intelligent mobs like pixies on other humanoid mobs is interesting.
Also, Shion is the cutest pixie ever. She and Botan have an hourglass-plot going on.
Kirito and Asuna "exploring"; well played Argo.
Story Weaver1 chapter 2 . 10/8
Louise is doing very well for her first investigation, indeed by any standard. The exposition was well couched in Louise and Botan's walk back to the palace. Starting the chapter from shop keep's perspective was also a good choice.
Story Weaver1 chapter 1 . 10/5
So the new plot's conflict is a murder. At least it's not an invasion, but Novair's importance to Arrun's operation is suspicious.

The narration of time between stories is good. It is a solid and warm feeling of peace.

Starting with a flashback from Sakuya. That's an odd choice. It's really interesting and flows well, but it's still odd.

Jensen and Varkarian sound like they're going to be Those Two Guys, and probably cause more problems than they solve.

I foresee Argo focus and that makes me happy.
KyuubiNoPuma chapter 29 . 4/6
Rip Jack went mad. I have a feeling he was on meds and without the! Plus pressure he caved in and went crazy.
KyuubiNoPuma chapter 17 . 4/1
Awww... Argo and Suisen bond is adorable.
Tsukiko K chapter 14 . 1/4
I kind of want to know Morgiana's thoughts about Kirito. Detailed oneas. She clearly acknowledges him, since she uses his real name. Rip Jack wasn't one of her Kurotaka members but she still felt remorse for him I think when she killed him. Does she see Kirito as one of her 'kids' as well? One that she's a big sister too, only more subtly than the others?
sarista wow chapter 58 . 2/27/2017
Really fascinating stuff, also forgot to mention btu I love the popes background as a tool who even without training in magic took out his puppet masters, and dang Louise is heartbreaking as ever and Kayaba just, wow, very in character.

Just want to say this and all of Halk online has been an amazing ride and I'm sorry for not commenting sooner.
sarista wow chapter 57 . 2/27/2017
'Her, Sakuya'? Intriguing!

Little uncomfortable with the Argo/Jensen ship teasing even if the characters themselves don't take it seriously, but the scene and plotting being done bu the crown is solid, CATSI is great, and Shiori are awesome and Alicia always showing there's so much running beneath her facade.
sarista wow chapter 56 . 2/27/2017
Poor Morgiana.
sarista wow chapter 55 . 2/27/2017
Some very fun and sweet stuff!
sarista wow chapter 54 . 2/27/2017
Really good stuff, everyone's got some really solid personalities, motives and their interactions and dialogues are distinct and entertaining, also wow Ephi is a tool XD
sarista wow chapter 53 . 2/27/2017
Intriguing, I wonder what other resources those are, vampires may-haps? Also loved the summary of the investigation, awesome.
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