Reviews for Halkegenia Online v2
dreaddragonknight chapter 52 . 5/20
the feels man the feels
dreaddragonknight chapter 43 . 5/20
i think maybe killing koko off would have been a better direction, but still a good chapter
dreaddragonknight chapter 35 . 5/19
with an intention to tear down another's heart and will, one can ignited the flames of an ass kicking
SidJ chapter 43 . 4/1
I started to read this story to see Kirito kick ass and the Fairys in general to kick ass, (but mostly Kirito). But there hasn't been any of that, or when there has been its been when Kirito is a girl which is weird and annoying, and also happens way to often. He barley ever fights and accomplishes things in his own skin. Its sad, and annoys me, a lot.

Yet despite this I kept reading this story because it was very interesting and original. But now its just become dark and sad. Ill keep reading because the writing and story is so amazing, but there better be some real happiness coming or Ill just be disappointed.
PredatorPuck chapter 51 . 3/30
yeah! Gandalfr!
ironboy32 chapter 1 . 3/16
I saw that naruto reference in chapter 1. Blonde haired kino wearing a orange jumpsuit in a paragraph talking about ramen? Well played, sir, well played...
shamanic demonator chapter 37 . 3/6
Sherlock Mortimer is awesome! Didn't really like him much when he covered the info about jack, but Sherlock Mortimer, IQ 300, is so awesome! :)
shamanic demonator chapter 34 . 3/5
This the first time I felt anything other than annoyance at guiche! Love that he had some depth now, improved my view of him tremendously. Kind of like him now :)
dreaddragonknight chapter 39 . 2/21
this was brilliant and u r an awesome writer... i just. couldn't. stop. laughing. hahahaha
dreaddragonknight chapter 31 . 2/20
yeah those mages wouldn't last 5mins against one of those 2 much less both
dreaddragonknight chapter 29 . 2/20
dear god... if i wasn't already so interested in being an imp i would be a sprigan
Guest chapter 9 . 2/8
Klein and his hilariously bad luck with women. They're all too young, too dangerous, or Kirito's sister. Or some combo thereof.
marduk-report chapter 58 . 11/25/2014
I enjoyed this arc. The interwoven plots made it considrrably more interesting to read, raising the quality of the story as a whole.
marduk-report chapter 14 . 11/22/2014
So...morgiana is pregnant, isn't she?
Vasuki chapter 37 . 11/15/2014
Your character development is so damn goooooooddddd.
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