Reviews for Halkegenia Online v2
DamionKenley117 chapter 8 . 3/5
So many character references... Did you lose a bet? Three easy ones, and I suspect a fourth.
dreaddragonknight chapter 47 . 2/19
Bishop is the spirit of the library
Mernom chapter 58 . 2/10
This was one heck of a ride.
Mernom chapter 55 . 2/10
Hmm, a crash into hello? Reading Bishop's appearance again, she looks kinda like Cardinal, no? Also didn't hear a pips from Silica and Liz, hope they get an appearance soon
Mernom chapter 54 . 2/9
The typical promise trick. Classic.
Mernom chapter 53 . 2/9
That last line sounds suspicion...
Mernom chapter 52 . 2/9
I love it when fics reuse the original material, while changing the circumstances. Just like you did here. The whole thing was just so complex and interesting that I couldn't think of a review for each individual part of the chapters. The last time I faced a situation like this, it was when u was reading a fic so interesting that I didn't even noticed that I'm about to reach the last chapter. If that DID reach said last chapter... I was like 'wait what, it's over?'
While this didn't make me lose the sense of time, it's still quite good enough to stand up there with that other fic. But I will need to take a break before continuing with HalkO, it's just too heavy to read in one go. And I have way too much downloaded fics I need to read...
Mernom chapter 50 . 2/9
Great fights! The funniest part is that Heathcliff had no idea what the hell is going on.
Mernom chapter 49 . 2/9
So that's how it happened. Perfect timing, Yui!
Mernom chapter 48 . 2/9
I don't recognize most of the memories, can't place them. But I guess that not all belong to named characters, what are the chances that all those memories belong to people we know...
Mernom chapter 47 . 2/9
At what point did pixies settled in the library? I don't remember reading anything about it in the list library scene...
Mernom chapter 46 . 2/9
Poor Julio... That comment bites hard.
Mernom chapter 44 . 2/8
Nice chapter.
Duesal Bladesinger chapter 56 . 2/8
First fae pregnancy.
Mernom chapter 40 . 2/8
If it was a full time comedy, that scene in the end would be a perfect opportunity for some shenanigans. But the way you did it fits the overall theme of this fic.
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