Reviews for Speak politely to an enraged dragon
aemonteith chapter 17 . 6/26
im not that caught up in fairy tail. just recently started it. he's really dead?
Epper chapter 17 . 6/14
How often to you update this? Like, will thee be another chapter or has it been dropped?
NothingToDoHere11 chapter 17 . 5/27
update soon PLEASE!
hello chapter 17 . 5/24
whoaaaaa, i love it! thank u for updating, i hope u will continue it asap~
Guest chapter 17 . 5/22
I quite like this story and im really looking forward to hopefully when they reconcilliate? Idk if they actually do though so its up to u to tell me i guess. I think the beginning of the story was pretty dark and its not what i usually read but i think it was written well enough for me too continue. I think Natsus real personality should have come out a bit more though "broken natsu" as i dub him feels way toobstrong and now i feel like its almost impossible for GRay and NAtsu to be togetger. But i would still really like to see where this story is going so please update!
HerBrokenSmile chapter 1 . 5/16
I know I already commented on this story, but I'll do it again. I love this story so much that it's worth commenting twice on. The suspense is killing me! Update soon please!
This story is amazing. You're amazing!
Vedra77 chapter 17 . 5/16
Your history is perfect.
Mis disculpas por no escribir en inglés, pero no confío demasiado en el traductor de google para esto. Apenas puedo leer dicho idioma, mucho menos puedo escribirlo. Así que lo siento.
Realmente amo esta historia. Me gustan especialmente Lyon y Loke. Y Gray. Sobretodo Gray.
Actualiza pronto!
LOL chapter 17 . 5/6
...My name seriously doesn't suit this story... Anyways~ Mah poor Gray-chan! I was having heart cramps for the past freaking half-year due to no updates on this story and finally now I have my cure.

I love this and the general fluffiness that occurs when Lyon and Loke are being such sweethearts. ~kisses them~

The only complaint I have is that it takes you a very long time to update and the dosage you're feeding me is just not enough! I wants moar NatRay and the fluffy bromance that's going on between Loke/Gray and LyoRay.
Oo.cristel.oO chapter 17 . 5/7
I'm so happy to see an update XD
Another angsty chapter, poor Gray after fighting so much to stay alive, now he just want to die! And even after everything that Natsu has done to Gray, I'm still hoping for a happy ending, and a Gratsu :)
Thank you so much for the update!
Please Update chapter 17 . 5/4
I really enjoy this story stayed up till 2 to finish it! I know even though Natsu and Gray are completely different right now i still really want them to be together in the end. Maybe you could do a time skip of a few years and Grays recovered and one night Natsu finally comes back to Mangolia but with a cloak and a new look (haggard beard lwild hair) cos the bind still drags him back and then he and gray meet but natsu doesnt realise its gray because he doesnt realise is mongolia and maybe he and gray can gt drunk and he confesses everything to gray thinking that gray looks like his mate from years ago. Idk this is my personal view which really is just i want a happy ending and i want them to be able to eventually make love... Keep up the good work author! And please update! It keeps everyone interested and excited for wat will happen next
kcototheyoyoyo chapter 17 . 5/2
Yesssss! I've been waiting for his fix to go off of hiatus!
Kadelle chapter 17 . 4/30
I'm so glad you updated :D I really loved seeing Natsu's point of view and how he is struggling with his dark side. Hope Gray doesn't do anything stupid and it would be cool if he could see Natsu's memories. And I hope your next update doesn't take as many months lol
Zitronat chapter 17 . 5/2
I am soooo happy that you updated *.* Thank you :D Your stories are amazing! And sorry for my bad english. It isn't my native language.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/29
Holy shit you updated! I dont really post reviews but I honestly thought you already dropped this fic.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING. This is my favorite natgray fic
lunarstarshadow chapter 17 . 4/29
will grey live or is it one of those where they both die kero please nooooooo
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