Reviews for P&P: How Darcy met Elizabeth
Guest chapter 54 . 2/10
Can’t wait for the wedding!
Guest chapter 54 . 2/10
I'm happy to read you again.
EmlynMara chapter 54 . 2/9
Lovely but scary. Certified letters... Caroline coming (and being fake, as usual) …. It’s all very worrisome.
NotACursedChild chapter 54 . 2/9
And now the wedding!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/4
Ohhh charming Richard! Thanks for the chapter. Looking forward to next!
KurukiXV chapter 53 . 2/3
Richard is just shooting all his shots! Can't knock him though hehe Im excited for the wedding chapter, can't wait to read more!
EmlynMara chapter 53 . 2/2
Nice she is being so protective of her sisters, but it’s good she is trying not to interfere and worry too much, because, after all, everyone has to make their own choices and their own mistakes.

And Richard seems a bit torn between the two, but maybe the decision will be out of his hands.

So nice to see them coming out of their shells and growing into themselves.
dreamiedreamer chapter 53 . 2/2
From the way Mary was talking about Brandon, I don't think Lizzy had to worry about her falling for Richard. As for Richard and Kitty, they might be at different stage of their life but if they were really wanted to explore more than a friendly relationship then Lizzy should let them be and be there for Kitty if she needed her support.
Lynned13 chapter 53 . 2/2
So glad aunt Catherine has backed off (for now) Georgiana is a very clever young lady.
I love Richard he makes me laugh.
Can't wait for the next chapter X
The Reader chapter 52 . 1/26
Really good! When Georgiana talks with Lady Catherine she calls her brother "Darcy," it seems a bit odd for her to do that.
NotACursedChild chapter 52 . 1/27
I am guessing again. Gigi off to see Aunt Catherine? Yeet I was right.
Smart girl Gigi I am happy that she did this!

Awww the Charlotte and Collins part made me smile a lot :-):-):-):-)

So... Mary with Richard? Or the guy she met before?
Lynned13 chapter 52 . 1/26
\o/ Yay go Georgiana .. brilliant how she stood up to aunt Catherine.
Glad Collins is finally prepared to put Charlotte first .. aunt Catherine wont know whats hit her :)
Uncle John and aunt Abigail love Elizabeth, who wouldnt, hopefully he'll stand no nonsense now about Elizabeth or the wedding :))
Can't wait for what's next X
dreamiedreamer chapter 52 . 1/27
I am very impressed with Georgiana.
EmlynMara chapter 52 . 1/26
I’m so proud Georgiana. She did a great job. And I’m so glad Darcy and Richard told her what was going on.

Sounds like the dinner is going as well as could be expected. I hope Mary can come into herself and find happiness too.
elaesela chapter 51 . 1/24
I liked this story a lot when I found it, but is this the end? aside, a little disappointed because the story starts being a Lizzy quite strong and I liked that feminist touch, but in the end they get married and she becomes the poor maid who marries the millionaire ... To be a modern au I think unnecessary, apart from being only 20 years old and Darcy, with all it took him to admit that he was in love, how does he go from accepting that to getting married? It was understandable at the time of regency because it was what was established but now if he
it was really "logical" as he describes it in the story, he would maintain a relationship with lizzy only without hurrying and I think she would agree.
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