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Yuki chapter 16 . 1/22
Amazing chapter I hope you post more soon
SpadesToStars chapter 16 . 1/18
What ever happened to this gem of a story
Nashiru Miharu chapter 16 . 12/21/2014
It's real. I came to the last chapter. It finished... T-T For noooow A.A MUAHAHAHAHAH But really, did you have to stop right Kb that chapter? I mean next one was the lemon! D: And you may not believe it, but I actually like your lemons. You say they suck but I don't agree. I think they are pretty good, I really like them! :D So please hurry up an update soon, ok? Don't make me suffer will you? :c
Oh yes, and I had another idea for a special! It was about a moment where Takano would be extremely vulnerable and Ritsu would be the one to comfort Takano and take care of him *-* If you created a scene like that, I think I would have an heart attack and then die from happiness! *-* Because it can't be always Ritsu the one vulnerable and Takano always comforting him u-u No, I'm not suggesting they should reverse papers, with Ritsu as the seme and Takano as the uke (hell no! That would be too weird! Ahahah I can't even imagine it! It's too awkward! xD) Just a moment where Takano would be more vulnerable and Ritsu would take care of him and kind of protect him... Baaah I can't explain myself very good, I can't be very specific, but I hope you understood what I meant. If you didn't, then tell me and I will try to do better :3
And I'm SO SOOOOOO HAPPY THEY MANAGE TO MAKE UP! *-* So sooooo happy *tearful eyes* And their moment was so cute it was almost unbearable! Waaaaaaaa
Seeing Ritsu's state (or should I say imagining him) made my chest hurt :c With Ritsu's cat ears pointing downwards and his tail almost not moving at all he really had a miserable air... Seeing a cat sad, or at least a neko in this case, makes be really sad too. I love cats and nekos and I don't want to be sad or depressed, just happy and playful! And spoiled of course xD I love spoil cats :3 hehehe n.n Yes, I have cats and Tex they are spoiled x3 Not my fault of course *looking innocent and blinking the eyes*
RITSU WAS PURRING! OMG SO CUUUUUTE! I wanna see it too! I want to pet Ritsu and make him purr too! *U* He's waaaaaaay too adorable to resist :3 And Takano found that special spot!
I wonder how will he use it next time they... They... They did it x) A new sensible spot is always a present for the seme, in this case Takano! Hahaha n.n
I really love those two! However, your story is also great! It's amazing, fantastically awesome! *-* I will be waiting anxiously for the next chapter and update! :D Please don't take too long! And don't forget about this story of yours, pretty please! :c
I love your job! Please don't give up from this story! I will be supporting you from hereeeee! Banzaaaaaai \o/
Until next chapter then! \ Don't make Mr wait too long ;) Just kidding, take your time n.n
Nashiru Miharu chapter 15 . 12/21/2014
Nooooo! TTnTT I'm almost finishing the chapters that are available! D: I don't want toooo! The story is getting too interesting for that! Nooooo TT-TT *sniff sniff* I want more chapter to read :c BUAAAAAAAHH TTOTT
Ritsu and Takano still don't talk ahn? Well, with the big dumbasses idiots they are (not to talk about how stubborn they are x.x) I'm not surprised! Those two can be really stupid when they want to -.-'
However, it's also good they fight like that. That way they can understand better each other and forgive their mistakes :3 And of course help each other more often u.u They need it. They need the other. No one can deny it and if they do, they will be lying :P Muahahahahahahab *cof cof* Maybe that laugh wasn't such a good idea... Hehehehe n.n''
But Takano bought a book for Ritsu! Maaaan that was soooooo cuuuute! So fucking adorable! *-* WAAAAAAAAAAA *fan girl squeeze and faint from too much cuteness* I really love those two *-*
Next chapter is the next one! Damn it, I don't think I can take it :c
Nashiru Miharu chapter 14 . 12/21/2014
Oh shit... This chapter...really was something... I mean it left me totally breathless... Mainly because of the argument. In fact, I really liked it! No, I'm not a sadist xD It's because in that argument Takano and mainly Ritsu finally spoke up all those things that were always left unsaid, because of afraid, shyness, whatever. So in knew point it was good for them indeed. I think this way they would be able to understand each other better and deeper their relationship :D Of course that won't be easy and they will have a hard time. Even so, I believe they will make it! n.n
But truly speaking, I REALLY LOVED SEEING RITSU FIGHT BACK THAT THAT! *-* Seeing him spiking all those things he just kept inside all those years was a relief :3
AND THE MAN IN THE FINAL WAS THE SAME MAN THAT DRUGGED RITSU RIGHT? RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT? *O* One question: is he good or bad? I mean, is he trying to help Ritsu and Takano or break them apart? I hope it's the first one... Because duuuuh right? x THIS CHAPTER! Really really! *-*
Take care!
Nashiru Miharu chapter 13 . 12/21/2014
YES! THAT WAS DEFINITELY A CLIFFHANGER! THAT'S SO MEEEEAN OF YOU! You meanie :c That's too much cruelty ahahahah xD
Well, it IS very strange Takano not saying anything... And it's creepy as well e-e Because he always says what he is thinking (most of the times when it comes to Ritsu x3) And then all of a sudden he becomes that quiet and emotionless... You have to admit, it's kind of scary :x
So it was the alcohol and the pills that together put Ritsu like that right? So what, the only solution is to wait for the body to eliminate them? I can't help but wonder what might happen until that muahahahahah A.A
But right now I'm worried about Takano's and Ritsu's current situation... Takano could explode from nothing or stay like that, scarily emotionless... x.x
Well, see you next one!
Nashiru Miharu chapter 12 . 12/21/2014
RICCHAN! DON'T DIE! D: Ok, maybe that's a little too much xD Even so, RICCHAN! :c That happened because of the drug, right? I mean, he was remembering that day when he passed out. Now the question is: WHY did he passed out? *thinking* Hmm...
And Kisa ACTUALLY TOUCH RITSU EARS! OMG I WANT TO TOUCH THEM TOOOO TTnTT *pouts* But now the question is: did Kisa touch Ritsu's tail? Ahn ahn? A.A aahaahaahaah They are sooo funny x3
Then, let's see what happened with Ritsu? Yeaaay x)
Nashiru Miharu chapter 11 . 12/21/2014
Hellooo agaaaain! n.n How are you doing? Fine I hope! I'm feeling carsick right now xD Yup, not a good thing :P So well, let's do this review quickly? Yeees \o/
Okay, so this this chapter was rather cute! I love seeing those reactions of Ritsu, like when he confessed the reason that he chose that book! :D It's really adorable! :3 I mean RITSU is adorable! *-*
And OF COURSE I laugh A LOT with Ritsu's comments and thoughts! xDD WAAAAAY TOO FUNNY!
Takano's and Ritsu's scene in the kitchen was THE BEST! Takano was soooo sweet! Kissing Ritsu in the forehead that gently, I don't know how can he resist! It's nearly impossible with Takano acting like that x3
And it's obvious Kisa had to tease Ritsu like that right? Because that's what best friends do! Teasing each other! :D But in their case, it's only Kisa that teases Ritsu ahahahahah pooor neko TTuTT Now let's see how it will go that "talk" with Kisa n.n muahahahah
Nashiru Miharu chapter 10 . 12/21/2014
LOVED THE WAY RITSU TRIED EVERYTHING TO GIVE TAKANO-SAN A GREAT BIRTHDAY! HE EVEN BOUGHT HIM PRESENTS! OMG loooooved it! The idea for the book was genius! It was the book that made Ritsu fall for Takano! AND it was one of Takano's favourites! :D Omg that was just perfect! And of course, the last present was the best xD Ahahahah ok, talking seriously now, Ritsu was very brave to be able to do all of that for Takano. Seriously, I would die of embarassment in his place :x Doing all of that stuff AND agreeing with what Takano asked... Geez, that sure was hard for Ritsu... e-e
But Takano was also very sweet! I really loved the way he was so cute and adorable and attentive to Ritsu! *-* Could he be more perfect? :D I don't think so hehehe n.n
See you next one!
Nashiru Miharu chapter 9 . 12/19/2014
Hello agaaain! n.n How are you? Fine I hope :) Well, as I said, here I am again! :D Sooooo, let's gooo \o/
OMG Ritsu REALLY didn't choose the better words xD Seriously, could it be worse? He really didn't use the most convenient words ahahahah x3
The way Takano ignored the secretary's flirt was waaaaay too cool! *-* And of course Ritsu liked that right? A.A hahahah OBVIOUSLY! :3
So it's thanks to those pills that Ritsu had that problems? But why does Ritsu's body reacts differently than others? That's kind of strange I think... Hmmm... *thinking*
Owwwwwn *-* That moment between Takano and Ritsu was soooooo cute! And the way Takano worried about Ritsu was just ADORABLE! :D OMG I love those two! *fan girl squeeze*
And Ritsu agreed with Takano's definition of home! Waaaaaaa *-* Yeaaay
Done for now x3 See you next one! \n.n
Nashiru Miharu chapter 8 . 12/18/2014
You didn't like the ending? Really? I thought it was very funny! :D AND Ritsu finally understood what happened with him... Well, at least he started to xD AND THE BEST PART IS... *drums* HE REGAINED CONSCIOUS! :D HURRAAAAAY Now Takano, as he said, doesn't have to hold back anymore \*-*/ heheheh x3
But why is Ritsu so confused and can't remember anything? Why is everything so blurry in his mind? Does it have to do with the drug...? / Poor Ritsu, that must be really hard on him... Well, at least he has Takano to help him! :D And for other things x)
Indeed, I agree with you! Stories having or not nekos, shouldn't be only smug and so! Ok, it could be funny and so, but the major important thing is a PLOT! A story must have a plot, an introduction, development and conclusions! It must have something that keeps people wanting to read more, aside from the smug! A story must have a story to tell! u-u That's my opinion n.n
Today's already late, but tomorrow I'll be here again ;)
Nashiru Miharu chapter 7 . 12/17/2014
First of all, before I forget! xD That "special" 's thing is still up? Is for this story? Because many time an idea came to my mind, but neither the anime, manga or fanfics talked about it. Sooo... I was wondering if you could make a scene, a part of a story it a story itself talking about it. My idea was something like Takano understanding how Ritsu did feel those ten years, how he manage to go trough them. We all know Takano's point of view, how bad his state was and how Yokozawa helped him. But the same doesn't happens with Ritsu. We don't know if he was that bad to, if he was worse or better, if he was with Ann, another friend or alone (that's the most probable /) and how his personality became like this. So it wax mainly a scene or story about Takano finally comprehending Ritsu's pain, despair, loneliness, his feelings, how he thought Takano was playing with him and how he felt, his despair and sadness... I would like Takano DID understand all of that and Ritsu's change of personality was INDEED his fault (I doubt he truly believes in that right now...) So, after seeing how deeply wounded Onodera was and becoming aware of those walls around Ritsu's heart the he himself did build to protect himself from ever being hurt again like that, Takano would be able to break those walls and the two of them could finally be together! *-* Sorry if I'm asking too much... :x
Ritsu...Ritsu... RITSU RUINED TAKANO'S CURTAINS! PAHAHAHAHAHAH XD MAAAAN THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SO AWESOME! For Ritsu of course x3 After that, he hide under the bed! Owwwwwn so cuuute! *-* But damn it, he stayed there for four hours! o.o That's a lot of time... At least Takano did his work ahahah x)
Geez, Ritsu's mother is such a bother! d
Does she ever shut up? Bla bla bla Ann here bla bla bla marriage there bla bla bla she's perfect for you EVERYWHERE! GAAAAAAAAAH! Just shut up already! Nobody wants to know! Tell her Takano! Yeeeah! Shut her up! Loved the way you did it! *-* Quickly and dry! Hehehe peeeeerfect for her A.A :3
I WANT TO PET RITSU TOO! *W* Waaaaaaa that's not fair xD And he even purred OMG! He's so adorably cute! I want too! :c
Don't worry "that" part wasn't bad at all, you were good... Geez, how do I say that it didn't suck? That's too embarrassing x\\\\x *blushed*
Ritsu regain conscious! Hurraaaaay! \o/ (Did he? I'm just supposing xD) Now let's see how things go next chapter! *-* heheheh n.n
Nashiru Miharu chapter 6 . 12/17/2014
Hello agaaaaain! Yes, I'm still here xD Hoping that you're not tired of me :x Yet x3 hahaha
So, this chapter, the first thing that made mr laugh was... *drums* THE TITLE! \o/ Yes, it was really fun! n.n Indeed lube is a very necessary item and we know for what! Aahaahaahaah A.A *psychotic laugh*
Takano, you're so mean in threatening Kisa! Not that I didn't laugh, of course xD And he make it, that's the only think that matters :P Good for him x3 Kisa's reaction was so priceless! Ahahahahahaha omg I would love to see his face with wide eyes xD And Ritsu hissed at Kisa! Pahahahahahah xDD That's fair u.u It's your fault for making fun of him and Takano u-u However, Takano threatening is really scary e-e Specially Kisa xD I think he does his best to think of good threats just for Kisa ahahahah x)
Ritsu was soooo cute on the couch like that! Cuuutie *-* And Kisa DID get along with him n.n That's good :)
I'm going to next chapter now! :D
Nashiru Miharu chapter 5 . 12/16/2014
Hello again! :D Well, I hope you aren't getting tired if me x3 If you are full of all of there reviews, please tell me and then I will only leave a review in the last one n.n But you have to tell me if I go on with the reviews or not xD
I feel I say this every chapter, big I can't help it! Ritsu is soooo cute! .CUTE! Aaaand he even has those cat ears and cat tail! His cuteness's level raises to (infinite)! That's too much for me! x3 *knocked out* I'M SORRY, BUT RITSU'S POUTING IS CHEATING! That way I don't even have a chance! Ahahahah But why did he pout? I didn't understand that quite well... n.n"
Oooooown the books' scene was ADORABLE! *-* LOVED IT! But truly speaking, that introspective moment of Takano gave shivers! And I felt pity for him... I mean, being away for you lover isn't easy. But it's way too worse realise that despite those ten years, he even didn't knew almost nothing about Ritsu and nothing at all about those ten years! Yaah, that Myst have been difficult...
Ritsu did quite a mess in the kitchen, huh? Ahahah xD And Takano used that to an excuse to bath with Ritsu! Pahahahae OMG loved it! xD
Fight Ritsu! Fight fight fight! Yes, I like too see Ritsu fighting Takano in the tube. Ok, no, but it's still funny! And he put him wearing THOSE! OMG! XD
See you next chapter!
Nashiru Miharu chapter 4 . 12/15/2014
First of all! Loved the title! Ahahah .Hilarious xD Loved it! Second, I was really surprised at how easily Isaka-san agreed to what Takano's asked... o.o I didn't expect him to be so cooperative... It's rather suspicious... I bet I knows of something or suspects... Hmmm... *thinking*
OMG WTF? WHO DOES RITSU HAVE THAT T-SHIRT?! XD AHAHAHAHA THAT'S TOO MUCH! I WILL DIE FROM LAUGH OMG AHAHAHA And Takano "appreciating" Ritsu's underwear?! OMG .AWESOME! Really really funny! And when I read Takano was searching for Ritsu's underwear with enthusiasm I was like "Ooooh Takano you sweet cute dirty perverted A.A" and I was probably making a rather strange face!
Takano, you didn't need to describe so much those black boxers... You know, that's not healthy to Nostalgia fans to lose so much blood ** omg I need handkerchief... Does someone have one? xD *whisper* damn, I shouldn't have imagined Ritsu with those boxers... *holding a noose bleed* Heeelp x3
Ritsu behaving like a neko is (omg) adorably cute *-* Waaaaaaaaa w *squeeze*
When Takano said...thought...said...doesn't matter xD Well when he said " Fucking adorable!" I really laugh a lot with that, but I had to agree! Seeing Ritsu like that must have been fucking adorable x3 He IS FUCKING ADORABLE! :D Yeaaaaay! \o/
And they fell asleep together! Awwwwn :3 I want to see that TT-TT No fair! :c
I'm loving the story! :D
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