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the evil witch queen chapter 19 . 4/23/2004
thanks! i might actually have a go. it should be fun.
poor legolas, i bet the his brother and tavor's (or should i say tambaro) grandmother arrenged this. well, another one of the little greenleaf's strange and exciting adventures is gong to happen.
poor glorfindal, his thinks that legolas' little sister is going to fight a balrog. he should know better than that. what in arda is arwen doing though? trying to do what her grandmother does? even though galadriel seems to have lost control of her silvans somewhat. thranduil is going to murder someone when he wakes up. i hope that dye comes out. but it would be nice if legolas could see his father like that. amusing certainly, though not so much for thranduil.
when will celeborn stop being so mean to tanglinna? he really should leave the poor master acher alone.
well, very good! keep up the good work!
wellduh chapter 19 . 4/22/2004
Ooh, I love this. Keep going.
LOSTbutsurviving chapter 19 . 4/22/2004
very nice story..can get a bit confusing at the plot is wonderful.
and somehow, Bastryn reminds me of!
Anguirel chapter 19 . 4/22/2004
He has an essë! I was thinking 'Tavor' was a bit too wood-elvish for my Noldo. Now he needs a amilessi and an epessë so he has all of his Noldorin names. ;]
And it seems the Lady Balrog was the one the handed down all the mischievousness and cleverness Tambaro possesses.
Yes, the Noldor will take over. :D
Keep going Ar-Tecindo, you are doing wonderfully! :]
Emerald Queen chapter 19 . 4/21/2004
They came back! How wonderful. Somehow, I can't seem to imagine Tavor - or ought I say Tambaro? -living in a place like that. It sounds lovely, but really impractical for Mirkwood. It just doesn't fit with the general doom-and-gloomyness Tolkien gave it.
Is the note telling Legolas and Brethil to go to Balrog's Lake a set up? Silly me, how could it not be? I can't wait to see what happens. I bet they manage to scare themselves whitless just before they get there.
Aralith sounds just as sweet as the elflings. Though. . . don't elves sleep with their eyes open? It's just, you say right at the end Aralith opens his eyes, but how could he open them if they weren't shut in the first place? They way Elladan and Elrohir talk about 'them' looking sweet, it makes it sound as though they put Bastryn next to him, or something equally mean.
I can't wait for you to update! Please, please don't leave it too long
~EMQU, in awe
Mayhem21 chapter 19 . 4/21/2004
Oh my! How could you end the chapter there! That was very cruel! Oh, I can't wait to see how all the 'sleepers' react when they awaken and discover that all is not as they 'remember'. lol. Poor Tanglinna, so be trapped by the whiles of Arwen and, soon, no doubt, her other female relatives. I'm particurally looking forward to see how Thranduil and Haldir feel when they awaken. Will Haldir try to hang on to that wonderful feeling of freedom? lol!
And what has Legolas gotten himself into now! This should be interesting. And, naturally, Brethil is along for the ride! I wonder what Tavor, or rather, Tambaro was doubt it will have something to do with the midnight meeting!
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 19 . 4/21/2004
Finally, I am here again and can read and review as promised... And my first reaction, as is to be expected, is very merry laughter! :-) This story is really perfect for putting you into a tra-la-la-lally mood! ;-D
Poor Legolas and Brethil! Yes, confronting the Scary Old Noldo Lady is a difficult and terrible thing... For all the humour in it, this scene is also a perfect example how intimidating personality - "araamil" indeed! - plus being "different" - obviously Noldorin ;-) - can lead to great suspicions of witchcraft, etc. So very true - and yet so very funny in this case! "Laureahiril wanted a large family so she could populate Mirkwood with more Noldor, which were sadly lacking in these Silvan and Sindarin infested woods" - LOL to that! Yes, the subversive Noldorin politics... Poor Thranduil! ;-D
I love the description of the house (in red: "And it does sound like a very beautiful house!") - very elegant, very nice and very Noldorin indeed... A stone walkway! I am sure the Silvan elves shake their heads a bit at that idea of civilization and beuty! ;-)
"What if she magicked everyone and has become the Queen of Mirkwood?" - ROCL! Brethil's theory is just priceless - and so very Brethil! Yes, what if the Big Bad Noldorin Witch has an especially devious plan and has magicked everyone? A scary scenario... ;-) No, I suppose "Master Tanglinna" would not like that at all - Noldor ruling his beloved Greenwood? I fear that might make him turn into the Peacocky Silvan Rebel or something... *envisions Tanglinna as the noble guerilla fighter trying to rescue his "magicked" king* ;-) But I should comment on the real story, not on Brethil's wild theories. ;-D
Brassenalph sounds very much like a younger version of Laureahiril indeed - the Lady Balrog must be proud of that prospective successor in her line of scary Noldorin ladies... ;-) Brassenalph is already very good at making poor princelings squirm and will make a good "araamil" as well at some point, I suspect. ;-)
"Just forget what he said about Evil Noldorin..." ROCL! So we learn that Brethilitis *is* contagious, after all! Poor Legolas! ;-D
I really like the Quenya version of Tavor's name - "Tambaro" sounds lovely. :-)
"The Noldor *were* taking over!" (*ever-so-innocent-smile* "Are we?") - that was a LOL moment, too! Poor, poor Legolas!
The "Lady Balrog"'s letter is just wonderful - I love it! And it has made me decide that I definitely like Lady Laureahiril - anybody who can write such a latter is a wonderful character, and she can't be all bad if she has enough of a sense of humour for such a little prank. :-)
"Ringe Balrog" is great, too - I like the places you add to Mirkwood step by step!
Legolas' wish for the assistance of a, hmm, professional Balrog Slayer, shall we say?, made me chuckle - I suspect that neither Ecthelion nor Glorfindel would have any chance against that special sort of Lady Balrog. ;-)
And yes! Forth valiant heroes! Get some balrog-battling accomplished this night! I can't wait for that - it promises to be incredibly fun and funny!
The Rivendell part of the chapter was just glorious as well. The use of "cerulean" had me in absolute stitches - we have been given so many cerulean-eyed elves in fanfiction, but you are the only one to show us a completely cerulean king! ROCL! Poor "Celebavorn" - I enjoy this nickname and the explanation behind it far too much. ;-)
LOL - the twins' soap can never be trusted, no! Tell me... Is it always one and the same, or do these charming young gentlemen have several dye-soap-products in their vast collection of questionable useful things?
I absolutely enjoy your Celeborn as well, wily old schemer that he is - using "my wife, the Lady Galadriel" as a horrible threat and weapon! In a way, both parts of the chapter compliment each other perfectly here - both are about Noldorin ladies who are absent at the moment, but who will have to be faced soon, all too soon, by poor wood-elves who know how TERRIBLE the encounter can only be... Beware, o ye poor elves of Greenwood the great, the Noldorin Balrogs are after you! ;-D
I liked Tanglinna's reaction to Arwen's attempt to charm him - I suspect the only lady who ever fully succeeded in that with him is Celair. ;-)
LOL to the twins - they are *very* wicked, but wickedly funny! Hmm... Should I laugh or pity poor Aralith... and all the others! ;-)
“*I* am wondering what we should *tell* them they remember,
erunyauve chapter 19 . 4/21/2004
Okay, the twins are just evil. It's bad enough that they have to pick on Aralith, but when they start messing with Thranduil - well, Galadriel isn't the only elf who can be scary.
And poor Legolas - the perils of an overactive imagination! It will be interesting to see him meet the 'Lady Balrog'.
Sirithiliel chapter 19 . 4/20/2004
yes, very cute. love the chapter, got to go. supposed to be at Drama rehearsals, lol. wanted to review first. great job and update again soon!
brother bear was cute. i liked the moose, for whenever you see it!
Dis Thrainsdotter chapter 19 . 4/20/2004
Poor Legolas, he must go to the caves that his father have told him he mustnt enter in order to rescue Celebross and Lerlend. I wonder what will happen to him there? I look forward to seing the sleepers wake up. No doubt each of them will have the mother of all headaches, not to mention have vague memories about what happend. Will anyone tell them?
None chapter 19 . 4/20/2004
was really a nice surprise to find TWO new chapters (sorry for not posting a review for the last one) of this fiction. My poor little Greenleaf! At the end I have a feeling that he will be the one people will blame. How unfair! He is so innocent, so helpless, such a nice elven kid. Right now, he is scary about his midnight meeting with Lady Balrog, hope he will handle it well. And Thranduil and Galadriel's dreams were hilarious. And I really must demand this: the twins have had their fun with Thranduil and legolas'brother, so in the name of justice Legolas and his friends must avenge this insult. It was great to read this. Please, update as soon as you can. Bye
Tant chapter 19 . 4/20/2004
Tanglinna ought to lock and barricade the door, that might stop the evil Noldor for awhile. Hope Legolas and Brethil are going to be okay.
Miss Aranel chapter 1 . 4/20/2004
Hi there! I haven't yet read much of this, but am now reading it with my two youngest sisters. They really enjoyed this first chapter, and are anxious to get on to the second.
Josie(the younger one) says she liked it when Legolas got in trouble, and when he kept repeating his dad. Both girls liked when Thranduil got so upset, and were laughing out loud when Aralith got scared. Josie also wants you to know that she *loves* your 'books' (so far we've read "In the Hall" and "Tricksy Tales 1").
We look forward to reading more!
Hel chapter 19 . 4/20/2004
Looks like our dear Lady Balrog has humor (but I think she takes herself to important). Poor Legolas and Brethil. I wonder why Tavor is so upset. And I really like this little legend about the Ringe Balrog.
Hopefully they dont talk with anybody about their strange suspicions, in the end someone believes them. But maybe it would be funny it anybody thinks that she intend to take over Mirkwood.
Thranduil will be thrilled about his new haircolour. Maybe Tanglinna should be more concerned about his awakening than Galadriels (looks like she has enough problems herself).
Did Celeborn knew about the soap?
I hope we see some of that "Evil Noldorin Magic". It doesnt matter if it comes from the Lady Balrog, Galadriel (you somehow sound as if she needs magic to make others like her ecspecially Silvans and Sindar)or Arwen (she shows potential at ENM, at least Tanglinnas seems to see it that way).
I hope you up-date soon. I wonder what Elrohir and Elladan are up to.
swanofakind chapter 19 . 4/20/2004
I'm glad to have come upon this lovely story again and even more glad to see its been updated quite a bit since last I checked. Can't wait for more as you are most witty and charming, as always, and your humorous story-telling never ceases to amuse and amaze.
God bless,
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