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daywalker03 chapter 38 . 9/28
Primus above... Daybreaker is lucky to be even remotely sane after going through that sort of torture; there is just no other word for what those sparkless mechs did to him. I tend to think that what kept him from giving in is the same thing that kept him from dying when the sparklings did; his innate healing skills, plus the sense of justice that he was learning from Optimus, as well as his connection to Primus via the Key and having been a bearer of the Matrix of Leadership.

Jazz: Yes, my good Mech, humans have sparks, or more correctly, ARE sparks. Too bad Starscream doesn't, and never will, get that Jack is, and has been since he touched the Key, totally and completely dedicated to the Autobot cause, and his spark is that of an Autobot. Just like was the case with Optimus/Orion while in the clutches of Megatron.

Prowl: It's good to see that you're trying your best to remain detached, but not so far gone (like Shockwave) that you don't sympathize with another life form when it's suffering. Being able to understand, even without having the training needed, what is being done is a good thing, and admitting that you're not clear on the details is reassuring. Time now to see the Predacon and hear what he has to say, though I daresay neither you or Jazz are going to expect what he will reveal to you.

Foxbear: I finally see how these last few chapters flow, which was something that wasn't exactly clear until I read this one; I suspect Ratchet is going to want to blow a gasket (metaphorically speaking) when he gets back to Iacon and finds out exactly how little Jack got to be how he is, and Predaking is not going to be happy to see what's happened to his brother, but the individual I'm most concerned with the reaction of is "D-16". He is most assuredly not going to be happy with this turn of events.
Anodythe chapter 38 . 9/27
You never cease to amaze me. The breadth and scope of this saga is overwhelmingly astounding. I miss Jacks' sparklings. Will they ever make a reappearance?
Ardent Aspen chapter 38 . 9/27
This was deeply, deeply horrifying, but I knew it was coming. It was, at least, not as graphic as I had been afraid it would be, but I shall have to go and watch or read something relentlessly cheerful nonetheless.

Oh my poor babies (who are not at all my babies, in fact they are gigantic robots all very much older than me. But my maternal instincts currently say otherwise.). To have to sift through that, and see what Jack could not. The terror he had to experience for cold, chemical purposes likely did more than its fair share of pyschological damage, but o! O how I hope that he was not aware of the pain he would have experienced.
OPIv2 chapter 37 . 9/19
I have recently discovered your stories and i can say they are the best written stories i read so far on this site. I cannot wait for the next chapter of this story. Keep up the great work.
Ardent Aspen chapter 37 . 8/9

1. Sigma Gift? What is a Sigma Gift? (I ask as if it won't probably be explained later on lol)

2. Yowch, that is not an easy duty, Glyph. But its miles better than what the Senate did.

3. Predaking is the Guardian of the Well! Love it! Very fitting.

4. Okay, you know that feeling when you've had a theory/headcanon buzzing around your brain like forever and then suddenly it's confirmed and you find out you were right? Predaking calling Daybreaker his brother. Aaaahhhhh I'd been wondering if Shockwave's involvement in his "birth" would cause a reaction like that. Hey, Daybreaker could use some gigantic protective older brothers.
daywalker03 chapter 37 . 8/9
Oh my stars... I did not expect him to become involved, nor did I expect him to call Daybreaker "Brother". This is has become very interesting, not to mention more than a bit confusing to the poor Cybertronians that have had brief contact with Daybreaker. Do go on and explain how this happened in whatever form you choose, as I suspect I'm not the only reader that will want to know.
codythedude chapter 36 . 7/2
Just curious is Arcee going to be involved in this at all?
Alathea2 chapter 36 . 5/30
Sorry for the late review. But the delay allowed me to read it several times. :)

This was just as good as I was hoping it would be; rather painful to both mechs, as such moments of 'coming clean' always are, but also tender and heartwarming as well. I wasn't sure how Jazz was going to respond, but his acknowledgement that Prowl had been on the right side and he had not been was… powerful. Of course, I suspect that if they had not had their eons-old relationship and his now long standing habit of relying on Prowl's moral judgement he might not have been so willing to admit that. It also sheds a little bit of light, a deeper meaning to the scene in a previous chapter (I can't remember which one off the top of my head) where Prowl stopped Jazz from off-lining Daybreaker on the Pit Spawn. I really enjoy the unfolding depth and mystery you are managing to maintain in this story.

I suspect that a good deal of Jazz's anger is self directed, though I could be wrong. I am sure he is a little mad at Prowl for not trusting him, as well as perhaps being a little mad that Prowl forgave him when he probably wishes Prowl had at least beat him up a little bit, back in the day. Just a hunch, but thats what it feels like to me. And that just complicates that tantalizing carrot you left at the end of the last chapter: What the pit did Prowl do to Jazz? I am really kinda nervous now about how Jazz will respond. Delaying that conversation is a great way to spike the tension. Gah.

Last note: I hope Prowl doesn't glitch again when he sees the video/hologram/thing. Poor Prowl. ;)
Anodythe chapter 36 . 5/26
You sneaky so-and-so...that little factoid was starting to develop in my mind...I was right. What a tale!
Ardent Aspen chapter 36 . 5/25
Ohhhh myyyy gosh.

"The Quintessons play a long game".
But so, my dear author, do you. I should have seen this coming long ago, and I really don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner. You've dropped little hints here and there, just whispers in the background that sort of build up after a while. And then, rather like a "safety" in my own brain I suppose, everything clicked into place the moment Prowl said "Quintesson."
I remember how in "Trickster", when describing the insidious code, you used the words "bloated" and "vestigial" and "mass" all in give or take the same sentence. And I remember that, at the time, the first thing that came to mind was an image of a Quintesson floating in cyberspace, but I didn't think much of it then.
Oh, clever author! Clever clever author!

Excuse me, I have to go weep over Tumbler and Rollbar now.
daywalker03 chapter 36 . 5/25
Primus... The Quintessons were behind it all? Something tells me that Ratchet needs to hear about this, ASAP, since he's the one that dealt with the Prime Mass. And no doubt Megatron (or whatever he's calling himself now) needs to hear that he wasn't so wrong about the Senate after all; he just went about it the wrong way. Also, I suspect that this code has been used on Daybreaker, unless the kid figured out how to rid himself of it.
Ardent Aspen chapter 35 . 5/18
...loooots of emotion in this one. Lots of ow. I want to ask what happened to all the sparklings whose parents were muredered by order of the Senate, but at the same time I'm afraid of what the answer will be. After all, we've already established that the Senate was behind some monstrous monstrous things.

Now I'm wondering just what that "Safety" is that Prowl's got in his mind, and whether it's a memory to be concerned about. If he's still part of the "cult" of Guardians, did he ever have a child of his own?
daywalker03 chapter 35 . 5/18
Primus... What exactly was the Senate trying to do here? Alter the sparklings so they wouldn't desire the guardian bonds that were the core of the connection between Cybertonians and Primus? And did Alpha Trion suspect anything, or did he honestly think that the Senate was trustworthy enough to let Orion/Optimus be himself? Obviously they weren't, or Optimus wouldn't have nearly died when he finally knew about the Guardian bond between him and Jack/Daybreaker.
Alathea2 chapter 34 . 5/16
I am not even sure what I should or can say here. The emotional catharsis at the end was perfectly placed and executed. I loved this little peek into both Prowl and Jazz and I want to hug them both. I am definitely even more interested in Prowl's past… his sins… than I was before. Did I read that right, he has "plans for Cybertron"? I'm kinda getting creeped out about that. And I honestly had no idea Jazz would loose it this much, though I guess it does kinda fit.

I was rereading the story (again) before I posted this review and was reminded that Glyph still has some of Jack's memories. Is she going to play a role in helping him resort them? (Yes, I am still anxious about the next time she and Daybreaker interact.) Pit, I'm curious as to how Jazz will react to Daybreaker now that he knows who he was… It should be interesting to say the least.

Definitely looking forward to the next installment, I want to know how Jazz and Prowl are going to resolve this issue between them. Actually, I'm so nervous I'm almost holding my breath… but that wouldn't be very healthy. So I'll keep breathing for now. :)
Ardent Aspen chapter 34 . 5/13
Oooohhhh things are building up! (not that they haven't been for the last six chapters or so)

Prowl's going to start putting pieces together really soon, isn't he? Especially if Jazz helps. I wonder if he would've been the type to lie to Jazz before whatever mysterious thing the Senate did to him (I suspect a variant of Shadowplay) during all that talk of a cult that wanted to raise their own sparklings?

I have a feeling the political side of Cybertron had better brace for impact, because with Bumblebee a president and Daybreaker a...well, whatever title fits the child of a Prime, the old ways aren't going to be much use in working things out.
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