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Guest chapter 7 . 2/21
Well... he has a magic core and magic circuits so his origin and element will naturally be bleed into his magic core similar to how he gained parseltongue from the horcrux
Anifan chapter 4 . 2/21
If waver received the golem from zelretch... odds are its a terminator robot
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 82 . 2/15
Hmmm... I know I might sound repeating myself, but I just thought of something.

In the Map, base on what I'm seeing at least, Harry lives just below Scotland and just within London, with Hogwarts being within Scotland itself.

The Isle of Skye where the Gate to the Land of Shadows is being guarded by Scáthach seems to constantly move around, where sometimes it's in the Middle of the North Sea, aka in the West of Scotland, North of Germany and South West of Norway, but sometimes it's around Ireland itself, mostly seen between Ireland and England. This is base on Mythology, due to nobody knowing where it is in said Mythology, unlike in the Real World where it's stated to be the Entire North West of Scotland or something.

The Shapeless Isle is an Unknown location where only the Gray Sisters knew it's location, or to be specific, on how to get there.

The Isle od Delos is stated to be an Island not Connected to the Planet itself, technically making it a Floating Island.

The Castle where the Einzbern's lives is within Germany, specifically in a Mountain District, at the Black Forest, near the Rhine River, which is near the Boarder of Fance and Switzerland.

Asia Argento in DxD is within Italy and near the Vatican City, before she was taken by the Vatican's as their Holy Maiden.

The Farthest place is the Long Island, where Camp Half-blood is Located but Rome is literally just below the Vatican City, even though the New Rome in PJO is located in Brazil, California.

If I made the Isle of Delos, the Shapeless Isle, and the Isle of Skye the same Island, as well as the Land of Whirlpools which not only that it just suddenly Disappeared from the Elemental Nation's, but as well as only an Uzumaki could get to said Land, aka Island, then you could easily see where I'm going with this.

The Magic System of DxD meant anyone can use Magic, only if you have the Capacity for it, in HP, you have to be born with a Magic Core, in PJO, it's mostly about being born with it as well, with a few gaining through being Blessed by a God or Goddess, with most Powers can easily be Classified as being a Psychic, in Fate, being born with Magic Circuits allows them to use Magecraft, where a Magic Core, also known as Dragon Heart, aka Dragon Magic Core, is an Evolution, Culmination, and Combination of all their Magic Circuits into a Single Core like Artoria Pendragon, with a Fae Core, also known as Divine Core, being Superior than a Dragon Core. Lastly, in Naruto the Chakra Pathway System has around 86 Spitting Paths with 8 Gates and 361 Tenketsu aka Pressure Points within said Chakra Pathway System as a Form of Limiters, and lastly, within the Stomach Area, between the 5th and 6th Gate, also known as the Gate of Limit/Closing and Gate of View/Joy Respectively, is where the Chakra Pool is Located, the same as how Fairy Tail Magic Container is Located.

But unlike Fairy Tail, which said Magic Container is called the Origin, is like a Goblet filled with Magical Energy, with the 2nd Origin being a Revelation of a Bowl on the Goblet that Hides the Rest of their Magic, with the 3rd and Final Origin being removing the Cork that allows the Gathering of Magical Energy in the 1st Place, but after removing said Cork, they can never Gather Magical Energy ever again. In Naruto, the 361 Tenketsu also works as where the Chakra can go in an Out of the Body, the 8 Gates being the Limiters that allows the Body to not feel the Strain, hell, opening the 1st Gate, at the Center of the Left Brain, literally remove all the Physical Limiters of the body via Flooding it with Chakra, the 5th, 6th, and 7th Gate are like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Origin, with a difference of not loosing Magic at the 7th, but Death will be sure once the 8th Gate is Open. But the 1st Origin being at the Center of the 5th and 6th Gate, the 2nd Origin being at the Center of 6th and 7th Gate, and the 3rd Origin being below the 7th Gate, as the 8th Gate is the Heart itself.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 75 . 2/13
I wonder if Harry would ever be sent as a Teacher to a Younger Harry Potter, with an Excuse of "I'm you, but from the Future where things didn't go well" and decided to teach him both Magecraft and Wizardcraft, while removing the "Invisible Seal" on him that allows the Minister of Magic to know when and where he uses Magic, and making him get his Wand Early, while teaching him on why it's a good thing to also always keep in touch with the "Muggle" aka Mundane World to not only easily blend in, but to easily spot Wizards and Witches if he ever needed to run.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 74 . 2/13
I never expected for Harry to jump into Sekirei.

Imagine Harry jumping into the world of High School DxD, where the More Powerful you are, the Woman you Attract that wanted to have your Child.

Hell, Imagine Harry Jumping into a World where Harry and Shirou were Cousins with Waver Velvet technically Adopting Harry and bringing him to Fuyuki to visit his Girlfriend Taiga Fujimura and was Shocked when he felt a Pulse of Power being Fixed around Harry when he got in contact with Shirou, whom, to Waver's Surprised, was the Adopted Son of Kiritsugu Emiya.

I can see the Chaos it'll bring if, a Modified Blood Adoption Ritual was done to make Shirou and Harry brothers by Blood, with a Healed Kiritsugu,due to Waver being brave enough to make a deal with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg to not only remove the Curse on Kiritsugu but to also remove the Soul Fragment on Harry's Scar -, becoming their Father by Blood, along with a Kidnapped Illya by said Healed Kiritsugu, to add her to said Modified Ritual, which not onky gave Shirou, Kiritsugu, and Illya Magic Core, but Harry some Magic Circuits, with a side effect of Harry's, Kiritsugu's, and Illya's Hair gaining some Red Color to it, making Illya's hair the same Shade as Chloe von Einzbern, Kiritsugu's being Dried Blood, and Harry having the same Shade as his Biological Mother.

In fact, due to Illya's DNA being Drastically Change, her Skin and Eye Colors are the same as Chloe's.

Leading to Kiritsugu simply changing his last name to Evans, Illya changing her entire name to Chloe Evans, Shirou's to simply Shirou Evans, and Harry as Harry Evans, as none of them, especially Harry, like being on the Spotlight of something he didn't even do.

When they're back to Japan, after doing the literal Modified Blood Adoption Ritual in Gringotts Bank, after Harry sharing his actual life to the Goblin's, and leading to said Ritual, and with Kiritsugu's Request, was Modified.

While at it, with Kiritsugu gaining a House Elf due to his Curiosity and seeing how truly useful they are, unlike the Witches and Wizards, have been sent with Instructions to obtain all of Harry's Possession's via Previous Parentage, including the Cloak of Invisibility, while Kiritsugu and Waver Purchased everything that, not only Harry needed, but as well as Kiritsugu, Chloe, and Shirou's for when they obtain the Owl for Hogwarts. Which also includes Training Wands and Training Brooms.

All I'm saying here is, due to what you started here, you could make a Timeline of Harry Potter that's Mixed with the Fate Series, where Harry and Shirou are Cousins and the same age.

I kinda want to see it.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 65 . 2/11
You know, I wonder, through my own Research for fun, Stheno is an Assassin Class Servant, Euryale is an Archer Class Servant, and Medusa is either a Lancer, Rider, Saber, or Avenger Class Servant, through this, we now need a Caster, Berserker, and Ruler Class Servant to complete the 9 Classes.

You could've easily done this if you wanted, hell, I could see Asterios aka the Minotaur as the Berserker Class Servant and Medea as the Caster Class Servant.

I understand that Stheno and Euryale are still alive, but like Scáthach, whom stated that she's still alive when she was Summoned in the Grand Order, she can still be Summoned as a Heroic Spirit and use this as a Way to keep in contact with Harry by the none Servant Variants of Stheno and Euryale.

But if you wanted a Different Archer and Assassin, then it's fine, i already like Jack as Harry's Assassin, never thought of it due to trying to not use any of the Servants in Zero, Stay Night, Apocrypha, or Major Servant Characters in the Grand Order that i could think of, to at least give other Servants a Chance.

Imagine Harry Summoning the Summer Archer Variants of Osakabehime or Jeanne D'Arc, hell, Summoning the most Unexpected like Chloe von Einzbern as his Archer Class Servant.

Let's see, Lancer, Berserker, Assassin, Caster, and Rider are now Harry's 5 out of 7 Servants Harry could have, now he needed a Saber and Archer Class Servant. Like i said, I'd be funny if he summoned Chloe von Einzbern as his Archer Class Servant, for Saber, well, I could think of a few on top of my Head.

Francesca (Frankenstein Monster), Summer Variant.
Artoria Pendragon, Lily Variant.
Okita Sōji.
Mordred Pendragon.
Miyamoto Musashi.
Sakura Matou (Lancelot Pseudo-Servant Variant).
Sengo Muramasa, for fun and you know why.
Suzuka Gozen, the Fox Girl that looks like she's wearing a Modified School Girl outfit that seems to also fused with the Traditional Miko Outfit.
Beno-Enma, the Short Inn Keeper and Cook.
Gareth, Summer Variant, and my Favorite Servant.

But if we'll go with the Monster Girls Motif here, then I could only think of Ibuki Dōji for the Saber Class, and Atalanta for Archer Class.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 61 . 2/10
Doesn't Jack has the Surgery Skill or something?
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 60 . 2/10
For some reason I imagine Jack the Ripper seeing what happen to Harry and thought "Must Protect" and possibly either Kidnap Harry or leas him away to somewhere better or something.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 59 . 2/10
JACKIE! I never expected to see Jack the Ripper as Harry's Assassin Class Servant, but I guess it's supposed to be Expected.

I wonder if you'll add the Apocrypha Grail War as well? Maybe move it from 2004, which is the Stay Night Grail War already, to 2012, which would Make Shirou at least 23 Years Old. Which would make fhe 2015 Grand Order on which Shirou would at least be 26 Years Old.

Im using Shirou's Age as a Form of Calendar, I mean, Shirou should be around 15 to 16 Years Old for the Stay Night, and around 6 Years Old during Zero, which is occured at 1994, nearing 1995, due to the fact an Early 8th Birthday for Illyasviel von Einzbern, meaning they went to Fuyuki before 11/20/1994, so possibly 11/14/1994 till 11/28/1994 or something.

Stay Night occurred at 01/30/2004 till 02/15/2004, so Shirou would still be 15 during Stay Night.

I know Harry's Birthday to be 07/31/1980, but that's only on his Birth Dimension, not in his Home Dimension.

I could remember that when Shirou is at his 1st Year is when Harry is at his 2nd Year in Hogwarts. due to the fact that Sakura is only a Year Yonger than Shirou, since it stated that Next Uear, Sakura would be in the Same School or same Timeframe next year. Unlike Harry, who would be 12, turning 13, due to being at the 2nd Year of Hogwarts, Rin and Shirou are around 14 to 15 Years Old, so it only required to minus 2 Harry's age from Shirou's Age.

Oh wow, I didn't expect for Harry to be 2 Years Younger thatn Shirou and a Year Younger than Sakura.

Even though I like the Idea of a Harry x Sakura, I also like to see Harry's Reaction to Shirou's Harem, aka Artoria, Rin, Sakura, and Luvia, hell, I like to hear Mordred calling Shirou Mother for crying out loud, the same way Jack might call Harry Mother.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 59 . 2/10
I just thought of something and I'm using the Official Date here on both Harry Potter and Fate Series.

Harry Potter was born at 07/31/1980.
Illyasviel von Einzbern is born at 11/20/1986.
Shirou Emiya is born at 10/20/1988.
Harry starts Attending Hogwarts at 09/01/1991.
The 4th HGW Occurs around 11/14/1994.
The Great Fuyuki Fire Occurrs around 11/28/1994.
Voldemort died at 05/02/1998.
The 5th HGW would occur at 01/30/2004.
Master of Caster was killed by Caster, Medea.
Assassin was Summoned by Caster.

Through this, I thought of a Story due to a Simple Fact that seems like everyone states during the Grand Order.
Scáthach the Immortal Guardian of the Land of Shadows is alive, just before the Incident Occurred in Chaldea.

In short. A 6 Years Old Harry Potter either Runs away or Pushed into the Sea by the Dursleys when they plan to go somewhere.

The Isle of Skye, where the Gate to the Land of Shadows, is around the West Coast of Scotland. Who's to say, Harry wouldn't accidentally found himself to said Island by Accident? Leading to Scáthach the Celtic Queen of the Land of Shadows, the Witch of Dún Scáith, and the Lord of Spirits, to train him in Combat, Magic, and Magecraft, which includes Runecraft, Witchcraft, and Wizardcraft.

When he returns for a bit, it's for Scáthach to be Harry's Legal Guardian on both Mundane and Wizarding Law, via the Blood Adoption Ritual.

When he went to Hogwarts at 09/01/1991, Harry has a Mission, and that's to find and kill the Souls within Horcruxes, due to Scáthach literally Removing Voldemort's Soul Fragment out of Harry's Scar, along with Harry's Parents Soul, Lily Potter ne Evans, and James Potter, while also finishing School.

A few days after 11/28/1994, since the 1st Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament occurred at 11/24/1994, aka after the 4th HGW Ended, Harry gain the Command Seals Early for the 5th HGW, and Summons the Caster Class Servant, Skaði, the Norse Queen of Ice and Snow, and the Bride of the Gods, a slightly Shy Version of Scáthach, whom become Harry's Dance Partner.

After Harry's 4th Year in Hogwarts, Skaði decided to have the Upper Arm via Summoning her own Servant, leading to her Summoning an Assassin Class Servant, and by a Twist of Fate, it's Osakabehime.

I wanted to see Harry in Stay Night, Apocrypha, and Grand Order.

Plus, I wanted Harry to be trained by both Scáthach and Skaði, and how much it would change.

You could even change Skaði's Summoning via Harry trying out the Familiar Summoning Ritual, not knowing he's mixing in the Servant Summoning Ritual, a Year before he get his Letter, and be shocked on where he's living in, aka the Isle of Skye.
RDDash chapter 1 . 2/9
Wow, he gets kicked and abused by the terrible Dursleys again. Wow, so very creative it's been done like a million times before.
RDDash chapter 3 . 2/9
Can we just skip this nonsense fanfic writing about all of the things goblins don't do?
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 41 . 2/7
Thought of a Fanfiction Idea you moght like to Try, Harry James Potter the Grandson of Death and Youth, with James Potter being the son of Thanatos (Letus) the Greek God of Peaceful Death and Lily Potter ne Evans is the daughter of Juventas (Hebe) the Roman Goddess of Eternal Youth and Forgiveness.

I'll use Canon Birthates you could use on how you could make this work or when should Certain things would Occur.

07/31/1980Harry James Potter
12/22/1987Thalia Grace, Daughter of Zeus
08/18/1993Perseus "Percy" Achilles Jackson

09/01/1991Harry Potter (11) Went to Hogwarts

12/21/2005Zeus's Lightning Bolt and Hades's Helm of Darkness was Stolen
06/03/2006Percy Jackson (12, turning 13) is in Camp Half-blood
06/10/2006Percy Jackson is Claimed by his Father, Poseidon
06/11/2006Percy Jackson went on a Quest for the Lightning Bolt

Due to this alone, not much will occur on both Series, but you could change that a bit with Harry being given a Quest by both the Greek and Roman Aspect of his literal GrandGodParents, along with the real owner of Hogwarts, Hecate and Trivia the Greek and Roman Goddesses of Magic, the Mist, Crossroads, Necromancy, Ghosts, the Night, amd the Moon.

You could make her and Thanatos annoyed of Albus Dumbledore for trying to Manipulate Harry, but since none of the 3 Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses were Olympians, they could raise Harry, but just in a safer side, gain some help to some Clear-sighted Mortal Friends of theirs to help him be raised, with Hecate changing a bit of the aspect of Magic that is placed by his Parents, and Convincing Hades to at least have Harry's Parents as his own Guardian Ghosts to actually strengthen said Spells.

I could even Imagine Hecate taking the Cloak of Invisibility out of Dumbledore's hands and give it to Harry before the time comes.

Harry will be 7 Years older than Thalia and 13 Years older than Percy, then it wouldn't be a Surprise if an 18 Years Old Harry Potter personally giving a Letter to an 11 Years Old Thalia Grace to come to Hogwarts, 2 Years before she would be turned into a Tree, which Harry would Prevent and make it seems like she did, but in actuality, she's staying in the Wizarding World, 1 of the rare Places where no Gods could interfere as Hecate and Trivia aren't only the Strongest Deity's in said Location, but it also acts like how Camp Half-blood and Camp Jupiter are, a Haven for Half-bloods. I can even see a 24 Years Old Hermione Granger feeling some Nastalgia towards the 11 Years Old Annabeth Chase and commenting on how the 11 Years Old Percy Jackson reminds her of Harry but without the Glasses.

It could work, if you could make Original Stories before the Problems starts occuring.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 40 . 2/7
I might use your idea of Harry Potter's Origin of Soul and Element of Being, but i wanted your opinion of what Origin and Element should this Characters should have.

Uzumaki Naruto from the Naruto Series. Nobody doesn't know Naruto, a Prankster at heart and would be Sorted to Griffindor, with an Equal Possiblity to be placed in Hufflepuff.

Asia Argento from the High School DxD Series, as she's known not only as a Pacifist but a Natural Dragon Tamer, aside for her being an Ex-Holy Maiden due to a Devil tricking her to healing him that lead to her being Ex-Communicated and Labeled as a Witch. Due to her Kind Nature and Hard Working Attitude, she'll be sorted to Hufflepuff, with an Equal Possiblity to be placed in Ravenclaw.

Ruby Rose from the RWBY Series. She's Smart and Hyperactive, and a Natural Mechanic with a fond of Creating Mecha-Shift Weaponry. Due to this, she would be sorted into Ravenclaw, but with an Equal Possiblity to be placed to Slitherin, despite her Attitude being more of a Griffindor or Hufflepuff.

Emiya Shirou's Origin and Element is already known, but since so many people saying that, due to the Curse Fire, his Original Origin and Element were Altered into Swords, i wanted your own Opinion on what his supposed Original Origin and Element. He's definitely a Hufflepuff.

Yes, I'm planning to mix all of this Series, possibly the Percy Jackson Series as well, into a Fanfiction.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 19 . 2/4
I didn't expect for Harry to summon Lancer Class Elizabeth Báthory and Berserker Class Frankenstein, though it seems like you accidentally reversed Elizabeth's Agility and Mana, since Elizabeth's Agility is E, not A and her Mana is A, not E.

I'm hoping for Lancer Scáthach and Caster Scáthach-Skaði cause of 2 things, not only that it seems appropriate, but it kinda work for him.

Sure, they're too Powerful, and possibly would only appear due to Bazett's Presence or through Harry's Runecraft Filled Clothing.

But mostly, I really wanted to see Cú Culainn feeling Afraid of seeing 2 Versions of his Teacher against him, and even going as far as saying "It's unfair, I'm the Summoned Lancer!" with both Satanta's Teacher saying "Oh? It seems like we have to correct that, now do we?" with Cú either running away or being called back for it.

Though, due to the Possibility, well, you already stated that Harry will be a Master of the 5th Holy Grail War, him Summoning a Lancer and Berserker are out, meaning, the Slots for those 2 has been Filled, would this means Zelretch would make Harry Summon 6 out of 7 Servants 1st before the war or not.

The only open Spots I could think of is Caster and Assassin for Harry, since Shirou would definitely have Saber, Sakura a Rider, Rin an Archer, Bazett a Lancer, and Illya a Berserker.

If Caster's Previous Master won't be a Master, then it's possible for Harry to Summon his own Caster, but if he still did and die like the original Timeline, then the only open slot would be Assassin, and I wonder if he'll summon either Serenity or Jack for Assassin, while I could only think of Scáthach-Skaði for Caster, well, aside for Merlin.
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