Reviews for Fate's Gamble
Sud64 chapter 19 . 10/21
dropped, sorry.
FireFox2590 chapter 75 . 10/18
Huh interesting seems that Angra Mainyu might be hanging around still, that would be nice, giving him a friend in Harry.
FireFox2590 chapter 42 . 10/16
I kinda want Harry to go back to Buckbeak and apologise for stepping in, and letting him know that Malfoy is already on his kill list and that ge couldn't let Buckbeak kill him because he had dibs on him first. Buckbeak would probably understand and respect that.
FireFox2590 chapter 36 . 10/15
"What show in particular was this?" Harry asked, already dreading the answer.
"I believe it was called Highschool DxD."
FireFox2590 chapter 6 . 10/15
I hope that he summons Merlin, just solely based on his wizard blood. Merlin could teach him a few things before he needs to leave.
adam110902 chapter 88 . 10/10
Sensepi Rescopula chapter 19 . 10/4
angra mainyu :
EdTheBeast chapter 88 . 9/22
An intesely intriguing must read story!
Call to arms 1234 chapter 9 . 8/28
If add Merlin in the mix it would be a nightmare or if you wanna make it worse, Add the twins and Merlin then we get the end of all living beings in all realities
Maheshvara10 chapter 87 . 8/18
Re-Reading this story after a year. It's still best harry potter fanfiction.
SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed chapter 43 . 8/8
If I were Harry I'd have flown into transfiguration in my raven form and sat on the teacher's desk.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/5
This is very annoying and I just can't keep overlooking it. The conversations for the most part are horrible except when they are short or it's with those from moon-verse. The personality of the characters are in general lacking and just seem very one-dimensional.

I like the way the 2 universes are combined and I like how the story is progressing and the direction it seems to be moving, but most of the interactions and characters are just lacking.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/4
It's really to bad I think the story really had potential, but it is just way over the top in soo many ways that it just gets boring. Really it's to bad.
Dayside chapter 72 . 8/4
Yeah I'm dropping this story. Everything in the grail war just completely and utterly ruined it for me. Most of the stuff during this arc made no sense at all.
Dayside chapter 70 . 8/4
The whole grail war part of this story has so far completely ruined the entire book for me. It's just so sub-par compared to previous chapters.
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