Reviews for Fate's Gamble
Archangel Change24 chapter 9 . 15h
So i have a theory about WHY things transfigured revert to their original form. Lets use turning a rock into a rat for example. When you turn a rock into a rat it is a very minor use of the akashic records. You send what amounts to a feather of energy to brush across the impression of what a rat IS that impression sticks to the feather vaguely and then is brushed over the rock and for so long as it is supplied with prana the world is convinced that the rock is a rat. But when that prana goes away that impression of a rat rapidly crumbles and the memory of the rock bound into the akashic records comes into focus again and the rat reverts to a rock. With something like turning a cat into a goblet you are doing the same in reverse. Though you are fighting the cat’s knowledge of it being a cat which is much harder. If you knock a cat out then do it there is less to fight but the complexity of the cat’s “memory” in the akashic records leaves more of an imprint and your impression of a rock has to fight that imprint.
Archangel Change24 chapter 8 . 15h
Did you just watch the movies or did you actually read the books? If you read the books you weren’t every thorough. To get into hufflepuff commonroom you must tap a specific barrel in a specific rhythm. If you fail you get sprayed with vinegar.
Archangel Change24 chapter 6 . 17h
Yeah you completely fail to take into account that Voldemort isn’t even just 1/7th of a person. He is only 0.78125% of a person. The part that possesses Quirrel acts perfect for how someone that BROKEN should act. I do agree that cannon Harry survives by luck a bit much. And the Diary fragment should be MUCH more dangerous to Harry than it was. Rather than just standing at the side taunting Harry he should have been attacking or SOMETHING. But the fact of the matter is the enemy in Harry potter has NEVER been Voldemort. It has been the wizarding society over all that was the enemy. Voldemort is just a broken shell of a twisted man who is but a fragment of an even more broken and twisted little boy. The society of the wizarding world however is a broken inbred mess.
Archangel Change24 chapter 6 . 17h
To be fair on your rant on Voldemort you are right and wrong at the same time. You view cannon Voldemort as an unimaginative idiot. Which is wrong Voldemort split his soul into 7 pieces and that doesn’t come without consequences. Imagine you split everything you are, not just your magic or power but also you sanity and potential, into 7 seperate pieces each being smaller than the last due to how much of YOU there is left. That is what Voldemort did… the Voldemort that possessed Quirrel was VERY insane and barely a fragment of a fragment of a person. While the fragment in the diary should be MUCH more dangerous since it is the largest fragment of who he actually is. A Voldemort in his right mind would have slowly and steadily taken over the wizarding world without ever killing a soul. But since the diary was made he HASN’T been in his right mind and likely got WORSE with each fragment not better. Think about it. Voldemort was known as a cunning, sneaky, and ambitious child whose silver tongue could turn almost anyone into an ally. But over time he got more and more violent and twisted. To be honest i think the last time he did something sane was when he applied for the defense against the dark arts post at hogwarts. From then on the only thing you hear from him is terror and murder. Before that he actually seeked out ways to get what he wanted without just killing everything in his way.
Zero chapter 2 . 4/21
I wonder how this will affect the cannon.
FrostyBehemoth chapter 5 . 4/9
So you have harry look at sakura, say i am not going to get involved, next minute he is balls deep in shirous business. What the fuck is wrong you. How does that make any sense?
sahibjit669 chapter 40 . 4/7
you should do this and star Wars crossover
Argonaut986 chapter 88 . 3/31
Talk about a close call… Harry almost got sighted…
Argonaut986 chapter 87 . 3/31
Argonaut986 chapter 86 . 3/31
That was an extremely irksome ’prank’ perpetrated by those two…
Argonaut986 chapter 85 . 3/31
Busy indeed…
Argonaut986 chapter 84 . 3/31
Adrenaline junkies eat you hearts out… figuratively speaking…
Argonaut986 chapter 83 . 3/30
Wow… talk about impressive blades…
Argonaut986 chapter 82 . 3/30
Talk about an entertaining task…
Argonaut986 chapter 81 . 3/30
What Harry did, regarding the moving platforms, was amusing…
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