Reviews for Fate's Gamble
Argonaut986 chapter 3 . 3/12
Talk about an amusing scene at the end of the chapter…
Argonaut986 chapter 2 . 3/11
Talk about an unexpected meeting…
Argonaut986 chapter 1 . 3/11
Thus starts the gamble of Fate…
mattzem6 chapter 10 . 3/10
You can't edit a review you posted so I figured I would just do a follow-up before dropping the story. If I would have known that this story is a homoerotic story about a tranny pupa to butterfly Harry Potter adventure I would not have started this story. It slowly creeps up on you in the writing to where you take a look back and go WTF am I reading. If this isn't your cup of tea then hopefully you read the reviews before wasting your time. Other then that the writing is fairly good.
mattzem6 chapter 9 . 3/10
I can put up with a lot if the story is well-written and interesting but turning Harry Potter into a trap is too far. The floor-length long hair and dressing him up as a magical girl is just dumb and kind of gross.
Guest chapter 46 . 3/9
This started off great and was a really entertaining read, however the longer goes on, especially after the 40s it's becoming more and more difficult to read. I want to continue so much but it's getting tougher.

The longer it goes on, the less Harry is 'Indifferent' and the more he is 'Edgy'. Not only that, but recently he's been a doormat. Like getting pressed by Hermione, her parents, since when tf do they butt into his business when it's clear they have no say in it?
There's so many small 'wtf are you doing' moments. Like him walking around with all his wings. Ok... Transforming into a girl. Ok... Drinking blood at Hogwarts? Ok... Ugh!

Moreover how many times is Harrys character going to be reiterated? It's been done several times in just the last few chapters, like holy crap, yes we know what his character is supposed to be. Feels like Author is particularly happy with his how his character is supposed to be and slobbing on Harrys knob.

Then there is Zelretch. Millennia old and can peak into alternative world lines and completely different 'fictional' universes. He's seen some shit. All kinds of shit. Why would he be impressed because Harry can manipulate his hair. Like fr? His character has been reduced to a prop to explain things he should already know so we the readers know. Like his wise/experienced character has been shot to hell. At least he remains knowledgeable. But it's so frustrating, like his conversation with Dumbledore served literally no purpose other than getting the sorting hat in trouble.

And finally. There are so many characters. Yes we know them, it's nice they're in the story. But they don't need to be in every scene. We aren't going to forget them just because they aren't in every group moment. Any moment that goes on anymore and there's like a dozen people there. These moments are being watered down. The characters are too, becoming insignificant, just in the background. Like Len. Fuck even his newly created staff has become a character.

End of rant. Hope it gets better. I'll drop by 55 if it doesn't.
Guest chapter 45 . 3/9
Feels like Harry is becoming a doormat.
Guest chapter 43 . 3/7
It seems like Harrys reactions are being over the top recently, overly dramatic vein tics, anger.
Over it seems like he's been getting edgier and posturing more than his characteristic indifference would allow.
Character interactions recently have also been a bit off tilt.
Like Altrouge, why would she give a fuck about some random stalker vampire recently? Why would Arc care about a vampire connected to Roa? Just kill her and be done with it, why make it more of a hassle, moreso a hassle for Harry, whom they know is being run all over the place and has very limited time to take care of more issues.
Additionally there's been a few times when something has been rehashed when it had been done before, or something that walks back on something previously written and established. Like Harry claiming to never have heard Len speak, when we the readers know for fact he has.
Or when McGonagall had her PoV, and it felt so off as she already had classes with Harry, speaking about things that have already happened and she should already know but as if she's just figuring them out right then and there.

This has been a pretty enjoyable read so far, but a number of smaller things are popping up and they're adding up to make an overall less pleasant reading experience. :/
Guest chapter 41 . 3/7
Why does he always have his wings out? Seems a bit inconvenient
JaconeDO chapter 26 . 3/5
Slight Spoiler Warning:

You have no idea how happy this chapter made me! When the story started and I read the characterization of Albus in this story I was admittedly worried that it would take a heavy bashing direction for him. And while I don’t mind and actually enjoy seeing Albus have to deal with the consequences of his actions, I don’t enjoy bashing. But I stuck with the story because I saw how you handled Hermione. Initially it felt a little bashing towards her character but when you actually took the time to explain the character’s reasonings and worked to smooth out the rough spots and disagreements I decided to stay and hope the same for Albus. And Im glad I did. Like I said I don’t like bashing of characters because I feel it’s lazy and childish. So seeing this change of dynamics between characters is great and I hope it isnt a ruse or one off thing
Guest chapter 7 . 2/21
Well... he has a magic core and magic circuits so his origin and element will naturally be bleed into his magic core similar to how he gained parseltongue from the horcrux
Anifan chapter 4 . 2/21
If waver received the golem from zelretch... odds are its a terminator robot
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 82 . 2/15
Hmmm... I know I might sound repeating myself, but I just thought of something.

In the Map, base on what I'm seeing at least, Harry lives just below Scotland and just within London, with Hogwarts being within Scotland itself.

The Isle of Skye where the Gate to the Land of Shadows is being guarded by Scáthach seems to constantly move around, where sometimes it's in the Middle of the North Sea, aka in the West of Scotland, North of Germany and South West of Norway, but sometimes it's around Ireland itself, mostly seen between Ireland and England. This is base on Mythology, due to nobody knowing where it is in said Mythology, unlike in the Real World where it's stated to be the Entire North West of Scotland or something.

The Shapeless Isle is an Unknown location where only the Gray Sisters knew it's location, or to be specific, on how to get there.

The Isle od Delos is stated to be an Island not Connected to the Planet itself, technically making it a Floating Island.

The Castle where the Einzbern's lives is within Germany, specifically in a Mountain District, at the Black Forest, near the Rhine River, which is near the Boarder of Fance and Switzerland.

Asia Argento in DxD is within Italy and near the Vatican City, before she was taken by the Vatican's as their Holy Maiden.

The Farthest place is the Long Island, where Camp Half-blood is Located but Rome is literally just below the Vatican City, even though the New Rome in PJO is located in Brazil, California.

If I made the Isle of Delos, the Shapeless Isle, and the Isle of Skye the same Island, as well as the Land of Whirlpools which not only that it just suddenly Disappeared from the Elemental Nation's, but as well as only an Uzumaki could get to said Land, aka Island, then you could easily see where I'm going with this.

The Magic System of DxD meant anyone can use Magic, only if you have the Capacity for it, in HP, you have to be born with a Magic Core, in PJO, it's mostly about being born with it as well, with a few gaining through being Blessed by a God or Goddess, with most Powers can easily be Classified as being a Psychic, in Fate, being born with Magic Circuits allows them to use Magecraft, where a Magic Core, also known as Dragon Heart, aka Dragon Magic Core, is an Evolution, Culmination, and Combination of all their Magic Circuits into a Single Core like Artoria Pendragon, with a Fae Core, also known as Divine Core, being Superior than a Dragon Core. Lastly, in Naruto the Chakra Pathway System has around 86 Spitting Paths with 8 Gates and 361 Tenketsu aka Pressure Points within said Chakra Pathway System as a Form of Limiters, and lastly, within the Stomach Area, between the 5th and 6th Gate, also known as the Gate of Limit/Closing and Gate of View/Joy Respectively, is where the Chakra Pool is Located, the same as how Fairy Tail Magic Container is Located.

But unlike Fairy Tail, which said Magic Container is called the Origin, is like a Goblet filled with Magical Energy, with the 2nd Origin being a Revelation of a Bowl on the Goblet that Hides the Rest of their Magic, with the 3rd and Final Origin being removing the Cork that allows the Gathering of Magical Energy in the 1st Place, but after removing said Cork, they can never Gather Magical Energy ever again. In Naruto, the 361 Tenketsu also works as where the Chakra can go in an Out of the Body, the 8 Gates being the Limiters that allows the Body to not feel the Strain, hell, opening the 1st Gate, at the Center of the Left Brain, literally remove all the Physical Limiters of the body via Flooding it with Chakra, the 5th, 6th, and 7th Gate are like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Origin, with a difference of not loosing Magic at the 7th, but Death will be sure once the 8th Gate is Open. But the 1st Origin being at the Center of the 5th and 6th Gate, the 2nd Origin being at the Center of 6th and 7th Gate, and the 3rd Origin being below the 7th Gate, as the 8th Gate is the Heart itself.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 75 . 2/13
I wonder if Harry would ever be sent as a Teacher to a Younger Harry Potter, with an Excuse of "I'm you, but from the Future where things didn't go well" and decided to teach him both Magecraft and Wizardcraft, while removing the "Invisible Seal" on him that allows the Minister of Magic to know when and where he uses Magic, and making him get his Wand Early, while teaching him on why it's a good thing to also always keep in touch with the "Muggle" aka Mundane World to not only easily blend in, but to easily spot Wizards and Witches if he ever needed to run.
Suzuran Kishigane chapter 74 . 2/13
I never expected for Harry to jump into Sekirei.

Imagine Harry jumping into the world of High School DxD, where the More Powerful you are, the Woman you Attract that wanted to have your Child.

Hell, Imagine Harry Jumping into a World where Harry and Shirou were Cousins with Waver Velvet technically Adopting Harry and bringing him to Fuyuki to visit his Girlfriend Taiga Fujimura and was Shocked when he felt a Pulse of Power being Fixed around Harry when he got in contact with Shirou, whom, to Waver's Surprised, was the Adopted Son of Kiritsugu Emiya.

I can see the Chaos it'll bring if, a Modified Blood Adoption Ritual was done to make Shirou and Harry brothers by Blood, with a Healed Kiritsugu,due to Waver being brave enough to make a deal with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg to not only remove the Curse on Kiritsugu but to also remove the Soul Fragment on Harry's Scar -, becoming their Father by Blood, along with a Kidnapped Illya by said Healed Kiritsugu, to add her to said Modified Ritual, which not onky gave Shirou, Kiritsugu, and Illya Magic Core, but Harry some Magic Circuits, with a side effect of Harry's, Kiritsugu's, and Illya's Hair gaining some Red Color to it, making Illya's hair the same Shade as Chloe von Einzbern, Kiritsugu's being Dried Blood, and Harry having the same Shade as his Biological Mother.

In fact, due to Illya's DNA being Drastically Change, her Skin and Eye Colors are the same as Chloe's.

Leading to Kiritsugu simply changing his last name to Evans, Illya changing her entire name to Chloe Evans, Shirou's to simply Shirou Evans, and Harry as Harry Evans, as none of them, especially Harry, like being on the Spotlight of something he didn't even do.

When they're back to Japan, after doing the literal Modified Blood Adoption Ritual in Gringotts Bank, after Harry sharing his actual life to the Goblin's, and leading to said Ritual, and with Kiritsugu's Request, was Modified.

While at it, with Kiritsugu gaining a House Elf due to his Curiosity and seeing how truly useful they are, unlike the Witches and Wizards, have been sent with Instructions to obtain all of Harry's Possession's via Previous Parentage, including the Cloak of Invisibility, while Kiritsugu and Waver Purchased everything that, not only Harry needed, but as well as Kiritsugu, Chloe, and Shirou's for when they obtain the Owl for Hogwarts. Which also includes Training Wands and Training Brooms.

All I'm saying here is, due to what you started here, you could make a Timeline of Harry Potter that's Mixed with the Fate Series, where Harry and Shirou are Cousins and the same age.

I kinda want to see it.
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