Reviews for In The Midst of Darkness
Fher34 chapter 3 . 4/12
He what?! I didn't c this one coming o.o there is more to this guy than hinata thought eh? Lol
Nice! Keep this up! :D
Guest chapter 29 . 4/10
Sasukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :) :)
Fher34 chapter 2 . 4/12
No naruto u dumb dude! You don't propose to sakura! Ohmygosh he's so freaking oblivious to hinata I want to smack him on the face with my high heeled shoe. And trust me, it will feeling hurt!
Poor Hinata :/
*sobs. Why! Why is she always the one that suffers? D: its not fair!
Good chapter :D cant wait to see what sasuke does though o.e
StopTeasing chapter 29 . 4/10
She would still get the huugya curse mark because they have fo protect the bakugyan secert good chapter.
BashyBunny chapter 29 . 4/10
I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. I just damn hope that Sasuke will make it to the wedding cause damn hell would freeze over if he didn't.
I will make it freeze.
So yeah
Have fun in making the next chapter XD
xXYour DoomXx chapter 29 . 4/10
Awesome! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 28 . 4/3
Love this story sooo much! Cant wait till the end :)
xXYour DoomXx chapter 28 . 4/5
Guest chapter 28 . 4/2
This is getting so good! Update :)
LoneWolfPack chapter 28 . 4/4
Amazing story! Plz update! :D
StopTeasing chapter 28 . 4/4
Damn good good
BashyBunny chapter 28 . 4/3
Holy shit
skyrab94 chapter 28 . 4/2
no why would you do this to me
StopTeasing chapter 27 . 3/29
Good good will sasuke get in leaf before they announce it or sasuke comes on her wedding day and takes her from the altar.
Guest chapter 26 . 3/25
He's aliveeeeeeeeeee! omg thank you! i was so sad, now I can't wait for the next chapter :) :) So much love to you
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