Reviews for Trading Places
VeltaIO chapter 1 . 1/1/2005
One of the best of what is a consistently high-quality series. One of my two favorites, along with The Start of a Beautiful Friendship.

The repetition of "They've done it again" by three different characters at the start of the story was a nice touch, as was Stephen's repetition of his comment re his love of his job in many different tones and to convey many different emotions in the story The Revenge of Kingpin.

The power switch is a very effective set up for the heroes to explore each others skills and powers and how these influence the relationship they have with one another both personally and professionally, hopefully leading to a stronger friendship.

This time I wasn't always convinced by the characterisations, but they're your characters so who cares about my oppinions. I did enjoy Moe's confusion/suspicion re lack of mental commands. Earlier I appreciated Peter figuring out how to reveal to Stephen that he was the real one. Of course the agent identification would work - atleast it would the first time. Peter and Stephen's growing paranoia definitely fit the situation as well.

I was surprised we didn't see more of Victor and that he didn't show up on his own after Peter's nightmare. If as Stephen put it "Half of Manhattan probably heard" than I'm surprised Victor didn't sense something wrong and atleast call. As well, I'm sure he would have made a better teacher than a non-psychic Stephen. Oh well, they probably just wanted their privacy - but he did eventually find out.

Three of the best scenes were the extended sequence involving the explorations of their powers, particularly including their fight; the effect the pairs unusual visit to their office had on the rest of the Classic's staff; and the meeting with uncle Vincent, though as I said I expected that to be more extended - I would have loved to see more of it. And I loved the phrase "laughing lunatic and his muscle bound arachnoid partner."

I can see lots of potential for another run in with Chameleon. Another switch could be fun, with the two enjoying the opportunity to spend some more time playing around with the other's powers, or Chameleon obtaining one or both's powers when aiming at the reporter, and uncovering the secret identities, and finally Chameleon appearing as one reporter to the other and using the agent phrases, which he has managed to realize were how Peter made Stephen accept that he was the real deal, to mislead the other.

Once again thanks for a great read and looking forward in anticipation to more.
KrystalB2003 chapter 1 . 7/8/2004
It may be a couple years now since this story was first written, but I only discovered it last night. I forfeited a whole night's sleep (with a busy day ahead of me) for this series of stories, because I just couldn't tear myself away from them! I found this particular story from a favorites list first, and I read it without knowing that it was only a part of a much longer series. I was almost depressed when I thought I had finished it, and I just about had a stroke (from joy) when I discovered how many stories of yours there actually are!

I had no knowledge of anything having to do with The Shadow going into this, but I love every moment with the guy! Spiderman and The Shadow make such a great team in these that it's hard to believe it's not cannon (at least it never has been to my knowledge).

These stories are so wonderful! So much wit and suspense and flat out great writing! I'm off to read a few more, and I'm starting from the beginning this time. I’ve read the first couple in the series already as I write this and I’ll continue from there, most likely spattering a few more reviews along the way. :)
Corbin Slate chapter 1 . 4/12/2003
This story is really cool! I thought you did an awesome job. Anywho, keep writing those awesome stories!

Moonbeam chapter 1 . 9/9/2002
Hi again! Since you've enabled anonymous readers to review now, just thought I'd make a public statement to say: "This is the BEST of the Spidey/Shadow crossovers to date! Come one, come all... you'll love it!" And indeed, you will. It's well-written and explores both Peter's and Stephen's characters through how they percieve their abilities-their own, and each others. Very well done! Besides, it's got everything a good story should: angst, humour, action, and a plot twist at the end!