Reviews for Is Death Her Gift?
dushkuhasdibs chapter 1 . 8/19/2013
GREAT opening, way to immediately set the darker tone and complicated dynamic of Giles and Faith. I love (you know, in that angsty way) how even though the situation is mental torture for her...there's no doubt Faith is going to get on that plane, because NO ONE else can do the job that needs to be done.
aliceinwonderbra chapter 2 . 8/19/2013
Getting through LAX with little hassle, eh? I'm gonna guess you're not from around here, Brut. :p

I loved this part: "But in prison, Faith had finally taken time to learn the difference. The predator inside was a crucial part of what she was, but it wasn't who she was and it wasn't where her true strength lay. It was her humanity that made her strong—her ability to decide to protect others who couldn't protect themselves." Great insight into Faith, because that so is how she saw herself before. Brute strength made her strong, and other than that, she didn't know who she was. Nice to see her changing and growing.

Dana quoting all those terrible moments at Faith was cool and surprising. Maybe I just forgot what happened in the episode, but it was surprising to me. :p Kudos to Faith for not letting it get under her skin.
Ironbear chapter 3 . 8/19/2013

No, NOT "meh" for the story. GREAT story. Wow. Powerful stuff.

Just... meh for General Buffy and her self righteous crap. She's killed more humans, albeit *mostly* in self defense through seven years of BtVS than Faith did in her career. And she was going to kill Faith not to prevent her from killing anyone else, or even for threatening and harming her friends, but to feed to her vampire lover to save his life. (I thought that was a nice bit of irony that that ended up saving faith's life later.)

And the Faith arc was the only s8 comics I read. Hated Giles in that. Hated the way that the writers threatened to make light of all of Faith's growth and her actual redemption (as opposed to the faux redemption of Spike and Andrew *spit*) by having Giles manipulate her into being an assassin again. Making him different from Wilkins how, exactly?

Anyway: great story, well written, and you have a good insight into Faith's mind's eye. Sorry for the mini-rant. ;)
aliceinwonderbra chapter 1 . 8/18/2013
Let it be known that it's still technically the weekend here, so I am not late. :p This chapter provides good insight into Faith's mindset and her feelings about being the one who deals with the rogues. The fact that Faith was called upon for this gig in general... I don't know, it makes me resent Giles. I'm not saying I don't think they're on the side of the greater good to put down the ones who use their powers for evil, but the fact that it's Faith who does it just makes me so sad. She went so off the rails after Finch, it almost destroyed her. So to have it just be like, well, your out resident killer, so why not... Ugh. Damn you, Giles! I also hated him for saying "of all the times for you to grow a conscience..." Low blow.

It's interesting how little justification she makes to herself about her actions. She calls it murder. I think it speaks a lot to how far she's come and her path to atonement. Great start, and sucked me in right away, to both Faith's plight and Dana's. :)