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crayonickle chapter 3 . 10/2
Sorry about going like that author your story is really really good.. but you know I really felt like just showing that Ranga asshole that he really needs stop fangirling that Uchiha...
crayonickle chapter 2 . 10/2
And as far as naruto is concerned, please his studies got sabotaged at the academy, he was denied proper food and even shelter, nobody cared for him enough to check him on daily basis, yet he never even thought of betraying konohagure and he gained power just so he could protect his people... sasugay on the other hand had people swooning over him and worshipping the path that he walked, he was given everything he needed yet that power hungry asshole betrayed everyone just so he can gain more power from that pedohile orochimaru... oh god he really disgusts me... and the best part is that he did all of this just so he can kill his brother who most likely had said to him that "sasugay u can't kill me cause your tiny wiener is not even worthy of defeating me"
crayonickle chapter 1 . 10/2
Fuck you Rangle , U say that Uzamaki's are a bunch of losers and Sasuke is the best just cause he's an Uchiha ? Bitch please he's an arrogant asshole with a duck butt hairstyle who needs an ass kicking on daily basis, and just so if I remember correctly when there was a combined attack on ushiokagure, the uzumaki's were outnumbered by 1:100, but they still managed to decimate almost 90% of their army if not more. And the just so remind me that if the Uchiha's were able to accomplish such a feat... oh wait I forgot that they were easily massacred by a single person in one night... like bitch please were they even trying to defend themselves ? If yes then I seriously doubt the strength of oh so mighty Uchiha's...
Rangle chapter 5 . 9/21
Uzumaki is an overrated clan. They are after all just a bunch losers that got wiped. You should've switched the main focus of the story to Sasuke.
Rangle chapter 4 . 9/21
If Sasuke and Sakura get a little serious, Naruto will be left in the dust.
Rangle chapter 1 . 9/21
Meh, once an idiot always an idiot. Sasuke is superior compared to Naruto. Although, Boruto is promising and way more competent than Naruto at his age.
Guest chapter 15 . 9/13
Please continue this. It's nice. chapter 15 . 9/6
Awesomeness! I can't wait for more!
Ash0011 chapter 15 . 9/6
gah you had orrochi escape against impossible odds, do you know how unbelievably annoying that is!? just once I'd like him to die and stay dead

but anyways, aside from that this story was rather enjoyable
ivanganev1992 chapter 15 . 7/18
CH 15 Intresting story. Update please . Maybe sstudying under someone Maybe Jiraya and Anko and Kakashy and Asuma if he is willing to help .
Originally Kakashi's laziness stunted and made it different from Naruto . And train separately and in between is not training under the tutors

The future of the sword is unknown. If Naruto has the key would be easier if it is trusted That. And Kuubi is just observing . He could help maybe? Or Naruto ask it for history lesson. Or something beside chakra.

Maybe uzumaki was sealed in the olthar . the time will tell .
Bosma17 chapter 15 . 7/16
Please update
SlyUzumakiVii chapter 1 . 6/17
anddddddd apparently the story is probably dead based on the date... uggh sad. its a great story
SlyUzumakiVii chapter 15 . 6/17
i apologise on so many levels... for my previous review apparently fanfiction ignored every time i hit enter to isolate points making things very hard to read
SlyUzumakiVii chapter 15 . 6/17
exciting... i live it and random thoughts from me
...also sorry for any typos... also in every point i make a point not to reveal anything as to spoil anything plot related and im just commenting on some of the awesome scenes or pointing out some potential things from an outside perspective... also know i really love this story so far and look foreward to anything thay you come up with next.
the random points: Sasuke could do awesome stuff with the nidaimes sword that's just a fact especially the way youve built him in your story where as opposed to cannon he didnt just learn the chidori and spam it he actually uses his newly gained affinity in a a variety of ways befitting a shinobi. Sakura...with her current sensei and training its going to be very interesting i see her going to poisons instead of medical now maybe some more genjutsu as well Hinata... with the advice of the one she crushes on and the teaching from the legend she could totally be the best medic ever... not to mention could you imagine chakra scalpels mixing with gentle fist? neji and naruto... those two with shika and sasuke would make a fearsome Anbu unit down the line shika... i love your new jutsu for him and if he starts training more as now hes going to have that youve done what youve have with his father with Ino being troublesome to force him to train... he could easily get on the same level as sasuke i mention sasuke because besides naruto hes the best rookie. and no one can really reach Naruto's level of potential especially if you do away with the indra and ashura theme. i also love the result of the neji v lee fight never actually read one like it the ame trio and their message! Awesome way to go about their backstory as opposed to none like canon. Kurotsuchi and her grandfathers teasing was highly amusing and fun to read as was the fuin texting between naruto and Fu... honestly that was a very cool original idea that i hadnt seen used before i like the suspense thats building around Karin in your story will they find her? will they not? how will she act ? im excited. Naruto... since obviously your Naruto is pretty awesome balance of canon but with intelligence and the attitude of a shinobi... willing to kill but not heartless you can literally do anything with him... you didnt overdo the results of clones and gravity seals... they were a catalist not a cheat or a plot tool which can be hard to balance but just gave him great potential. you also respected his uzumaki genes unlike canon, he seems to have an appropriate affinty with his clans art fuinjutsu but it wasnt wham! now he can do the hirashin and just destroy people... i think it would be awesome if he learnes it eventually but he'd have to make it his own just like minato did when he learned it (as it was the nidame that created it in canon not the yondaime but you probs know that) my thought is with kenjutsu that way he doesnt over power it like crazy just having it on the hilt of his sword and it could be like a trump card unlike minato who just used shadow shuriken on his hirashin kunai and just went and desomated iwa... again your story just an idea.. kenjutsu in general, while its not canon its pretty much considered in all of fanfiction that the Uzumaki were kenjutsu and fuinjutsu users... i dont know how it started but i think its cool. another thing about the clan is their loose connection to the shinigami in canon with the shiki fuin being an uzumaki kinjutsu and the shinigami mask from the mask temple that allows people to retrieve the souls from the shinigamis stomach (totally a plot device but regardless quite interesting that kishi didnt really move further with it) the reason i bring this up is well from a writer perspective you could use that for an uzumaki to have access to zanpakuto from bleach if you wanted to which could be really cool... it could be a gift from the shinigami to their clan... or they could just forge the swords and do it with fuinjutsu and blood to give them the shikai change i always thought it would be a cool plot twist if the 7 swords of the mist were from uzu and they were the zanpakuto of the previous Uzukages stuck in their shikai state. if ive gone to far on a tangent with the bleach crossover idea i apologise as its your story but maybe it was something you hadnt thought of and coukd use it if you wanted. i would comment on your writting skills in general but they are much better than my own. seriously love your fight scenes wish i could write fight scenes that well. the only thing i could say is in one of the earlier chapters i believe you swapped uchiha and uzumaki around when talking about either naruto or sasuke via their sur name but the context made it easy to know which one you were talking about so it really wasnt a big deal. your writing has been a joy to read thus far
embrewing chapter 7 . 5/15
considering the personalities of many of the people why the fuck would they puss out on the first test?

you really like that famous S-rank author jutsu: plot convenience no jutsu considering how often you use it don't you.
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