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1enchantedgirl chapter 27 . 7/17
Kudos to you for continuing your story. So many really good stories get left unfinished. I hope this will not be one of them, especially since I've spent so much time reading it.
I think you have done a great job with this pairing and with the pairing of joey and kaiba. I love to see that dynamic work. Can't wait to see kaiba and bakura work together.
You have done a great job layering your characters' emotions. Personally, think I would have found an opium den to spend some time in if I found my estranged father and new wife, only to be told 'i never want to see you again.'
I loved that bakura is buried in hope, panic, fear, protect, comfort and love loop.
This makes sense to me as to why ryou would choose to stay with bakura..really really good job!
geminicastor chapter 27 . 6/28
Omygod! I'm so scared for Ryou but Bakura said he loved him and that makes me so happy! I am feeling so many things right now! Please update as soon as you have time! I'm on the edge of my seat!
RobotGirl2.0 chapter 27 . 6/22
Ahh! You need to quit everything you're working on and finish this story! I've gotten hooked. I like how you've incorporated a puppy shipping element, too. That's one of my favorite ships!
RobotGirl2.0 chapter 7 . 6/20
I'm really liking your story so far. When Ryou was working on Bakura's hand, I was reminded of that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle does the same for the Beast. Just a random thought... Keep up the good work!
Akayuki Novak chapter 27 . 6/19
Gah... that bit in the airport was painful to read. Kaiba better have a /damn/ good plan, otherwise Bakura is going to kill him, concussion or no. Ryou... desperately needs a hug. And Bakura has admitted out-loud that he loves Ryou! Yes! Doesn't out-weight any of the other junk that's happened so far, but it helps. It'll help even more when Ryou and Bakura are /face-to-face and talking to each other again./
PlayYourRole chapter 27 . 6/19
Okay, Ryou, just be a good boy, we all want you to be able to walk again...

Ooo, a concussion? Ouch. Poor Bakura, if only Ryou knew how guilty he really felt! He really is useless without him...

Operation Lion and Lamb? I like that! :D

Remember what Kaiba said, Bakura! Be smart about this! I'd feel uncontrollably jumpy, too, but don't go rushing into something you won't be able to rush out of! They found him now...

I love the little flash of emotion from Ryou's mind link. He's no longer thinking of his anger at Bakura or his regrets, he's not even thinking rationally in that moment, he's just absolutely fucking terrified and all of those awful emotions have spilled over, he can't comprehend what's going on or why he can't just escape, or why won't someone just hurry up and save him. He just wants to get away from Mariku, he just wants to be safe. I also love how he still calls for Kura to help him, because deep down inside him he wants his thief to be his knight in shining armor.

Ryou's pleading is driving Bakura absolutely insane, I love the buildup to him being knocked out, and when he snapped and said he loved Ryou, dude, I felt my own eyes watering. I'm in love with this chapter.

10,000 word chapter? *high fives* Nice! :D
Hazi Karov chapter 26 . 5/16
Woah this is amazing! One thing I don't understand is how through this Ryou can be so comfortable with Bakura since he's had the crap beaten out of him so many times. I feel bad for him. I really love this fic!
RainzABakuraFangirl chapter 1 . 5/16
Okay real revewing here. All fan girlish feelings aside, this is an insanely well written fanfiction. When I first started reading this, I just joined the fandom, and this took me by surprise. This story is so intruiging. When the chapters end, the cliff hangers leave me practically begging for more. The only thing I dislike is the fact that the updates are so random, at least it seems like they are. If you could find a way to update moreoften ( I know you're busy with real life ), that would be greatly appreciated. I love this fic and I cant wait to see how it turns out.
PlayYourRole chapter 26 . 5/16
Oh yeah, now we've got ourselves an army! Way to go, Bakura! Good thinking calling Joey! :D

And good thinking to you too, Cardie, for coming up with the idea for Seto to lend a hand! I was so worried, I had no idea exactly how Bakura was going to fix this, especially since he couldn't do it alone. But now the Thief King's making a comeback! Let's go save Ryou!
geminicastor chapter 26 . 5/11
OHMYGOODNESS! I need an update super soon! I'm so scared for Ryou!
Cat the Fangirl chapter 26 . 5/11
I really like the story so far. Very ensnaring. I first started this story last night around 8:30, was on chapter 20 by 9. I love the plotline in general and how Mariku isn't interested in his own hikari, but Bakura's. It adds an interesting twist to the story, that I honestly didn't think you would take this far. I like that you did though. Very interesting, and I can't wait until the next chapter. The cliffhangers really are cliffhangers, and I don't really see anything wrong with the fic.
HermioneSakuraGardner07 chapter 26 . 5/10
Oh it's getting so deep! I really hope Mariku gets what is coming to him.
Akayuki Novak chapter 26 . 5/9
No problem! I'm just glad you updated. I was going nuts. *biting nails* Not that this chapter helped my panic in any way. Bakura's injured, Ryou's with Mariku, but Seto's helping so things aren't hopeless.
RainzABakuraFangirl chapter 25 . 3/25
You have no idea how much if an impact this fanfiction has had on me. BAKURA and ryou are all I cal think about! No matter how much I skower the Internet, I cannot find a tendershipping fanfiction that has/will have an impact on me as much as this one. Please, PLEASE keep updating and finish this soon! I check back everyday! I am counting on you! THE FEELS ARE TOO INSANE.
crazy and random child chapter 25 . 3/18
I LOVE THIS STORY! IT'S AMAZING! I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!
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