Reviews for Life of the Independent
SCOUTgeneralETL chapter 1 . 11h
update please
niggers hater chapter 46 . 4/30
Look here nigger, I don't like your story. Obviously, your mind is full of black man's ideas to write your story that way.
Jemma Blackwell chapter 24 . 4/20
"I am only fourteen years old and I shouldn't have to handle these sorts of issues." Hate to break it to him but you can't have it both ways.
Jemma Blackwell chapter 21 . 4/20
Sounds like you made Harry out to be like Sirius and I admit he had a bad role model. But jeez it is not cool for a 4th year to be banging 7th years. and bragging about it, that's even worse.
Jemma Blackwell chapter 20 . 4/20
wait a minute - you said Harry had been with a few girls at school? at age 14?
TheWhitlockGirl chapter 46 . 4/18
Just found your story and utterly devoured it! Can't wait for more.
kingsoud chapter 46 . 3/20
that is wonderful, please complete new chapter
K1P1 chapter 46 . 3/16
love this story and I look forward to reading more!
Jemma Blackwell chapter 12 . 3/10
I was hoping they would go to America...
Jemma Blackwell chapter 2 . 3/10
That should have totally freaked him out! It's hard to picture a 9 year old being so calm and unflappable.
megagnura chapter 7 . 3/5
I'm sorry but are you telling me that Harry learned a whole language in two months from written instructions? There is no possibility of Harry being fluent to speak with the goblins in their native tongue.
Tim Randall chapter 46 . 2/20
Where is the rest of this is the end
Tim Randall chapter 37 . 2/20
NO ! He sound not
Tim Randall chapter 10 . 2/20
This is very good so far
G Fawkes chapter 7 . 2/1
A month and a half? That's how long it has taken Harry to do MOST of the first year potions curriculum, plenty of Charms, some Runes (a Third year elective) and become FLUENT in Goblin. I call BS.
"...worth UP TO 2million Galleons"
"worth UP TO six million..."

It's MONEY! It's a finite resource with hard numbers defining it. A vault is EITHER two million... or it's NOT. There's no "up to" in banking!
There's no M-effing, g*dd*mn*d way he put his own extension charm on a money bag, without a wand, five OWLs, and Hermione's help.

It's all I can do to not quit.
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