Reviews for 18 Miles Out
grouchtomato chapter 59 . 4/20
This has got to be the tenth time I've read this chapter and I love it more and more every time. You've captured all the characters so well that I'm starting to wonder if you really aren't their original creator. I especially love the way you wrote Hershel. Just wonderful.
sierrahnorman chapter 72 . 4/16
Usually I don't do reviews, in fact I suppose you could say I never do, because this is my first. I read this when you first posted about a year ago and loved it then. Now with the fifth season being how it was, I was looking for some kind feel good story between my OTP. I stumbled across this again and fell in love for the second time. You, my friend, are a phenomenal writer. You stuck so well to the characters throughout this entire thing, and it felt like I was reading my dream script (absent the beloved character deaths) while reading your story. I'll probably reread again sometime in the future because it keeps you interested even if you know what's going to happen, apparently. Good job. Really. You're great!
Lili chapter 44 . 4/11
Fucking Jimmy!
Lili chapter 28 . 4/10
Omg i'm crying! this was so sweet and perf omg!
writergrrrl chapter 72 . 4/3
*sighs with great contentment*

Such a bittersweet, perfect ending to this lovely, lovely story. I was both racing the last page and hating that it was coming to an end. Amazing plot with creepy original characters and cannon characters that were depicted faithfully. I'll be adding this, and you, to my list. Thank you so much for sharing it!
writergrrrl chapter 58 . 4/3
Okay, ew! That's just disgusting and horrific.

Totally looking forward to seeing what Hershel has to say.
writergrrrl chapter 53 . 4/3
Oh, the feels were strong in this one!

Love how Maggie took the news, understanding big sis for the win! She's got a temper, but it was good to see that she was using her practical side here.
writergrrrl chapter 36 . 4/2
I absolutely ADORE that Daryl had a first with Beth, and that he was a lovely mixture of experienced and uncertain.
writergrrrl chapter 28 . 4/2
I know this chapter is over a year old at least, but I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I am enjoying this story! I like how they're orbiting each other and slowly moving together, and that they still say mean things to each other sometimes, even if they don't know it's mean or understand what the other person is thinking. I'm worried about that group of men finding them again, though I have a feeling we'll be seeing at least one of them again, and Daryl's fixation on rope makes me giggle. Is it terrible of me to kind of wish Jimmy doesn't make it back so that Beth can have an easier time of things? I have a feeling you're going to put her through the wringer a bit over that one.
A chapter 72 . 3/23
Thank you much for writing this beautiful story! The portrayal of both Daryl and Beath, really all characters, is spot on.
TheDivineMsLes chapter 1 . 3/20
I found this totally accidentally and it was one of the most engaging things I've ever read. I feel mournful that it's over. I need more. Please write a sequel- bring Beth back to life for us. Make the hospital and he death all a dream. :)
TheDivineMsLes chapter 72 . 3/20
I found this
PhantomXAngel chapter 61 . 3/19
what the FUCK there better be a sequel coming!
Avide chapter 72 . 3/15
I've really enjoyed this story!
Having Merle meet up w/ Daryl when he did was great writing, and Gregory & the Governor going when & how they did was even more entertaining.
Jimmy did die in the noblest way.
Loved this Daryl and this Beth.
bethsladybug chapter 41 . 3/11
Hi. This fan fiction is one of the best things I've ever read. I read it a few months ago for a first time and I loved it. I think it's better than canon. I didn't like how they skiped a time between farm and prison on the show and 4B are my favorite episodes because people were separated in smaller groups trying to find each other. I ship bethyl hard and I love their relationship and I think you described both characters and their evolving relationship really well. But it's not only them two I like abot this story. I like how the groups always almost! meet. They all visited same places sooner or later. They all met Michonne and the group of sick and evil men. I loved how they were leaving clues like carved names or that piece of paper at the car. This all was like some kind of connection between the groups. This is really good storytelling. And I love your writing. You always choose the right words. I'd love to describe better what I mean but I struggle with words because I'm not as good in speaking english as I'd wish to be. (I'm czech.)
The reason why I wanted to reread it is that there are several beautiful moments I keep thinking about. Two of my favourite moments are: 1)Beth taking care of Daryls hurt shoulder (and looking at his back), the whole part since they met Michonne till their first kiss was just awsome and breathtaking. 2)When Daryl is comforting Beth after she had a nightmare and Lori is watching them.
Thank you for writing and sharing something so amazing. You are too good at this to do it for free.
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