Reviews for When Worlds Collide
Guest chapter 26 . 7/10
Man, this was such a great story. I stayed up all night to finish reading this. You did a wonderful job on this first story of yours! I can't really think of anything else to say cause of my sleep deprived brain besides a big thank you for taking the time and effort to writing this story, and all your other stories I'm most likely going to read later on, and for sharing them with us readers. :]
Anonymous chapter 26 . 6/23
Anonymous chapter 7 . 6/23
Actually, C'est la vie means That's life. Not Whatever will be will be.
Deugemia chapter 26 . 5/16
/claps loudly, Man, this was so darn good! I unconsciously put off quite a few things in order to read this! Oh MAN, love so much
Deugemia chapter 16 . 5/15
I actually cursed out loud.
Deugemia chapter 15 . 5/15
I CAN HEAR HEAVEN'S CHOIR SINGING GRACES FOR THEIR RELATIONSHIP! And I feel so butthurt from just reading one sentence between Hiccup and Stoick's exchange
Deugemia chapter 13 . 5/15
/sigh of relief, I've been waiting for this moment!
Deugemia chapter 12 . 5/15
When I drank wine once((forgot what type/flavor)), it tasted pretty good, then the slight burning in the back of my throat came in, and i grimaced internally. Eugh
Deugemia chapter 11 . 5/15
YO, when the keys got into the scene I instantly chanted((silently)), CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR. b/c WHAT ELSE?!
Deugemia chapter 10 . 5/15
/pounds fist to chest, GOBBER! MAH MANN, GOOD GUY
Deugemia chapter 9 . 5/15
I LOST it at the phrase 'straight-zoned', oh man, now I know what to saaaayyyy! Oh these BOOTIFUL ppl, they deserve so much more
Deugemia chapter 8 . 5/15
I know a story is good when I can't even see anything from smiling so hard
Dream Bound Nightmare chapter 4 . 2/2
sleep or read? Read.
SilverSamurai26 chapter 16 . 12/17/2015
That was an AMAZING description of a French kiss! Not joking. Favorite kissing scene of any story I've ever read. (That I can remember) Seriously, just great! Can't wait to read more of those. ;D
SilverSamurai26 chapter 13 . 12/17/2015
Oh my god, you had Hiccup watch RotG - You're officially one of my favorite people ever! I now have a head theory of gay Hiccup having a fiction-crush on Jack! Or maybe even him shipping Jack and Bunny! XD
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