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Guest chapter 1 . 9/27
Omg this is awesome, I love how you changed the beginning. Plus I'm excited to see how Naruto finds out he is the nine tailed fox since originally that was shown in chapter one or the first episode. - I would grade or critic it, but there is 600,000 words in this story meaning you've probably improved a lot along the way.
SageModeSasuke chapter 13 . 9/21
So far, so epic!
a-ninney-mouse chapter 1 . 9/19
Wow, what a shit tier fic. 3/10 would not recommend
durtysprite chapter 46 . 9/10
Read my new story the peasant and the queen NaruHina fic
Darklordcomp chapter 25 . 9/10
And now it's time for me to stop reading cus that bleach cross over is bull
Guest chapter 96 . 8/26
meh, it was alright. when making a character super powerful and you buff up his enemies as well its kinda boring when you boost them in the same areas making them do the same things only in a different way, like making a character super fast and thus making his enemy super fast instead of maybe just really really strong or durable. in this fic it felt kinda like pretty much everyone was equal, throwing super attacks that they could all dodge or take on so their buffs really didnt matter, except for the amount of the environment they destroy. Personally i find battles of attrition rather boring to read, just slamming away at eachother enlessly.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/25
who cares if you write a cliche or not? it can be good anyway, and you made something good, much better than most others, rare when one of the civvies actually think about what they tried to do to a little kid and feel like shit like they should.
daleharvey10 chapter 13 . 8/24
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silversnitch4765 chapter 96 . 8/23
Awesome, congrats on finishing such an epic story, you should be proud...
LilyVampire chapter 96 . 8/22
I love how you concluded your story, and what you did with Old Konoha. I can barely imagine what life will be like when no one has to die forever, but it's an interesting idea. For the final time, thank you for writing this. It's truly one of the most amazing stories I've read here. Thank you!
Musical cake chapter 96 . 8/19
Oh my god... that was so beautiful. It was such a trip and I wasn't expecting it to end... even though I knew it was soon. Oh my god. I love this story so much.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 96 . 8/18
My only complaint is that even though Naruto's relationship with his son is better than canon, WE DIDN'T GET TO SEE THE ADORABLENESS THAT IF HIMAWARI! How could you deny us the chance to see her interacting with her even better family? (T_T)

Nice wrap up, though I also wish we'd have gotten to see Himawari and Bolt meeting their grandparents. I can totally see Kushina and Hinata cooking up a ton of food while Minato gives piggyback rides to the kids.
Ecomadness chapter 96 . 8/15
God damn iv been reading this story non stop for the last 2 days and its epic, its one of my top 3 favorite naruto fics, I can't wait for more of your work.
CainOmega106 chapter 96 . 8/8
So our story comes to an end and everything is peaceful, birds are chirping and Naruto is about to embark upon a plan that will no doubt destroy everything they have ever worked for and get them all killed.

Seriously, when I read what Naruto's grand plan was I spent the next half hour ranting to myself about why this is a HORRIBLE IDEA and that there are many ways that it could go wrong with the whole Madara and Kaguya thing being the only one that Naruto has considered.

One of the things Naruto has not considered is the fact that this method of revival has to cost something; everything in the Narutoverse does. Which begs the question if Bee has not suffered anything from the technique then what has?

Another thing is that in any fictional universe whenever someone tries to defy that laws of nature, nature fights back often with apocalyptic results.

And of course there is the fact that someone may decide to start a war again and now they will have a method of never dying so the war will never end until the entire planet has been reduced to a barren wasteland.

DEATH. IS. A. PART. OF. LIFE. It cannot be changed or avoided and it is going to happen and not only is it something that can't be reversed, you shouldn't even TRY. There are a lot of smart people in that room; how is it that none of them talked Naruto down from this sheer and utter insanity?!

I could go on about how Project: No More Death is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life (which is saying a lot considering that I basically read fanfiction for a living) but as I said I literally spent half an hour tiring myself out so I will just leave it at that. Originally I was going to write down every single criticism I had for this story that I never wrote down in a review considering that this is the last chapter but this is already long enough as it is and it doesn't need to turn into an essay.

Now before I post this review I need to be clear on a few things, I am not saying that I hate this story or that you are a bad writer or any other thing that is generally written in a flame. I feel like I shouldn't HAVE to specify this but there has been confusion before when I wrote a not so glowing review so just to be on the safe side. All of that up there is me getting mad/upset/irritated with the characters in the story, not you. You are a good writer and you actually succeeded in finishing a story which is more than most can say on this website including myself. Now that that is over with and I, hopefully, have made myself clear it is time to post this review before it gets any longer.

AND . . . . . POST!

P.S. If for some ungodly reason you actually do want to see that list of criticisms that I refrained from writing just PM me and I will work on it. Have no idea why anyone would want to see them but I am just putting it out there.
SwordOfTheGods chapter 96 . 8/6
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