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michelleleighton chapter 1 . 5/25
Lol so good lol
Ten no ochi-o chapter 78 . 5/24
I just read this entire story in a day, it's pretty dang awesome. Looking forward to more!
Just an observer1 chapter 78 . 5/21
Wow absolutely brilliant!
LilyVampire chapter 78 . 5/20
That was a dann good finale to this fight, and Sakura saves the day.. Kinda. I really like this caring side of Sasuke as well. So, it's great as always and thanks for updating!
mundanebeast chapter 78 . 5/18
Hmm Talk no Jutsu Sasuke style nice battle and brutal one at that
Tamani chapter 78 . 5/18
can't wait to see what happens next! Sasuke may have just found his own brand of therapy jutsu! I am especially looking forward to seeing if nagato buys it and revives everyone or what naruto will do when he finds out what happened to konoha! keep up the amazing work!
SPeCTeR-ll7 chapter 78 . 5/17
And the fight with pain in Konoha is over. Nagato was really picking them apart. Poor Suigetsu is dead. That fight overall was an amazing showcasing of how a Rinnegan can be used and it was awesome.

Also I couldn't tell if Sasuke managed to use izanagi or not. That whole section was somewhat difficult to follow.
SwordOfTheGods chapter 78 . 5/17
Another excellent fight, but poor Suigetsu. I always liked that guy. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Reichenfaust chapter 78 . 5/17
This is a review for chapters 76, 77, 78...

Wicked cool... Pein is damn near unstoppable, with the abilities he has... He probably has trained the hardest out of all of Akatsuki, trying to innovate with what he has, and overtake Madara, reclaim his place as 'God'...

Interesting... He knows of the Infinite Tsukuyomi... And wants it to work in a certain way.. That it won't in reality.

And he can break the Tsukuyomi... Guess with the Rinnegan he can do damn near anything, and it IS considered the superior Dojutsu.

NAGATO HAS CHAKRA CHAINS! And even more cool, is Karin finally figuring out how to use her chains like Kushina, as the Adamantine Sealing Chains... That was really cool, with the Swords..

Crazy that he doesn't have a cooldown for his Shinra Tensei... And it looks like Jiraiya and Tsunade still are not enough to go against him...

Suigetsu is right. Cannot save everyone. You just do as best as you can, and live with your decisions. Interesting. It sounds like Karin has a new bloodline. Very cool.

Holy crap, Pein's raw strength is amazing, to crack Kimimaro's shield in half with a single hit. And he must be damn good with seals to lay a lightning explosive seal on Kimimaro in seconds... Those shells of acid, are incredible, and a great innovation of the Asura Path abilities... I think you have created one of the greatest Pein's to exist...

Smart use of Earth release, to get his targets away from Susanoo... It looks like he has been training to kill Madara, rather than Naruto... Because, really the thing that makes Madara so unassailable is his freakin Complete Susanoo...

GO KARIN! Deflecting Bullets like a champ! Until Pein aims for the legs... He truly is an incredible ninja, of amazing calibre, a genius with what he has. If he and Madara battle, it would be even more incredible than Hashirama vs Madara I think... Just 'cause of how adaptable, and smart Pein is...

That innovation with the acid, against Susanoo, looks like it was purely made for when he finally launches his bid to smite his boss... Especially with Nagato's missiles powerful enough to crush Susanoo... It is just convenient that two of his current opponents can use the technique, so he can test his methods...

Glad that Kimimaro thickened his armour, and utilized a different type of bone... Much smarter to do so. Didn't really help him in the end...

Juugo is tanking Chakra Rods... But Nagato is more clearheaded, and has almost as much brute fore at his command.

That was pretty cool what Sasuke did with his Blaze Release... Cool Suigetsu has certainly tried to live up to Zabuza's reputation... But did Pein just kill him?

OK, Pein can absorb Susanoo Lightning Arrows... And Sasuke is turned on by Sakura's declarations to enact destruction, or her actually smiting things... Hilarious...

HOLY CRAP! Sakura smashing through his palm like that creates quite a mental image... Really cool to see that happen... Wow that battle was intense.

DAAAAA-UUUHHMMM, he used Izanagi! And you redefined the Jutsu! A hole in reality, very interesting! I like how he has a talk with him at the end, and he doesn't fall into the Curse of Hatred.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 78 . 5/17
Sakura ripping Deva path into pieces with her bare hands... Sasuke better say he found that damn hot at some point. Because it was freaking awesome! Still, in canon Naruto was able to use his Therapy no Jutsu to get Nagato to his side so Nagato would revive all the people he killed, does Sasuke have enough skill in Therapy no Jutsu with Jiraiya's last words to get through to Nagato?
zigmas chapter 78 . 5/17
An interesting interpretation of this fight.
I really love how you build different characters through slight AU and OOC, yet with nice results.
CainOmega106 chapter 78 . 5/17
And so Pain has finally been defeated . . . barely.

God help them if Naruto has to fight the real Pain now.
Flameraven chapter 78 . 5/17
Getting told off by Sasuke about falling into the trap of vengeance and hate... lol, ah Sasuke, but for the grace of kami goes you.

Well now, what is Naguto going to do? His plan was to kill everyone and run but Sasuke and Sakura just made that mostly not a viable option so what is Mr. cripple going to pull off now?
zafnak chapter 1 . 5/16
Best bell-test ever!

But really, isn't the bell test Kakashi's gimmick?
secretslockedintheheart chapter 77 . 5/16
love it!
can't wait for the next chapter!
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