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Typhlosion8 chapter 1 . 8/21
oh Gaara, you're so sweet and broken! you'll always be my favourite
luluvibritania chapter 2 . 8/10
wow just wow was really looking to get into this story but

1)Zabuza is A Rank if he were S Rank he would have pummeled Kakashi into the ground and Asuma/Naruto/Kiba and hinata would be dead before they even realized Zabuza was there

2)Narutos Heritage was kept from him for as reason what he does with that knowledge in this chapter proves he is not ready for it (Flaunting his Fathers Haori with his looks is a dead give away/handing out the Hiraishin kunai saying they belonged to his Father in front of the foreign civilian Tazuna) he would have a massive Iwa bounty on his head within the month and Iwa jounin hit squads after his ass.

3)His Chakra he could spam Madaras Majestic Destroyer Flame 4-10? times with his reserves it is his major strength he litraly has 3-6 times Kage Level Chakra with his Uzumaki plus Kyuubi Boosted Chakra levels and with the control required to do a normal clone which should be(is without a doubt)Impossible for him to do he would never run out of chakra let alone the small jutsu you have had him use
Guest chapter 3 . 8/7
This story sucks
Ehhahahahahah chapter 40 . 8/1
This story is so funny, I love it!
Moschiron chapter 5 . 7/31
These 5 chapters contain soooo much cringe that I feel like stabbing myself. Why was the Daimyo and Kazekage even in the mission briefing? It makes no sense at all. And Naruto's parents' spirits appearing and talking to him does not happen until he's either in the 8 tails or trying to rip off the seal. Now you just managed to remove an important part of the story in the future.
AnUnnamedUser chapter 22 . 7/26
Really? Hinata's a fucking Mary Sue who defeated a Naruto who SUPPOSEDLY posseses the fucking Rinnegan. You may as well put an advice at the start of the story that Hinata is Godlike and Naruto even if he has the Rinnegan, Is weak as fuck. Like, seriously, Hinata learning the Rasengan in fucking minutes and then you make the asspull of being able to throw it and like 5 chapters later, She can suddenly add an elemental affinity to it without any type of training. Also the story is hard to follow and going at a really fast pace, which makes it worse. No seriously, Do you hate Naruto or something? You said some shit about Laws of Fanfiction yet you made gigantic asspulls and argumental Holes. I have no more words, This is probably the most Hinata Mary Sue and unbalanced Fanfiction i've read yet, You may as well make Hinata the protagonist and this would atleast be a more decent story, with a shitload of plotholes, but atleast readable. (And you shouldn't give Naruto a supposedly legendary Dojutsu who in canon makes anybody who has it instantly OP, yet make Naruto weaker than fucking Hinata, WTF.)
Nameawe chapter 6 . 6/6
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
ok this is my 6th time trying to read this story and i have to say it sucks the story line is basically one huge ass cluster fu*k there is no way him learning the clone automatically makes the akatsuki basically the most well known orginizations with NO EXPLANATION how did he gain the rinningan and still be weak as fu*k there is no way he cand learn the hiraishin that damn fast when it took the fourth who is a GOD DAMNED SEAL MASTER making his own seals years to get right and HOW IN THE FUCK IS HE WEAKER THAN DAMN NEAR EVERYONE ELSE if he kad these abilities he wouldn't be that weak. And FYI his mentality came from not being acknowledged by very many people but a few adults and having no friends when young if he had hinata as a friend at the age of 10 he would be calmer and more focused which means HE WOULDN'T BE BASICALLY ON THE LEVEL OF A 7YR OLD IN INTELLIGENCE that is all.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/24

I am truly enjoying your story, and greatly appreciated your disclaimer at the beginning saying this wasn't a cliche Naruto bad ass story.

That said I think you have a hole in your story, or more like a contradiction. The exams have less people in your version because Naruto never gave his speech that inspired many ninja to keep going before the final question in the written portion. Therefore, why is there a need for the preliminaries before the third round? The number of ninja participating decreased significantly without the speech, and of course some did not complete the second round successfully. There is no need for preliminaries in your version other than character development (which I appreciate) however that does not change the fact the it is a mindless turn of the story that stands out as such to your reader.
Nightspirit152 chapter 12 . 5/18
this is a good story.
YoCriticNextDoor chapter 1 . 5/1
Chapter 1 in and I gave up already :/

So by giving Naruto a detailed scroll on how to do the Clone Jutsu the following happened:

He managed to do the Clone Jutsu (this is nice actually kinda tired of seeing Naruto just ace the exams w/ a Shadow Clone)

But then.. Rock Lee being on the same year as them!? How the fuck did that happen? Next we have Asuma being the sensei of a team formed by the Hokage himself (Atleast explain how the fuck that happened :/) AND LASTLY HOW THE FUCK DOES KIBA KNOW OF THE AKATSUKI SO EARLY ON? I DONT SEE HOW NARUTO LEARNING THE CLONE JUTSU HAS ANY FUCKING EFFECT ON WHY THE AKATSUKI IS SUDDENLY KNOWN!? I know that even the smallest of pebbles can create the biggest of ripples , but this is a bit too exaggerated dont ya think!?
angel of ice 95 chapter 25 . 4/30
The fic is great and all but Hinata is way too overpowered in this fic. Like really overpowered to the point of being borderline God Mod.
SpicyWifey chapter 22 . 4/2
Lol the part where Hinata got drunk in the middle of the exam was so cool! lolol
NatNicole chapter 1 . 4/1
1 Chapter in an' I already LOVE this! *glomps Naruto & Hinata*
Guest chapter 22 . 3/20
Annnd I'm done. Hinata beats Naruto at the exams? Yeah right. You might want to renamed this fic to "The incredibly awesome Hinata Hyuuga show" starring the incredibly awesome Mary Sue named Hinata Hyuuga.

So she can learn the Rasengan in minutes, decide she can just throw the damn thing (something neither its very creator nor a legendary sage could figure out) crush Naruto at raman eating of all things, then get the near bbottomless pit of chakra named Naruto to run out for a victory over him with his father's own creation? Wow...just wow.
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