Reviews for Unwanted Company
Spider-2099 chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
I think this pretty in line with the characterization we are presented with in MK2011. Kitana, while stuck up and tight-assed as the great daughter of the Emperor, is more fair and ladylike. While Jade on the other hand is more crass and sassy. Its a great dichotomy and contrast that makes their eventual friendship interesting.
Obelisk of Light chapter 1 . 8/17/2013
It's a pleasant surprise to see MK fics that revolve around Kitana and Jade's friendship, so the summary of this story caught my attention at once. I'm impressed by the first chapter. Technical errors notwithstanding, your writing is of a very high quality. Your descriptions are quite vivid, but the characterisations are the story's selling points, so to speak.

Your portrayal of Kitana's savagery and blind loyalty is an absolute delight to read. At this point, Jade seems to be the more compassionate Edenian. I look forward to seeing their personality clash and eventual bonding, so I'm going to keep an eye on this story.
TheHemomancer chapter 1 . 8/16/2013
I love this starting chapter. It wasn't boring at all. How you characterised Kitana and Jade was excellent; Jade's behaviour is hilarious. Kitana does seem like she had that 'Im better than you' air about her as a youngster.
Great chapter! Can't wait for more.
The Chicagoan Spitfire chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
I really like how this is going. Very well written and detailed, and I love how you portray Kitana and Jade in their youth here.

Update soon! :)
Ragnarok666 chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
Ah, the ironies of royalty. This is exactly the problem that leads to arrogance at times. given your ruler.

This war between the Shokan and Centaurs is nothing new, though I do hope Shao Kahn's strategy is to just sever the head and hope that'll make others submit. It's hard to say at what time in the MK timeline this is taking place.

You have to remember that the Shokan people became the elite citizens of Outworld after Goro defeated the Great Kung Lao, and only began to lose that prestige after Goro was defeated by Liu Kang in MK1. From what you've written of your fic, this seems to indicate the time setting is BEFORE Goro became the MK Tournament Champion back then.

But even then I believe Shao Kahn would have seen plenty of usages for the Shokan. After all, if he didn't, why did he even choose Goro to fight the Great Kung Lao in the first place?

And it's not like Shokan lost the emperor's faith COMPLETELY. After Goro's defeat in MK1, Shao Kahn DID select Kintaro to replace him for the Outworld Tournament. As it was stated in the MK bios, Kintaro was a faster, stronger, and more agile version of Goro, and it was likely the Shao Kahn felt that Kintaro would be able to defeat Liu Kang.

Even after the failure of the Outworld Tournament, the Shokan continued to be held in high regard. Remember, Shao Kahn had appointed Sheeva to be Sindel's personal bodyguard during the Earthrealm invasion, although despite her savage fighting power, Sheeva was defeated by Kitana and Jade.

It was only during the invasion that Shao Kahn chose to betray the Shokans, which hence explained why Motaro was chosen to lead his extermination squads. According to Motaro's MKA bio, the Centaurs DID prove their superiority over the Shokan.

Still, it's not like Shao Kahn truly lost faith in them, as was shown during the Deadly Alliance, where he revived Goro and promised him that the Shokan would finally have their revenge against the Centaur if he would side with the emperor once more.

So, you really have to explain just what uses Shao Kahn saw of the Shokan and the Centaur people at this point in your fic, especially if this is taking place BEFORE Goro's victory over the Great Kung Lao.