Reviews for Withering to Death
jessthereader13 chapter 17 . 9/29
AWWW! XD I loved the ending!
dragon fier 20 chapter 17 . 8/9
mandancie chapter 17 . 6/25
This was really good! I liked it. And having Sirius watching over him at the end was just awesome! :-)
Ashlin Raine chapter 2 . 5/27
How could Harry be with Draco? If Sirius is Harry's Father and Narcissa is Draco's Mother, that means that they are cousins. That means that they are related (Ewe!).
Guest chapter 1 . 5/26
Poorly written. The whole thing. One of the least amusing fabrics I have ever read. Sorry to be so blunt, but it's the truth.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/21
Why the random Japanese? It's completely out of the blue and doesn't really fit at all.
lucariosgirl22 chapter 1 . 4/30
love more like this but with Sirius alive.
babyvfan chapter 17 . 4/26
Dude, I bow down in awe of your creativity. This story rocked, that's all I can say. Even though it was odd that Snape was the third in this threesome, Harry also becoming intimate with his brother, it was still good
babyvfan chapter 15 . 4/26
Awwww. Harry is getting the family he wants. And finds out he's carrying not one but two babies. Too sweet
babyvfan chapter 13 . 4/26
Awwwwww. Nothing sweeter than feeling a baby kicking. My heart melts
babyvfan chapter 12 . 4/26
Awwwww, they adopted a cub. And he's so cute
babyvfan chapter 7 . 4/26
Wow. Wow. Wow that was a lot to take in. Though I'm sure Harry was all for it ;)
babyvfan chapter 6 . 4/26
Oh dear God
babyvfan chapter 5 . 4/26
I have to give you props. The story is really interesting. I won't lie, I'm a bit peeved by the pairing. I'm all for team Drarry, that's my OTP, but Snape as a third lover is a little hard to take in. He seems more like a father figure
TheReapersDaughter chapter 1 . 4/20
not bad
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