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TenDollarT chapter 23 . 3/9/2018
2018 here,

Well the world sucks and Sinchi is stilll incredibly engaging. Help us all with more of the latter so we can cope with so much of the former!
Aziethe chapter 25 . 4/27/2017
You know I'm not usually possessive at all about my OTPs but i read glacial fire and then was recced still game and came away with an instinctive flinching away from lianor from my lizard brain which i seriously thought nothing could overcome. until now.

firstly, everyone here (ok maybe sam is practically the only one who starts off more or less blameless) has made such impactful mistakes in their relationships and yet it's impossible to stop empathising with them. jane's rejection of her mother and misdirected anger for ash abandoning ptsd james, ash setting their marriage aflame (i know i'm misquoting her there but the original line was excellent), the entire complex scene where james denies the spectre recommendation. though that did make me wonder how ash has managed to stay alive for so long with her spectre duties, herself. esp as she's getting old for a human. maybe not with medical advances?. everyone is hurting and it's all so believable.

you're one of the few authors where i have to use a dictionary on the regular too, which i love. though i suspect i've forgotten all those new words. lol. nictitating was one of my faves!

i'm in awe that you managed to torture and rape (?) liara without spoiling it in the warnings. it was agonising wondering if she would make it out in one piece. although given what's happened with james and jack i wouldn't be surprised to see a delayed trauma response down the line when they have the space to be vulnerable.

i love what's happened to sam in the quarter century After Shepard (i also loved the dividing of time into Before Shepard and After Shepard. i'm really curious at this stage to know what Shepard was really like, these tiny glimpses we get of her from everyone are just so tantalising, but unreliable diluted and morphed as they are by time and emotion). sam's done incredible things herself and this version of her, older, scarred but still adorable and slightly cinnamon-muffiny-roll. finally a version of sam i can actually like ;)

and oh, liara! thinking about killing them both for expediency. she's so brittle and encased by her fears. i love it. i love the unexpected alliances of kasumi/ash, sam/liara, aetheyta/ash, james/sedna and everyone else. the action sequences were all so gritty and raw and nail-bitingly exciting. and sometimes unexpectedly hilarious (bonnie/clyde). the ebb and flow was structured so well, never drowning in horror/despair, always finding a quiet moment to take a breath when it was sorely needed.

again i'm sad not to see the ending payoff of it all but what's here so far was just so wonderful and compelling, ambitious and such a fresh and distinct perspective on these characters we all thought we knew. thank you for sharing.
Aziethe chapter 19 . 4/26/2017
Dude. You're breaking my heart here. You are the Queen of escalation. I'm so sad this trilogy is unfinished and not looking forward to running out of chapters to read.

I think James just put Naya in danger by just telling aethyta like that but it was worth it - - - maybe - - to see the look on her face.

I feel like where you were going with this would at least leave the kids alive (hmm guess I'm not so sure about denny but at least naya), but not as sure about Liara - she's done so much, but I feel she's suffered so much too. Although whether she deserves a happy ending is up for debate. Hard to see the council ever letting her go. :-/
Aziethe chapter 7 . 4/25/2017
All of this is amazing but the way you use Shepard in this series has really been spectacular. Gave me chills.

I absolutely love what you've done with these characters in 23 years it's so complex and believable.
Guest chapter 25 . 10/19/2016
Hope this is still in the works. Desperate to know how it all crescendos and pans out.
Deino1962 chapter 25 . 8/28/2015
Wow, what a emotion charged chapter. So many critical choices are being made and with such far reaching consequences for the galaxy. Great chapter Corentin IV, wow that is so formal... can I just call you Core :). Us Aussies don't have the attention span to remember full names... that's why we usually shorten everyone's name with an O or an A. But in your case I will settle for an E. Apologies, I digress, wonderful chapter and well worth the wait, well... I have to admit I had to re-read the previous 2 chapters to regain my bearings, sorry, digressing again, like I said... where was I? Oh yes... wonderful chapter. Tali and James together fills me with mixed emotions, sad for Ash and James, sad for Tali and Garrus, happy for Tali and James and sad as well with Tali so in the firing line. Not sure I want to see what's coming... of course I going to have to. Thank you so much and please don't make me re-read the previous 2 chapters again as I don't think I can handle the stress :)
Hope to read an update soon.
Kind Regards
TenDollarT chapter 25 . 8/18/2015
It's back!
It's alive!


I like the description of Idenna; I find myself picturing Quarians as looking like a hybrid of Space Elves with those cheeks bones you can slice cheese with and Geiger's Xenomorph with pointy, please-don't-bite-my-tongue teeth in a slightly elongated skull. Inspires me to wonder if the galaxy won't start finding Quarians more intimidating in general and thus more likely to be criminal figures in particular.

I like this Aethyta! IMO she generally needs to be more of two things in most fanfics: 1) caring instead of caustic and 2) frighteningly competent. She's plenty of both here and it's good to see her in action instead of stuck inactive or as some obnoxious, foul-mouthed "action bureaucrat" ordering around a cadre of Huntresses like she's a temp agency who uses "fuck" as a hyphen.

Huzzah for Liara. Always I'm reminded of how damn _young_ she is to be carrying such a godawful burden and yet not far from being imprisoned and tortured she still soldiers on.

Huzzah for Tali! "Speak the truth even if your voice trembles." WORD. She feels right. Both familiarly uncertain and yet clearly matured. I don't think Tali will ever be imposing, but she's clearly _formidable_.

Honorable mention goes to Tali's encounter with the nameless Turian guard; I am quite tickled by that exchange and the idea that there still remains the odd sprinkling of vets around the galaxy who hold the names of Shepard and her Peers as those of true Big Damn Heroes. And I have a hope that his prompting her to keep her helmet nearby is foreshadowing of a rescue that'll involve spiriting her out through a hull breach and away from this disaster.

And we see that "incidentally" Wrex, Sedna and James are right nearby; they're suited up and mentally hardened in that way that makes them force for Right against all odds each time and every time because the shadow of Shepard is as enduring and inspiring as it is long -and it stretches from the galactic core to the Shrike Abyssal.

I think the 3rd Reel's about to kick off; it's damn good to have Sinchi back. I saw a Mass Effect panel from 2014 where Casey Hudson and some of the other big names held a retrospective. One of the quotes that sticks with me is "we've read the fanfiction; we've read all of it."

Heh. I bet they're _still_ reading this.
Razorfist chapter 25 . 8/13/2015
I was just abroad when I noticed the new chapter, so that's the only reason I'm so late at raving about it! THANKS! I am really looking forward to reading more! I just have to see how they all are going to sort this one out and hopefully I get to see some more sparks between Liara and Sam while at that!
electric gurrl chapter 25 . 8/10/2015
Oh my god "Liara is the Shadowbroker." That whole scene made me feel shivery. Amazing chapter and I'm so happy you updated.
OriginalAlcy chapter 25 . 8/10/2015
First and foremost, it is so good to have you back! It's really funny, but I re-downloaded the whole story onto my kindle to read on a long train journey this weekend...and by the end of the weekend there was a new chapter! Talk about positively providential.

The first segment with Liara, Sam, and Denny escaping Leviathan's thralls was a great character piece looking at our favourite Shadow Broker. After singing your praises when it comes to writing Miranda, Jack, Ash, Vega etc, it's really taken me this long to realise how brilliantly you write Liara. After spending much of the earlier chapters incapacitated, she's now coming back into her own, shifting back into Shadow Broker mode. This includes making cold calculations as to her likelihood of success, realising how hindered she is going to be, and having to fight against her own conditioning to convince herself that she can't just abandon Sam and Denny. I've got the feeling all along that Liara doesn't care about what others think of her, but in Sam she is realising that it doesn't have to be that way forever.

I really enjoyed Liara's conversation with Denny - two strangers talking to one another, sizing the other up. I don't think Denny is as helpless as Liara thinks she is and I'm really looking forward to how this pans out. I have to make a side comment at this point and say that I love the way you've written each and every one of the 'Normandy spawn.' Jane we only know in flashback, but others like Bashir, Frankie, Naya, and now Denny, are unique individuals, separate of their parents.

Tali sort of stole the show in this chapter. She's always been one of those characters I never felt much affinity for - I don't know why, she was cute, quirky and intensely loyal - but in this chapter I really had to admire your characterisation of her. She marched into battle, even though she knew the odds were stacked against her, and handled herself with intelligence and wisdom.

Of course I loved the trio at the end. Ash, it just goes without saying, but teaming her up with Aethyta is genius. The way the Matriarch schooled the Spectre was brilliant and makes you realise that a thousand years is a bloody long time to be alive. The action in this sequence was amazing. My heart was in my mouth before the attacking fleet played their hand. Brilliant cliffhanger. Please don't leave us waiting for too long for the next piece of the puzzle.

It's really good to have you back. I've missed this unique world you've created and I'm really glad to be able to dive back into it. I think the thing I enjoy most is the unpredictability. There are so many chess pieces moving around on the board, I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play out. Although I can be sure of one thing - it's always going to be brilliant.

PS: I miss Miranda and Jack - seeing Liara describle as 'responsible people' was, for some reason. hilarious. It seemed incongruant, and then I thought, actually they are responsible. And actually, they are possibly the most together, 'normal,' stable characters from our Normandy family.
Alpenwolf chapter 25 . 8/10/2015
I'll take it ... surprise attack? Well, not a bad move, attacking there and cutting the head off of the leviathan's enemies. Pretty similar to what the reapers have done through millennia ... that is if the tripple A's don't get their game on and stop it before it's too late?
bluemarlin chapter 25 . 8/9/2015
Outstanding chapter and thanks for updating this awesome story. Loved Tali's confrontation scene with the Council. Eagerly anticipating more.
Lyta Halifax chapter 25 . 8/9/2015
s'bout dang time, woman! :-D

You know, it's funny, I had kind of forgotten that I had already read sizable chunks of this in earlier drafts. And even though I can't put my finger on all the differences, I definitely can tell that the finished product is definitely better. For instance, did you have Tali point out to everyone that they were getting their brains zilched by the Levis in the trial? I don't remember that before. At any rate, I liked that, if it was an extra addition. It was a nice reveal. It definitely creates an additional element of horror that I didn't quite appreciate as missing.

I also didn't quite remember in the early drafts Liara having this horribly practical discussion with herself, about Samantha and Denny being more "trouble than they're worth" and how they might compromise the mission. Again, if that wasn't in there earlier, it was also another wonderful addition. It reminds us of what 20 years as the Shadow Broker can do to someone, someone like Liara who already has a bit of a dark side. You know what would be a great idea for a one shot? Naya growing up with Liara those fist twenty years, seeing what it was like, how Liara changes, how Naya grows up. It could be really just...creepy, but in the best way.

As usual, any time you go over the description of The Ark itself, its always well done. I love how it's become this symbol of post-Reaper War galactic society. Stitched together, but still so apart, the corpses of all the dead just sort of forming this shell. Like Galactic Society has kind of hobbled along the past 20 years, unsure and uncertain how to get it's shit back Galaxy wide PTSD. It reminds me of a line from Khomm's recollection of fighting The Enemy during his Cycle, where he's uncertain where the line was between the general crappiness/paranoia/distrust of people, and where they were Indoctrinated. This has that feel; I'm not sure where the brainwashing by the Leviathans ends, and the major trauma induced shittiness of the galaxy begins.

For some reason, not only did the discussion that Ash and Arola have about the Asari and their age just amuse the hell out of me, but I really enjoyed the idea of "swimmers". They are such an obvious solution to bulky "EVA" packs, and seem like such a natural and obvious solution that I actually had to go onto the Codex and double check that you weren't using a piece of cannon tech that I had totally forgotten about. It made for a good mental image as well, the three of them flying through space by the palms of their hands towards he Turing.

Plus...damn. Way to leave it on a cliffhanger.

I MUST have said this before, but the thing that I envy the most in your work is how you just EXHAUST THE FUCK out of the reader with tension. :-D You are so, so good at that. I suddenly realized that this is exactly the sort of deliciousness that makes Mad Max: Fury Road such a treat. The feeling of having to keep one step ahead of the coming storm, but tempering it in such a way that the small, brief little respites are enough to keep the reader from overloading. It's a difficult balancing act.

Anyhow, welcome back, and welcome back with a bang of a chapter! Please try not to take so long between chapters again :D *ducks! remembering how there was a whole year once between updating PGY chapters, and can hardly talk*
electric gurrl chapter 24 . 5/25/2015
This is so good, and addictive to read. Everything is so surprising and unpredictable, yet plausible and fits well. Aria's death totally floored me. Liara being back is good. I always love James's chapters, and I just love this story.
Anon723723723 chapter 24 . 2/15/2015
JamesxTali? Odd.
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