Reviews for Lustful Thoughts
HealingRose2 chapter 3 . 11/5
Wow this story is so... Hott! I can't get enough of it! Please tell me you have more stories like this? Okay okay going back to the story
Lupe0 chapter 17 . 9/25
Oh my, you have got me stunned. This story was so well written. It had everything that I look for in a story and much more. May I suggest at least one seen with Rosalie and Bella pretty please? My top pairings for Bella are Leah and Rose, but since Leah is turning out to be a traitor that won't work. Just one scene with Rose is all I ask, if you can of course. If it doesn't fit with your plans then I fully understand, I can't wait to see what else you have instore for us.
Ixde chapter 17 . 9/14
This was kind of awesome, really. Awesome starting idea, grammar's good (which is, apparently, incredibly rare in this fandom, especially the femslash portion of it. Go figure.) and enough plot twists that actually MAKE SENSE to keep readers glued to it until the end.

Seriously, good job and hope you're still thinking of this story. Leah's little infiltration is seriously promosing on its own. Thanks!
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 2 . 8/31
Not too fond of the sookie stackhouse series ideas. maybe I should step away from this for a bit. Not exactly my cuppa. The power difference always irks me a little. It can be sexy and fun but there's always a vein of cruelty and nonconsent. It's not play. The tone is widely different.
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 1 . 8/31
It's different to say the least. I don't know how a new house can be build only a little outside town without the populace knowing about it. This slow transition through alternate means and additional abilities as vampires age is something I've seen before but may still be a new take. I like the rambling and slightly manic Bella. What put me off from this story initially was the coming out of the coffin thing. The whole thing seems very dramatic. I dont know how I feel about that in regard to how governments will react and the volturi blessing? Lauren, really? I'm still hesitant but willing to see how this is executed.
K chapter 17 . 7/18
I loved this story! Please continue! I'm dying to know what happened with Leah and Bella and to see if Bella can survive that disaster! Great job and I hope to see more from you! :)
Guest chapter 17 . 7/4
Good read.
bellemorte1323 chapter 17 . 6/29
I need more please! I laughed so hard I cried several times! One of the funniest stories I have read in a long time! Can not wait for the second book!
Tibricel Tibby chapter 1 . 5/8
I really like this story. I'll admit I was a little ify in the beginning but it grew on me.
Lucy chapter 17 . 4/17
I really enjoyed this story it is well written and had a good tone of complexity while still having an air of understanding, the characters are better then the main cannon characters, the relationships are the best part of the story, you have done well protraying many differant emotions and while some characters could use a bit more development you still did well in setting them up.

I love this story I can't wait for book 2.
strippedtissuebox chapter 17 . 4/8
Gah! I wish you had continued this.. It was so damn interesting..
Guest chapter 17 . 4/3
hello, loved the story! are you still planning on writing the second book?
Aried chapter 17 . 2/6
Oh wow stayed up to read this, and ended up yelling noooo at the end. Especially when I realized there is no second book yet. I hope you will continue this one day. I loved Bella's character, and the story! Rose's reactions made me giggle too. Great story!
frustratedbuffalo chapter 17 . 2/3
It's been two years. don't lie and say there will be a sequel when there won't be.
kali07 chapter 17 . 1/12
I hope at some point you do post the sequel...I sop wanna know what happens!
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