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RPGPersona chapter 8 . 8/1/2016
Some closure with Argent where Raven apologizes for giving her a false impression that Beast Boy was available.

Okay, the second half was great as well. Thinking that Beast Boy was bragging about having a girlfriend now, she gives him a deep passionate kiss in front of the others to give them something to talk about. Raven could probably cook an egg with the heat coming off her face when she was told that Beast Boy had kept quiet about their new relationship. Hopefully she doesn't hide in her room for too long.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 8/1/2016
I see that, was their plan. Starfire was to talk badly of Beast Boy to the point where Raven would have to contradict her, allowing her emotions to gain some strength and balance. Her outburst about what she thought of Beast Boy finally opened her eyes to what she was feeling for him.

Realizing her feelings really put her into panic mode, especially with Argent having declared her intentions with Beast Boy. Really Raven, Argent and Kole in the shower at the same with Beast Boy. That is the conclusion you came to. I'm not sure if you have any right to call Beast Boy a pervert if that is your first thought outside mortal peril.

Looks like Raven has an excuse to see Beast Boy now, since mortal danger seems like a real possibility now.

Wow, Raven must have alot of suppressed emotions related to Beast Boy if that was her reaction upon seeing him surrounded. Her powers torn most of the robots to shreds. Of course Beast Boy's hearing would be shot when they arrive. Raven feels silly about going to the gutter now.

Argent makes one last attempt to woe Beast Boy, much to Raven's ire, but Beast Boy stays his course. The trip back allow Raven and Beast Boy a chance to reconcile.

Once back home, the others give Beast Boy and Raven some space by turning in for the night. Now never. After buttering her up a bit, Beast Boy pops the question one last time. Wanting to have the last laugh, Raven toys with Beast Boy by saying no before clarifying that she want to stay right here with him.

Oh Raven, after that little show you gave Beast Boy there, you really can't call him a pervert again.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 8/1/2016
I see Beast Boy's course remains steady. He did not take the news of what Cyborg did very well. Sounds like he chewed him out good. Cyborg tried to make amends by talking to Raven, but she only shut herself off more.

And boy did she shut herself off. Locking herself in her room and cutting off all communication. With Raven's mental state in disarray, a part of Raven was able to contact Robin telling him how he can help.

Looks like Beast Boy is going to have to get through to Raven to make things right.
RPGPersona chapter 5 . 8/1/2016
So everyone else noticed Raven's mood drop when Beast Boy left, and were happy to see Raven's spirits uplifted the next morning.

That was an awkward breakfast. Raven admitting that Beast Boy contacted her meant that Beast Boy asked her out again. This starts the domino effect where Cyborg mentions how he feels sorry for Beast Boy, doomed to failure. Raven gets angry at what he might be implying, until Cyborg explains his reasoning. This leads Raven to feel self-loathing as she realizes she has just been leading him on all this time.

Starfire forces her way in to comfort Raven. Starfire lends an eye as Raven pours her heart out. Crying how even though she didn't want ot pursue a romantic relationship with Beast Boy, she liked how he showered her with attention, how he kept trying, and kept asking her out.

Raven's rant gets interrupted by Argent. While Raven isn't interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, Argent is. She called to asked if there was anything romantic between the two due to how much Beast Boy talked about Raven.

How will Beast Boy respond to Argent's reactions?
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 8/1/2016
That was something. It feels like Raven rage quit the story. Beast Boy almost slipped that he found Raven's passion to be hot, but was able to control himself and say he was happy seeing Raven express her emotions instead of locking them inside.

Hey look, the piece of paper that Beast Boy wrote to Raven survived the fire. The fact that Raven both kept the note and didn't let it burn is a huge win for Beast Boy. Enough that he doesn't press anything and gives Raven some space.

Raven is struggling with herself now. Part of her is enjoying the attention Beast Boy is giving her, that he likes her enough that he is asking her out on a date on a weekly basis. This leads to guilt over the fact that she doesn't feel the same way and has no intention of accepting his offer. She can't push him away or let him in, leaving them in a state of limbo so to speak. In the end, Raven couldn't destroy the note and kept it with some other important mementos.

Beast Boy is nothing if not persistent. He continues his crusade to get closer to Raven. While Raven still declines his date offers, they are spending more time together and enjoying each others company.

Of course it would be too easy if things stayed like this. Beast Boy has been personal requested to lead a new branch of Teen Titans temporarily until Argent is ready to assume command. It seems that Pantha, Jericho, and Herald have not forgotten the leadership Beast Boy showed in fighting the Brotherhood of Evil.

While Beast Boy is prepared to make the team proud by helping Titans Europe, both his and Raven are not happy with the temp transfer. Raven seem especially distraught, not realizing how much she valued the time her and Beast Boy spent together.

It was nice of Beast Boy to make the time to send his weekly date request to make Raven feel better.

Argent, who when Beast Boy was mulling over only dismissed as a potential romantic partner due to distance. How will things play out from here?
RPGPersona chapter 3 . 8/1/2016
That was a new way to throw off Raven, acting like he was a masochist. Didn't see that coming. At this point, Raven can only ask why, trying to wrap her head around Beast Boy wanting to spend time with her. Here is get to see Beast Boy's patience, calmly answering Raven's question. Repeatably saying that he likes to her and wants to learn more about her through dating. He refrains from fully answering Raven's why question since she said no to a date again. Beast Boy certainly left Raven hanging this time.

So Starfire saw the whole thing, much to Raven's embarrassment. Raven seems to be trying very hard to find excuses for Beast Boy's feelings not being genuine. As Starfire points out, Raven is making plenty of conversation for something that Raven deems pointless. Starfire is just filled with Wisdom today. She makes some interesting points about the reason for loving someone being something that can't always be put into words.

I liked seeing the traits that Starfire liked about Beast Boy. It was fun to read.

Between Beast Boy's and Starfire's words, it appears that Raven is starting to look at Beast Boy in a different light and think about what he means to her.
RPGPersona chapter 2 . 8/1/2016
Beast Boy is putting alot of thought into this. Not only that, he is starting to notice Raven more. Her actions and more subtle responses.

Beast Boy has a plan. He knew he needed a new approach and used online forums to expand his vocabulary. I am impressed to the effort he is putting in to try to connect with Raven more.

A solid strategy. Start by acting the same as always, before throwing out an insightful comment to throw Raven off her game. Then finish off with a clever joke. That was a good one, that I will have to remember for later.

Beast Boy's studies Raven's response and is happy with the reaction he got. Of course, this makes Cyborg suspicious, so he is forced to spill the beans to him. While Cyborg's protective reaction is understandable, I like Beast Boy's response. How can Beast Boy know how genuine his feelings are unless he tries to pursue them.

Even though he knows the answer, Beast Boy bravely charges forward and ask Raven out. His request certainly threw Raven for a loop. He also had a great comeback to Raven calling him insane. Her response was expected, but didn't seem to deter Beast Boy. He also made a note of the day of the week.

Well, Beast Boy gave Raven plenty to think about. He even got Raven to feel disappointed that her rejection didn't effect him. I see, he waited one week to try asking again. I wonder how Raven is going to handle this turn of events.
RPGPersona chapter 1 . 8/1/2016
Time to read another of your stories. First I want to say thank you for responding to my reviews. I originally wanted to respond directly to your responses, but I wasn't sure what to write.

Robin is being a bit of an ass. It is one thing to watch a movie together, but forcing the team to watch the movie when Robin and Starfire weren't even paying attention was going a bit far.

This chapter showed us some of Beast Boy's inner thoughts. How he is jealous of the bond Starfire and Robin have found. His own failed attempts and finding such a connection. This in turn gets him thinking about the various female titans. It was interesting seeing his thoughts about each of. He skipped over Starfire for obvious reasons. He also skipped over Pantha, and Wonder Girl if you count the Teen Titans Go comics.

Raven looked like she was having a dream. What could she been dreaming about?

Looks like Beast Boy has made a decision of who he want to try to date next.
Guest chapter 8 . 4/1/2016
Jack. You had a brilliant plot, and storyline, but... Im one of those picky people who only like certain types of writing. And it just made the story less enjoyable for me. Im sorry! I guess I just didnt like BB taking Raven just because shes single. And how Raven reacts to not having Beast Boy. I just seems so weird yknow? I wish I was somebody else so I can enjoy this story... Ah well.
JustAnotherTypicalBastard chapter 8 . 3/6/2016
Great story
kindashania chapter 1 . 10/3/2015
'kiwi accent is kinda hot too' that awkward moment when you are a kiwi
oliwek1994 chapter 8 . 9/23/2015
Last line was cute af. ;A;
Something about Star is... off. I think it's the way she speaks. In my opinion there's not enough "Glorious"ness (I don't think I have seen that even once), and she speaks too fluently. But! I remember that Tamaranians can learn language by a brief lip contact, so might as well assume she kissed Robin so many times, that she speaks that fluent already.
Like I [s]may have[/s] metioned I really enjoyed the fick, even though certain characters were OOC.

I also find inspiring af, how you use different personalities of Raven. I never saw anyone do that, and I was thinking about it lately, but seeing you do this was just a hit right in the heart. I also loved the Hope part~ Keep up the great job.
oliwek1994 chapter 7 . 9/23/2015
"Sexiest legs in creation" just killed me, and in the good way. And somehow I knew se was going to say "no", when he asked her out, and I was quite surprised, that he wasn't expecting that.
Anyway, I really enjoy this fick, even though both seem OOC now. I totally don't mind.
oliwek1994 chapter 4 . 9/23/2015
BB is SOOOOOO OOC in this fick... And I find it "kinda hot". :D Hella hot. Finally he's not just a dumb comc relief, but actually has a brain, what I was suspecting of him for 5 seasons. ;_; Well, 4, 'cause in last one he proved he HAS it, and can use it even.
Anyway, I love this fick. ;A; Totally bookmarking it as "to read when feeling angsty". ;A;
oliwek1994 chapter 1 . 9/23/2015
Oh my god, Robin and Star, Jinx and Kid Flash (they are so adorable together!), sleepy Raven (cute af), and BB falling in love. How could one possibly not love this fick? ;A;
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