Reviews for Another's Favor
Guest chapter 23 . 9/6
good job i thought it was a very nice story
Jay Green AKA The White Racer chapter 23 . 9/3
This is one of the best Merlin stories I've ever read
Meaningless Us3rname chapter 24 . 8/30
Those two make a surprisingly good pair. Great job with everything from Rodor's surprise announcement all the way to Arthur's return
pumpkinmoose22 chapter 23 . 6/14
This is one of the best fics I have ever had the pleasure of coming across in this fandom. I'm usually not one to ship Merlin and Mithian but the way you wrote the chemistry between them was perfect and completely satisfying. The characters were all true to the show, the plot was superb, the banter and witty remarks had my laughing so hard at times I nearly cried, and the ending literally left me with tears of happiness. You are a fantastic writer and I applaud this work. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share it with all of us. I wish you luck in any future writing endeavors.
ForeverTheValentine chapter 24 . 6/10
I’m just going to say I loved it, and thank you. This is the sort of happy ending I like - you even restored Morgana! Just bravo to you! I just can’t believe Merlin never actually turned any of them into girls. Why the heck not? The missed opportunities *tears* But I really enjoyed the camaraderie and wit in this fic. Beautiful.
ForeverTheValentine chapter 12 . 6/10
Oh my gosh I could KISS you! You’ve literally made like 90% of my arguments about this show so far in this one fic. If no one has ever said it (and even if they have, ‘cause you can never hear it enough), I love you. All the counter-arguments for magic, someone finally showing Arthur and the knights a non-magical person who went power-mad (even an Uther reference!), the reasoning for why Morgana went nuts, YOU EVEN HAD SOMEONE CALL KILGARRAH OUT ON HIS SKETCHINESS *actual tears* I just need someone to call out the Druids for being trifling and not training Merlin when they realised he was still a kid, even though they took in and trained Mordred, knowing who he was. The fic has so much fun humour, and Happy!Merlin, and feels and literally everything to make it one of my favourite Merlin fics ever (and it already is, and I haven’t even finished it yet!). Just that last bit about the Druids *fingers crossed*

Thank you so much for this. I would honestly re-read this multiple times and still laugh at the jokes each time.

A Fellow Fan
viridianjane chapter 24 . 5/21
This was wonderful! I read it in one go XD I enjoyed it so much
tremaCEE chapter 24 . 4/10
This chapter was hilarious. I laughed my ass off at Merlin, Arthur & Gwaine. Then, the ending... Poor Merlin. I'm glad someone requested this, and you had to put it up.
tremaCEE chapter 23 . 4/10
No words. No words, really, for the beauty of this story.
tremaCEE chapter 22 . 4/10
Oh my gosh! I'm not crying. I'm definitely not crying. How can a story be this good?! A fanfiction nonetheless. This is unreal! You are an amazing and very talented writer. I may be a strong Mergana fan, but I loved this Merthian fic almost just as much as Dragonfasting. The suspense, the drama, the whole plot, dragged me in, hook, line & sinker. I nearly shed tears in this chapter. Albion is born. Albion is here at last. If only... If only the writers a better sense as good as yours.
tremaCEE chapter 15 . 4/7
Ah! Dreams fulfilled. If only this story could be made as a real movie, a continuation of the series. *sighs*
tremaCEE chapter 13 . 4/7
This is such an amazing story. Merlin & Arthur's banter always give me joy. Then, there's Gwaine's sharp remarks.
tremaCEE chapter 5 . 4/6
Wow! Merlin is quite cheeky and bold. I like that.
tremaCEE chapter 4 . 4/6
This is good. And, lol, Gwen is bae. Dealing with Arthur and, sometimes, Merlin in a motherly and big-sisterly way. The way she keeps Arthur in check with that elbow of us. He sure has to get bruised ribs. And then, there's lucky Merlin. Hahaha. I expected him to actually faint at the announcement. I'm a bit relieved (& disappointed) he didn't. Would've been fun, though.
Fireflyforever chapter 24 . 2/24
Brilliant, just brilliant. I didn't think you could top 'Dragonfasted' but I think you might have managed it with this. I love the humour that weaves through both stories as well the way that your Arthur feels like the Once and Future King, instead of the oblivious simpleton he is sometimes made out to be. Your Merlin feels like all powerful Emrys too, something we didn't always see in the show. And your female charactersthey're so strong. I have a soft spot for Merthian stories and I love the amount of sass you give her. I can definitely see myself revisiting both of them as they have become instant favourites. Thank you.
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