Reviews for Fragmented Soul
CloakedDarkness chapter 1 . 8/31
1.3 Million... ? how...
KrixLight chapter 95 . 8/12
every single time the vow is mentioned I think about the deathly hallows and I am incredibly bitter because Harry got the wrong end of the stick. but the moon. when Harry meets the new members,it will be fun. can't wait. so we got two problems in the pack..or 4 if you count the 2 babies. geez. there are problems everywhere and the number of ongoing issues just keep growing. I'd really be upset if you give up on this fic. you would be leaving like 10 cliffhangers. thanks for the update
blackbloodywolf chapter 95 . 8/6
I can't wait for the next full moon
Vindictive John Dark Fantasy chapter 95 . 8/4
Awe Lukas asked to marry Nell how cute lol

I know harry can help robin he's the only one that feels the same as her at times they can relate
BenLoVesLV chapter 94 . 6/4
Wooaah! I just read this story in one go. I really like what you have written so far and I can't wait for more.
blackbloodywolf chapter 94 . 6/2
I love this story so much!
domsijohn chapter 94 . 5/31
I say kill evetyone that hurts the pack and harry
Vindictive John Dark Fantasy chapter 94 . 5/30
Poor Harry and even robin I hope robin comes around and bed nice to harry again I believe she can I think they might even become the best of friends I mean harry was just as moody and angry and snotty when he first got into the pack before something big happened to him to help him realise maybe this might be robins turn
KrixLight chapter 1 . 5/30
so many wrenches in the story. its just one loop after another. I'm almost scared to continue reading but ur writing is just too addictive. Quinn sounds nice, but is there going to be an issue bringing him into the pack? Will he want to come? give the greyhound pack a break please. its just one thing after another. at least they have each other. thanks for sharing.
delia cerrano chapter 93 . 5/29
Overjoyed to see another chapter to this great story. Worried about Micha and the drunk man and Harry & Amycus. I don't know anyone close enough and strong enough to protect him or save him if they really get going. I know his pack mates will try though. Oh wait...Severus maybe or even Cedric because he really does care even if he can't have him himself.
Sakurahan chapter 93 . 5/4
When will you be updating this fanfiction again? I really want to know what is going to happen. Been looking for updates on the Fragmented soul website but I havent seen anything. D: are you taking a brake from the story? Is it going on Hults or are you stopping it. I would really love to see you continue this story. It really good. But if you are taking a break I understand but will you please put up an notification so that others and myself will know what is going on. Looking forword to the next update until then take care :D.
Guest chapter 90 . 4/28
I don't see why Remus can't teach the pack children? Sure going to the school would be awesome, but realistically it's way to dangerous for known werewolves... even if Dumbledore wasn't the headmaster.

Please, please don't don't let Romy be Fenrir's daughter... a niece or cousin maybe. Imagine how awkward it would be if they were siblings.

Seamus makes a nice addition to the pack.

Dean should be forced to take a magical oath. Poor Aiden he didn't deserve that if it would've happened to Dean instead at least he would've gotten a taste of his own medicine.
Guest chapter 93 . 4/28
Please continue! I love this story and want to find out what's going to happen next.
Guest chapter 92 . 4/28
NO! It was RIGHT THERE! Right freaking there!
Guest chapter 88 . 4/28
He just signed something from Dumbledore's lackeys without reading it first...!
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