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Stephyyyy01 chapter 2 . 2/25
will is like a poppy xd
WizardthatsaDemigod chapter 26 . 4/9/2018
Wow! This was one of the best fanfics I have read in a good while. I will definitely be heading to your profile to read more in this universe. You have such a good grasp of these characters, I was so amazed. It's been a while since I've read a fanfic with a good balance of fluff and conflict. Most just have the former and none of the latter. I also enjoyed the way you brought stuff in from social media as well, that added so much to the story, and I had to reread the fans tweets multiple times, I loved it so much. Thank you for the awesome, entertaining read!
Sarahlouisec chapter 26 . 7/26/2015
Ah! I loved this! The epilogue! THE FEELS!
worshipthehat chapter 26 . 5/16/2015
This was fantastic! Thoroughly satisfied with how you took the characters on with their journey (and good job with the mixed media approach) :)
P.s. I totally haven't watched this web series many, many times...
Ann Grace chapter 26 . 3/6/2014
Hello there! I just really wanted to say how amazing this was, really, it was just so lovely and I had a great time reading it. the bits you added of Twitter/Youtube and those stuff were so brilliant and it made the story all the more awesome.
I would have reviewed more but I am too lazy to log into my account at the moment, lol.
so, yeah, i just wanted to tell you that you did an incredible job here and that you should definitely continue on writing in the future, love. :) xx
EmlynMara chapter 26 . 3/4/2014
Wonderful story. I loved what you did with the characters. And your incorporation of tweets and emails and web media was fantastic. It suited their story to a tee. I can see Darcy stepping down and doing something that fit him. Bowtie Media was an awesome name. I also enjoyed seeing Darcy learn to communicate and step back. And Lizzie learned that she didn't have to do it all herself in order to succeed. Congratulations on a job well done. Loved the home births too.
crazyperson-pop chapter 26 . 2/25/2014
another great edition! I like how you have been able to use different formats in presenting each of the different chapters. Can't wait to see what you do with the sequel-like continuation
unshakespearean chapter 26 . 1/6/2014
Wow. This was incredible. Please write more!
FangirlZ14 chapter 26 . 1/1/2014
This is a really really good fan fiction. I very much enjoyed reading it. Best P&P and Dizzie fanfic ever!
dmhgrwsm chapter 26 . 12/26/2013
THIS IS FANTASTIC. I smiled every time one of their kids were announced :) Although it wasn't mentioned, I'd love to see if Lydia ever ended up with a love interest, or what Gigi ended up doing in her career. Not to mention Caroline! Oh boy. This wrapped up the story perfectly, and I'm excited to read the extension stories coming out of this universe!
Moonprincess92 chapter 26 . 12/26/2013
I loved how you wrote this epilogue, through annoucements, interviews and stories. I like how PD is back in Darcy hands and I thought this was an awesome way to end a brilliant story. :D
beurre d'arachide chapter 26 . 12/26/2013
this story can't be over yet! can there be an epilogue for the epilogue? or a whole other story about all the kids? that would make my life! By far THE BEST Pride and Prejudice fan fiction EVER!
could you pretty please with a cherry on top write another one? ... and publish this one! I literally smiled/laughed/cried the entire story because there wasn't a single dull moment. I would love to read more of your work!
p.s. thanks for being constant with the updates!
Moonprincess92 chapter 25 . 12/26/2013
Normally, I find romance stories where the couple is already together boring. Things get too happy at points, and there's no other focus in the story. But this one just completely blew me away! I wasn't bored a single second. I loved how there was an actual dramatic plot, and that Darcy and Lizzie's relationship played out alongside that. It wasn't too short, it wasn't horribly drawn out, and I loved your style of writing. I loved all the media, reading text messages and tweets (my favourite DEFINITELY being the fans tweeting about Darcy showing up at Vidcon!) and Lydia and how she found her calling in acting. It fit her perfectly. The emotions felt so real in this story and I could totally feel Lizzie's stress at some points. I liked how you incorporated WTS in this and Gigi's decision. Plus Darcy deciding to step down as CEO! For some reason, that didn't even occur to me until he and Lizzie started working together! And I loved how near the end here, when Lizzie found out he paid off Kevin (what an effing bastard, by the way), she didn't fly off the handle, like she would have earlier in the story. It really showed how much she, and Darcy, have grown over the course of this story. Basically everything about this story was amazing! Looking forward to the epilogue. Loved it. :D
kmart92 chapter 26 . 12/25/2013
So sad it's over but this epilogue was amazing! Finished everything off nicely and I love all the little details that you included. Can't wait to read whatever you wrtie next!
iamthewanheda chapter 26 . 12/25/2013
Thank you for this wonderful story. I found it in the chapter 8, now it's over :( Again, thank you. I've never left you a comment before, I was a ghost reader :P But this is the final chapter, it's a special moment :P I will follow your other stories. For a third time, THANK YOU. Your characters were very true to the characters from LBD, this is a amazing story.
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