Reviews for Not Another Fanfiction
Oh Awesome One chapter 9 . 9/29
Oh wow LOL! Loves it
rokudaime09 chapter 9 . 9/28
I am so in love with this fic! Had read it multiple times already! Anyway wonder if you've written the revenge part?! That would be wonderful!
Angelazzy chapter 2 . 9/5
OMFG! I just realised you were the one who wrote Beyond the Mistletoe while stalking your fanfictions! Biggest surprise if my life! You are such an amazing author XD Favouriting asap CX!
yeah chapter 1 . 8/14
... this is like the beginning of a horror story
phantomlady13 chapter 9 . 8/8
Revenge is sweet indeed. Oh I really love it . It's so awesome. *giggles*
Oh, how about SasuNaru ? Will they be together in the end ?
Are you dont have the epilog for the the both of them? *puppyeyes* please make one !
sasunarulover chapter 1 . 7/25
Loved this story! I hope you make a sequel! :)
P. Cythera chapter 9 . 7/22
P. Cythera chapter 6 . 7/22
"Are those fucking song lyrics?" Lol! :)
P. Cythera chapter 5 . 7/22
Lol. Hidan wants to know if naruto goes to prom with Sasuke lol... Love it!
On another note...things have really heated!
P. Cythera chapter 3 . 7/22
Lol...all these clich├ęs :p
Guest chapter 9 . 7/17
Haha I loved it it had comedy and Yaoi which means that this is the best fanfic in the whole world
KawaiiWhiskers chapter 9 . 7/15
I loved it!
Angelazzy chapter 3 . 7/11
FML. This fanfiction is such a treat XD I LOVE THE CONCEPT! And u write it so well! It's not cringey and awkward but instead super funny! Holy crap I can't get over how much I'm loving this...
tcas0518 chapter 9 . 7/9
Usually I really dislike stories where they're dragged into a different world and fanfiction is involved, but this was fucking awesome! I love Kisame and Itachi! So cute :-)
le-seve chapter 9 . 6/30
This was hilarious and awkward at the same time, you took the virginity from a lot of them, poor boys and specially poor Itachi! omg I laugh so hard.
I really liked this story. Thank you
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